Some early morning cheer!

Last night I took a piece of cake to bed, believe it or not, I forgot to eat it as I got busy surfing about a travel destination. Today morning the first thing I saw was that cake and I thought it was so unfair to have taken someone to bed and then leaving them to dry, so promptly first up I lapped it up. 😈 Eyes were not fully awake and the toxins had not been brushed but what the heck!

Someday’s are like that I guess, as I went on my morning jog/walk I spotted a Golden Oriole in our colony garden on the drum stick tree! Its spring of sorts here and mornings are very very pleasant. Made even more grand by the Oriole cooing away melodiously. 😊

You come home from the jog and you inspect your garden which is going through some landscaping, whilst scanning you suddenly notice you newly planted Khatumda tree (gooseberry) has produced a few tangy pieces. You pluck one, rub it on the tshirt and when you take a small bite all your senses are moved and your eyes close thanks to the fresh sour injection in your system!

Enter the house and your favourite breakfast had been made!!! I wonder where is this day headed, but it surely has begun well!!!! 😁😁

Mukti Bhawan



Saw this movie yesterday and I cant quite comprehend the amount of emotions this movie evoked.


Can you just imagine this situation, your most loving dad or mom, suddenly tells you one day, their time is up? I know the natural instinct is to talk them out of it, to tell them its no point thinking like this, that life has been so happy for all of us, you should be proud, etc etc. What if after listening to everything they insist on now deciding how they want to live in wait for the end?


So here is a father who says it seems like my end is near and I want to go to Banaras and die there in peace. When others try to talk him out it, he says its okay, he will go alone. The son, is faced with a peculiar situation of letting him go or accompanying him.


Letting him go means washing his hands of his duty, accompanying him would seem impractical and surely cost his career, affect his own family, leave that alone, accompanying someone waiting for death sounds so silly does it not? Yet the son, perhaps the Indian upbringing in him decides to accompany his father.


What ensues there after has largely been tried to show in lighter vein by the director, however, as I saw the movie play out, whilst at most instances it was pretty much laughable I could feel something really strange. My parents are of a similar age and whilst they are fit and still busy in their lives, I couldn’t help but envisage myself in this situation. The movie is very subtle but the emotions it did arouse were so many I can hardly describe.


Death does give meaning to life does it not?


Do watch this movie and see how it stirs up so many emotions.

the wanderer

DSC_0278too quick he thought

exciting as much

leapt up, he did,

enthused, he got, 

alive, he felt,

new facets, he found

loved it, for a while,

repetitive, it became,

new, it wasn’t, no more,

to settle, wasn’t him,

stop seeking, he couldn’t

twists and turns, he loved

the journey, had to continue,

keep discovering, the mantra,

keep moving, he did. 

Wanderer he was!






natural, free and gay abandon, 

meaning no harm,

yet, questioned, 

clouded does it all become,

a haze descends,

murky it all turns,

right or wrong

is inane, 

gasp we all do

grapple, fumble, losing our way, 

this is where

I think faith sees us through! 


Immortal Dialogues

Knowingly or unknowingly so many movie dialogues slip out of our tongues don’t they?! I mean some lines are so legendary even some generations that haven’t seen a movie or heard a dialogue use the phrase because its always been used by people they know! Here are some of the most unforgettable movie lines that are my favourite! How many of these have you heard or use?!

1.) Kitne Aadmi they … ??

This is an immortal line for most hindi film goers, Gabbar Singh asking Kaaliya. All Gabbar lines in this movie are cult, as a kid I remember vaguely, we had a cassette of Sholay in our house and I would keep listening to it again and again… ! Sholay released in 1975 and I was born in 77 !!! I have so many lines from this one movie alone that can be an entire post… but the rules say we shouldnt have more than one line from the same movie ! I infact can speak the whole movie … I must have seen it atleast 30 times plus !!!!!! 😛 😛 😛

but still some memorable lines I must remind readers :

a couple of cults from the same movie :

Yeh haath nahi faansi ka phanda hai…

Isme mere bechare dost, veeru ka kya dosh hai..

Aadhe idhar jao, aadhe udhar jao, aur baaki…. mere peeche aao !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😆  

Itna sannata kyon hai bhai ?

bahoto ko to inhone do ghanto mein sikha diya hai…

Yeh haath humko dede thakur

Sholay was not a movie… it was an EPIC…. !


2.) balki main to kehta hoon aap purush hi nahi… aap maha purush ho… !!!!!!

This mad comedy from Rajkumar Santoshi was a fabulous laughter riot… and this line by Aamir while praising people… always remains in my system… and I use it a lot too…. !!!!


3.) She talks in her sleep…

The expression on Harrison Ford’s face after hearing this line spoken by Sean Connery in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade  is something I can never forget… !!!! The utter dismay at knowing that his dad too had slept with that woman… 😛 😛 😛


4.) are you talking to me… are you f**king talking to me…

Another legendary dialogue by my favourite Robert De Niro Taxi Driver…. how many people have you seen imitating this dialogue ?? huh ? Tell me honestly how many have said this to themselves in the mirror ?? seriously !!!!! 


