Sweet Pickings!


Yea, I guess when we humans romance it is sweet nothings, never quite been able to understand how this idiom did come about but anyways that is for another day. Here the wonderfully gifted would probably have written a poem on what sweet murmurs the treepie was doing in the Sambhar’s ears! How peacefully the two have accepted each other without a trace of discomfort for each other, wonder if we even let our mom’s pick our ears this peacefully! So much of peaceful co-existence can be learnt from the wild eh!? :D

The many moods of the river Ambika!

3kms from Waghai, in District Dang are these Gira Falls, the river Ambika falls a natural 30mts, attracts a lot of tourist folk! A must visit sort of destination during the monsoon. DSC_0320

The mood of a river though is quite interesting when watching it around a waterfall, from very angry…


to majestic and beautiful…


to very calm and serene… all in a matter of just 100 meters! Nature is absolutely amazing ain’t it?! I remember a similar scene in Bhedaghat on the Narmada where it is about 300 ft deep in Bhedaghat and the waters are amazingly calm, the calmness does exude a lot of danger as well and then about just one kilometer ahead it is only 2 feet deep and flows making a terrible racket! :)

Disclaimer : Unfortunately a few too many local vendors have sprung up there and offer way too much food to tourists who quite irresponsibly litter everywhere. Suggest you carry your own snack, water and trash bags so that you can manage to take all your trash back with you.

Saare haseen nazaare…! :D


After a few days of hardwork, suddenly one morning you get up on a day when you are not really having any back log and then you stumble onto pictures of a friend who visited the same paradise you did a while back. Its so refreshing to see those old holiday pictures from your trip to the Mighty Himalaya’s! :D Sigh…

and then I was listening to this song on loop…

Saare haseen nazaare…
Sapno mein kho gaye…..
Sar rakh ke aasmaan pe….
Parbat bhi so gaye….
mere dil….
tuuu sunaaa…..
koi aisi dastaan….
jisko… sunkar…
mile chain mujhe meri jaaaaaaaaaaaaan!
:D :D :D

Is there a more soothing voice than Kishore Kumar on a Lazy cloudy morning??? :D :D Tune in then! :D