D for Division

Math is really not my forte and so I would refrain from going on writing about the formula’s not even sure you call it a formula or what?!


Now that I have D for Division to write about I wonder what should I go on about, but once an exercise is taken upon you have to go ahead and accomplish the task.


If you ask me that is one of the worst words as far as the human race is concerned, when I think of Division beyond math the first thing that comes to my mind is religion, what has it done apart from dividing us? I am a rational and I would not mind hearing contrary opinions from my readers.

Open up, speak, discuss, find out faults with your religion. Is it necessary at all? Apart from tagging us what else has it done!? Don't close your doors to logic!

Open up, speak, discuss, find out faults with your religion. Is it necessary at all? Apart from tagging us what else has it done!? Don’t close your doors to logic!

Honestly, in my opinion, religion has done nothing else but divide us, out of insecurity in ages when humans were a lot more barbaric we wanted more numbers on our side to survive and hence we sided with those so called similar religion fellows. Great philosophers over a period of time who are now revered as God’s actually showed a way of life, more than showing that way of life, they lived their lives as an example of what they meant, now instead of actually trying to emulate that life, somehow the followers, who I think found it difficult to emulate decided that they wanted to set up some rituals and those who follow those symbolic rituals would be called religious people.


The worst thing about religious people and believers of God is they will not discuss or argue a point beyond a certain extent, because they cannot reason and because since our childhood we all are conditioned to believe in something somewhere the ability to question or reason has gone out of the window.


Someone please throw some light and tell me apart from creating divisions what has religion done for us? I am a Muslim and you are a Jew, apart from it what is its role? Ghettoism perhaps would be an apt synonym wouldn’t it?



C for Cricket

DSC_0120The most compelling of all sports, without any trace of doubt if you ask me. Is there any other sport apart from Test Cricket that presents as much of a test of character, resourcefulness, stamina, perseverance and skill all together in one game?! I would like to know if there is another sport like this or better than this with all the diversity this sport offers.


Give a few kids a bat and a ball and watch them go, its here, most naturally you will see how captivating and likable the game is. Belting the ball as hard as you can, foxing the guy trying to belt the ball whilst flicking the ball to him or running like made watching skywards trying to grab the ball with open palms, the fun is evident.


It is apt that I have to be writing this after yesterday’s test match at Lords, after a rather long season of limited overs cricket it was back to the game’s main version, the main course or the real deal, whatever you want to call it. Just fascinating was the game that just ended. A really dead, low kind of pitch and you might have thought, okay this might just be a drawn match, but, if cricket does not throw a surprise, who will?


A 42 year old veteran, who many thought should be retired came out and scored a century, after reaching his century did some 15 push ups, an underdog team that is always found to be unorganised actually managed to trip a far more pedigreed opposition. At all times you thought the comeback was inevitable, however, inspired by Misbah, his team mates won the match in 4 days and symbolically at the end of it indulged in a push up show to prove that they had a lot left in them even after 4 days of pressure cricket.


Test cricket has so much drama that it woos me, there are so many plots and subplots and so many characters who are involved at so many different times that it fascinates, a slip catch being bobbed up by one and being grabbed by another, a short leg fielder ducking and getting crouched every time a batsman goes for a powerful shot, the leaping wicket keeper that jumps to collect a ball above his head delivered by an angry fast bowler, a batsman lured out by a spinner and beaten in the air, the thumping straight drive from between a fast bowlers legs, oh there is just so much to love about this sport.


Like any good book, Test cricket needs to be entered with a bit of patience if you are not a lover already, read two three chapters of a book and you cant stop, similarly, stay for a couple of sessions, watching, analysing, absorbing and discussing Test cricket and you will be smitten I promise!


You might say Test cricket is an ancient form, stretched over 5 days in this fast moving life of the twenty first century, who has the time, but trust me for lovers of this form of sport there is nothing that even comes close.:)

B for Bombay but…

Well its my blog and so whilst B was supposed to be for Bombay I say bloody hell I want to post this beautiful picture I managed to take and these few lines I had to write about it!😀


Enveloped under petals,
It blooms,
Raising is yellow limbs,
Reaching out,
Stretching itself,
In misty weather,


Age is an issue of mind over matter.

If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter. – Mark Twain

So says one of the greatest authors and story tellers the planet has ever seen, perhaps that is the truth, however, everyone from time to time when approaching an age he once thought was old always has all sorts of thoughts in his head.  A very dear friend is almost there and when she talked about the 40th birthday I didn’t want to listen, I wanted to almost go blind and deaf at the mention of the topic.