5.) Aaye to kehdena k Chenu aaya tha… agli baar mere kisi ladke ko haath lagaya to pure ka pura mohalla uda ke rakh doonga…

I dont like Shatrughna Sinha but this line spoken by him in one of my favourite movies Mere apne while rubbing his neck… sooooper !!! Ise kehte hai Dada giri…


6.) Yeh angrezi bhi ajeeb bhasha hai… T.O to, D.O. do, to phir G.O go kaise gu hona chahiye na…

Dharmendra as driver Pyare Mohan in Chupke Chupke asking OmPrakash the weirdness of english pronounciations… this utterly hillarious question… !!!! 😆


7.) Arre kya khakh team ko sambhal liya… popat to sambhal nahi paaya… !!!!

The parsi candidness displayed most naturally by Ashok Kumar when his son returns home injured from a cricket match after winning the match and being hurt at the unmentionables in Khatta Meetha… !!!!!


8.) Babu Moshai…

This is not a line… its just a name… Rajesh Khanna calling Amitabh… but how much emotion does it arouse… this last scene from Anand which I have seen numerous times still has me tears everytime…

Whilst these are some of my favourites which are the ones that are always on the repeat mode for you???

Monsoons and the Himalaya’s



I thought to start with the story of our monsoon roadtrip to the Himalaya’s it would be apt to begin with a picture of prayer flags. Before we left we did talk to a few people about our plan and most of the times everyone would immediately show concern about the rains, landslides, bad roads and how it was a very bad idea, not out of anything else but out of worry for us. Its kind of a catch 22 situation, you know they care for you, you know they want you to be safe and yet you must ignore cause it cannot be explained to them that its not such a bad idea, that things can always be worked out, that people live in the Himalaya’s in the monsoon and travel there and that nothing happens if you just be careful.


Its sort of important to stay on course and not budge, because once you set out of home let me assure you, you are in for a trip of a lifetime. The Himalaya’s are in a totally different mood during the monsoon, they seem to have bathed, they seem to be breathing clouds, they seem like they have been put through some filter that is just amazingly fresh and pristine. If the Himalaya’s were people, they are probably living their lives at their best during the monsoon.


It is fresh apple season, the streams are full, the nullah’s are overflowing rapidly and ferociously, crossing them is a thrill in itself, the hills and pines seem to be cooking clouds all the time and its time when you just sit, gape and gasp at the changing weather. You are admist clouds for a minute and another minute you could have a scorching sun on you.


The 20 days we spent there were pretty much without any dangerous incident, we didn’t go looking for trouble and I would say the Himalaya’s in the monsoon are a perfect destination to travel. I would actually prefer the monsoon over the summers for a trip to the Himalaya’s, even for us guys from the plains. Not only is the temperature perfect for us but the amount of freshness that is oozing there during these months has probably increased a couple of years of our lives!


So stay tuned for more stories and pictures of the Himalayan Monsoon Roadtrip and before I go, here is one more eye candy!



Travel Forums – life savers I say!

Ever used TripAdvisor or IndiaMike or LonelyPlanet’s thorn tree or Roughguides?

Well if you travel regularly and manage your travel by yourself I am sure you have used these sites. If you haven’t used them and love travel, I recommend you get onto them immediately. These sites are nothing less than a boon for a travel loving person. I like to do my travel by myself, I hate packages or tours, never taken one, nor will ever take one. So whilst I like to travel by myself I am greatly assisted by these travel sites and more than just reading about travel, the best part about these sites are the forum’s on them, you got any question, any doubt, just ask away and you will have some travel loving folk helping you out. I wonder how the people who used to explore on their own before the age of internet managed. Perhaps they were the true adventurers! 🙂

I encounter many people who want to travel, sometimes dont want packages from tour operators, however, eventually give in to them. However, if you are keen to travel on your own, get on these forums, not only can you give great tips to people who are travelling to places that you are well aware of you can also get a lot of info. Many a times people are apprehensive about so many things and have so many doubts and very few people to ask, especially when travelling to remote or offbeat places. No longer should you have any inhibitions if you use these forums.

How safe is it after dark?

How easy is it to rent a car?

Are the directions in English or some other language?

Apart from the popular circuit, what are less touristy yet equally interesting places?

Can we drive in a safari?

Can we camp?

What area is better to stay in with regards to restaurants? etc etc etc…

There are a load of questions in our mind before embarking on any trip, especially if you are going slightly off the beaten path or are totally unaware of the place you are going to. Thanks to these forums now its a piece of cake.

For example, before our recent South Africa trip, I met one kind soul on the forum of Lonely Planet, she seemed to be replying a lot of people about their South Africa travel queries. So I sent her a message asking if she would assist and I sent her a list of questions. Voila! She not just assisted but after many messages back and forth, she not just replied to my innumerable queries, she would offer quite a few suggestions, send me links, contact details and what not. Infact, she was the only reason I had a 12 day road trip in SA (my first driving outside my country) which was not only comfortable and slow paced but entirely smooth and without any sour incidents. We would have never known about the Panaroma Route in South Africa and Drakensberg mountains which are a must visit sort of place if we had gone by some commercial tour planner.

Unfortunately I couldn’t meet the lady as she was herself travelling whilst we were in SA, however, I can never ever thank her enough for the amazing information she gave us and for being so patient with so many of my questions. I don’t think I would have done the trip like we did without her assistance.

I have been writing on Trip Advisor since a long time and now am looking forward to replying a few people about their queries when they come for a trip to India on Lonely Planet as well. India Mike is also a wonderful place to ask all your questions especially if you are looking to do Road Trips in India! These forums are a boon for the wanna be explorer’s/travellers 🙂 Don’t believe me? Go check them out for your next trip!! You will not be disappointed!


Stop pondering about how to plan a trip and get onto these lovely travel forums and start interacting!