the way forward

Indian cricket is at a cross road now… With some very promising youngsters and exciting talent waiting in the wings… Already they have been introduced into one day and t20 cricket… But true cricket lovers will agree that the most important test cricket is still the real test for these youngsters.

I for one would never want to force either of the big 5 to retire, Sachin, Laxman, Sourav, Rahul or Anil. They have given so much to Indian Cricket that no one has the right to force them. But what i worry the most is that since these great players are prolonging currently it might just happen that they might all go together or all of a sudden.

The call is to phase in players in the team slowly, like Australia phased out Mark Waugh than later Stever Waugh than slowly Langer, Martyn, Warne, Mcgrath, now Gilchrist next Hayden and Ponting… they are going with 1 or two seasons between them. India needs to phase in Rohit Sharma and Yuvraj in the test team very fast. They are ready one feels. But who of the seniors has had it enough. Guess this Australian tour to India will see a couple of them hang up their feet.

Also it is only right that they are allowed to retire and not forced. On the basis of this series loss in Sri Lanka if our selectors act it will be wrong. Lets give credit to the Lankan Spinners we have seen something new. Pressure from both ends, Murali was always good but he lacked support but what Mendis gives him is not maintaining pressure but even he is a strike bowler. Mendis with his unusual grip has been difficult to pick but the best thing has been he has been so accurate that he has never been put under pressure. Apart from Sehwag attacking him in Galle he has not been attacked.

But to attack him either he has to bowl badly or our batsmen have to pick him, which i must say doesnt seem to be happening still. But as time wears on he will be picked. But in this low conditions while these two operate together with pressure from both ends it will be difficult.

However what the selectors need to think before acting do they think the youngsters would have fared better than these 4 middle order stalwarts??

I guess we have to stick with our Stalwarts, as much as it hurts that we should have won the Lanka series after the fight back in Galle. The fight is still on as while i am writing Laxman and Rahul are fighting it out on the last day. Hope for the Eden to be recreated!!!

These 5 are truly the champions and have given the most amazing memories to all cricket lovers and no real cricket fan can ever forget. I salute the 5 champions and remain assured they will sign off on a high with a victory against the Aussies.

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