Damn I am approaching my 40th too and soon, I dunno how I should be feeling like, is this how I am supposed to feel at this age?! Is this just a bloody number, coz I don’t feel any saner or any wiser or any calmness is taking over me. Why am I still the same old(should be young but thats how english goes) fidgety, indecisive, impetuous fellow. Perhaps what Twain quoted, its an issue of mind over matter. Perhaps the mind is the same, so many moments still cross by when I appear to my own self after the moment has passed to be so childish and kiddish. Now wait a minute, how can I myself at one moment be childish and at that very moment call my behaviour childish!?


Fuck! Comprehend anyone??


Physically yes, I can’t reach that cross court forehand that would have been done in an instant ten years back, so many times I see my opponent on a tennis court playing the ball softly and I know I need to get my fat ass moving, but instead of my body starting to react automatically, that is what used to be called hand eye co-ordination in cricket and eye-feet co-ordination I term in tennis, is kind of stationary till my mind actually compels it to start moving and on so many occasions I am late. Yes, reactions have slowed, the biggest, saddest truth of this age, for a guy who is crazy about sports and someone who used to claim that he is not at all clumsy when it came to flexing the body suddenly feels he is starting to be a bit like the others. That is natural though and I am more kind in accepting it, bloody can’t help it can I?


Acceptance or being shoved down the throat, whatever you might call it is happening there, but the brain?! Its perplexing, one moment I am shrieking a song in the house so loud all my mom’s lil students look at me and giggle, the next moment I am advising my brother to spend some less time on his mobile game and spend that time with his wife! Yea, I am scratching my head too, what in the world do you make of it?


Perhaps, this antithesis is a more constant thing, age maybe is after all just a number. Inside the top floor of the body, it seems the process is unchanged, its still got to become wiser than it is, it is still going to throw fits of madness, it is still going to behave without any set patterns. It never feels like 40 when I am thinking or even when I am looking in the mirror, okay maybe I am biased there. It hits bad when some young girl of 20 suddenly wants you to adopt her!! It hits you at times and then I shrug it off looking at the fact that you are cool enough that people want you in their lives permanently.


Looking at positives in the end is all there is to it ain’t it? Bring on the 40’s!! My lungs still have it in them to climb up these measly mountains, pant a bit on the way but at the end stand tall and set my eyes on the next mountain!:) *totalsmugnessoverload*




p.s. Writing in order to get the writing bug back after I threw myself a challenge here. 

The next 26 posts!

Like I mentioned yesterday, here we go : 

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Challenge for myself

For a while the blog has been kinda slow, not moving as fast as I would like it to move, have been having issues writing about anything other than to do with photos or travel.


Randomly out of the blue have thought of this challenge for myself, to make a list of words for each alphabet that springs to mind immediately, then write anything about that word. Should make an interesting 26 posts and something to keep the blog active all the while.


Thought I should write this idea and post it to impose it upon myself, this will serve as a reminder if I kinda want to budge away from this challenge I have thrown to myself.


So for today this is done, now for the list of 26 words tomorrow!



When in Rishikesh…


it is inevitable that at some point or the other the spiritual journey will begin, near Laxman Jhula, I came across this painting on the wall, one of the most famous quotes of Mooji with his picture.Makes you think, doesn’t it?! Rishikesh does that to you and more.


Rishikesh is a discovery we must go on, I reckon we stop bothering if we are out discovering a city or ourselves. Its narrow lanes, chaotic traffic, noisy tuktuk’s not withstanding, the town has a charm about it. The amazing cafe’s, chaat shops that will wow you, the ashrams to aid you into a journey deep within or simply rafting about the Ganges, Rishikesh has a lot to offer.


Walking about near Lakshman Jhula and being coaxed into buying a stone by one of the salesman is an experience, it amazes you how much effort he puts into it, the product not withstanding, that is a lesson on keeping motivation high for all people involved in sales, who says rejections can act as a downer, the energy these guys have is amazing!


This was my first, short visit to the town, however, its not my last, I actually can now imagine, why so many foreigners make a beeline for this town. It showcases an India that is different from the one that I have seen. Perhaps next on the list should be making a few visits to the towns on the banks of Ganga. They seem a lot more interesting to me now, earlier I always used to think, its just crowded, dirty, religious cities best to be avoided, however, a brush with Rishikesh and I am compelled to make a journey of these cities! From Rishikesh to Haridwar to Allahabad to Benaras all these places are now on my list!



This little town is called Devprayag, it is here that Bhagirathi, the green coloured river meets Alaknanda, downstream beyond this confluence the river is call Ganga!


Devprayag is approx 70kms from Rishikesh, situated at a height of 830 meters (2732feet), is an important place of pilgrimage for Hindu’s.


We were intrigued and amazed at the contrasting colours of the two rivers, however, we have been told by locals that the colours keep changing depending on what is happening upstream. At this point though the contrast was quite stark!