Faces of India – V


Our guide in the Jaisalmer fort poses for me, apparently he is growing his moustache and beard for a competition in Jaisalmer that will happen during the desert festival, apparently the most Rajput type, royal looking and regal moustache and beard fetches a prize of Rs. 50000/- This fellow had already once won this competition a year or two back!

He has started grooming his beard this year and to me he already looks like a winner! :D

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Faces of India IV


This man apparently manages a check post inside the jungle of Ranthambore, apparently there also is a washroom for all tourists who take a mid safari break to use the facilities and also get their legs free. I was astounded to enter this particular washroom in route no.1 of Ranthambore which was so neat and clean that even the best of restaurants or multiplex would need to pull up their socks to match it. This guy earnestly was chasing the kids out who were doing some mischief in the bathroom and wiping the basin section the moment visitors were out of it.

Its men like these that give you hope that the Swachch Bharat campaign does have a future! :D

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All set for the jungle!


All the wildlife enthusiasts patiently wait whilst their papers are being checked at the entrance of the Ranthambore National Park. Apparently and increasingly it appears to me that more foreigners visit our jungles than Indians. I guess the lure of watching a tiger in its natural surroundings is a lot more attractive for them than us. Not that I am complaining, for these tourists are a lot more disciplined and appreciative than a lot of Indians we encountered during this trip.