Why apologise Amitabh

The recent developments in Mumbai are pathetic to say the least.

Amitabh Bachchan showed his graciousness in apologising albeit probably because he didnt want any more trouble and also because some of his and abhisheks movies are about to release. But isnt our system really really pathetic that he has to apologise?? For what is he apologising coz his wife asked to be excused for not speaking in marathi and she wanted to speak in hindi?? Was she trying to speak in hebrew?? After all isnt hindi our mother tongue?? isnt Mumbai a part of India?? Why this silly state battle when we as a country hav to fight terror??

Who is Raj Thackrey?? Is he guardian or owner of Mumbai?? This man, who is he, kindly please let me have a list of the good things he has done for the people of Maharashtra?? What has he done for Mumbai??? Has he not filled his coffers?? Why has he build properties why doesnt he live in a 20×20 room and give the rest of his belongings to people of Maharashtra… Wake up Maharashtrians, he is mobilising you to use you for his popularity. I guess he is not going anywhere as I am sure the educated and intelligent Maharashtrians will understand that his argument is only an outcome to mobilise votes and nothing else. In this age where India as a nation is fighting terrorism, this greatest idiot of all is fighting the state and language battle. The biggest culprit in this episode is the media and the police catch this fellow and all those who indulge in vandalism, and give him third degree till they start saying i am an Indian and not a Marathi or gujarati or anything under the sun. Why is the media showing it umpteen times on television. Just simply cut the crap. no coverage to him at all. Whatever he does and vandalism if any he or his MNS does should be dealt by the police.

Why is amitabh being dragged down in this i cannot understand, for his popularity?? Why doesnt Raj thakray take on Mukesh & Anil Ambani, they are gujarati’s… they havent done as much for maharashtra as much as they have done for gujarat. who is the person to determine this ?? Guess these people probably help in financing election budgets. Ideologies like Raj Thakeray should have no takers but our media although not supportive of it keep on running the story..

Another biggest nuisance is the VHP. Who are they to decide whether i should celebrate Valentines day or not, whether a college should have a fashion show or not? How is it that they decide it is wrong if i decide tomorrow to take up christianism or muslimism. Its my bloody rite. Even if any one influences me and makes me change my religion who are they to be violent. Let them try and influence people to become hindu’s but not by violence. But this savage force they use to burn churches and all is unbelivable. I do agree these people make schools in remote villages and educate the people and lure them to take up christianism, but that is because the hindu never bothered bout the people left over. Now when they are being looked after he is feeling that this should change and instead of doing the long hard yards and looking after them, he just goes out to beat the hell out of who ever changes the religion??

When will my country grow up and punish these idiots? Waiting for that day…

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