woh beetein din

Nostalgia is on my mind… always… more so since i left bharuch for greener pastuer’s ….

“Bhangyu bhagyu toy bharuch” is an old saying i dont know if i spelt it rite… But basically it means that any one that once is a bharuchi will always remain a bharuchi no matter how broken this town may be.. and i cannot agree more with this fact. Now that i have left bharuch i can even claim to say it from personal experience.

For me the first memories of bharuch start with the fact that i joined Rungta Vidya Bhavan… a school i never liked at the beginning… coming from Jamnagar from a boys school it felt strange and cheap to be studying in a co-ed. The sight of girls at that point frightened and seemed strange. How naive i was than to not realise the love i was going to develop for the opposite sex just a few months later….

Playing in this school was different.. there was no serious sport like cricket or football but there was langdi, dodge ball and we used to look forward to it… later Kho Kho, Kabbadi and Volley ball became more of an attraction… The PE(physical education) period’s were jhakkas!!!

Coming to the more serious topic of girls…. Boy.. for a guy who comes from a boys school once the initial awkwardness was gone it was fascinating. The girls were always smart beautiful and desirable. Whether it were talking with them or lending them my english notebook so that they could copy my answers. I just looked forward to them more and more…. too bad they didn look the things the same way… Crushes and infatuations happened almost every day impossible to remember or count as my heart became uncontrollable… i never think that word can be used to describe the heart…. i dont want to name any one here as not only some of them will read this, also that there are so many that the list just wont end. lol….

The snacks of Bharuch need to be given a mention here – The khaman, the ameeri khaman(sev khamni), the sev usal opposite to our school (red hot water with no peas ), the batata’s with red masala, the kotha’s with the pink sharbat… the amli (tamarind ) outshide our school, the chani bor…. aaah… see nostalgia again… Gone are the days when in 1 Re we used to get a plate of moong, chole, upma, pauha, usal in school. They were fantastic. Eating 6 panipuri and paying just 1 re. the days were great nevertheless… (time to close office more to follow soon….)

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