Well !!

Ever since I have decided that I am going to start writing at home on my laptop, things just have come unstuck either there is a small argument that I am having with hetal or hriday wants to do something with the laptop or my brain simply goes blank. Suddenly I have to think about what to write and that situation is so artificial. Normally I have so many views flowing all over all the times that I am always looking for a platform to place my ideas, thoughts so that people can hear or read them. A lot of the times I don’t think I can properly project the things I think. I am a much better writer than I am a speaker. Well, that just tells me how pathetic a speaker I am, Lol. This was precisely the reason I wanted to take up this blogging as they call it. Just to let out the emotions inside of me hopefully and eventually some day all this will be read, and I can actually learn to speak better as my writing improves

Although I should not be writing this stuff with a thought that people will read this, I just cant take it out of my system. My writing will always be influenced by the fact that others are going to read this. I have to some day get out of this, and write what I feel and not bother bout what might be people’s reaction to it. When I do that I am sure I will be a more successful writer and also be more natural and happy bout the entire thing. But like one friend said start… no matter how but start writing…. Eventually I will discover the freedom…

Religion is one topic I never thought I would write about because I don’t strongly believe in any religion. The only thing I can say I belong to is my country. Today I feel more Indian than of any other religion, and I attribute this to my education. My upbringing wasn’t that way, because my parents and all the people amongst whom I grew are following some religion or the other. Even my wife is of some religion but I just cant relate to any religion. I honestly feel I am an Indian and nothing else matters to me. Infact it would be great to follow all religions together. I do believe in God, yes there is this supernatural power, there is this fear that if I do something wrong and don’t get caught by any one on the earth there is still someone who is doing the hisaab kitaab. But I do not agree to follow silly routines that were made 2000 years ago. Times have changed but religion has not changed. The systems that were placed 2000 years ago cant be followed by me blindly. I have a habit of always asking why? A lot of things preached by any particular religion are based on scientific reasons and I also agree to some facts. Like in Jains there is this system of not eating after sunset. Makes sense that we eat atleast a few hours before we go to sleep or the hindu fasts where they cut down on salt and the unwanted elements. But than some I cannot understand, like the muslim fasts or the jains who will not eat onions that grow under the earth but pour turmeric everywhere as if it were a fruit and not a root.

Also some one needs to tell me how is milk a vegetarian item. Vegetarians drink milk???? I for one clearly believe there is no need for this bifurcation. People simply do what is comfortable to do or whats easier to accomplish. They are veggies but they drink milk. Arent these double standards??? Even plants were living things, but because they don’t make noise, chopping them is much easier than chopping off a chicken or a goat ?? A lot of people will not agree but I cant see the difference really. If we can chop of leaves and fruits and eat them like no sin than surely chopping animals is no sin either?? Is it??

Didn’t god create this world?? If he did, the early ancestors were actually supposed to eat other animals werent they?? They all used to die early because of this as they would fall sick also they had lots of dangers in hunting and also that they would grow old and wouldn’t be able to hunt. This timely death of the human ape was maintaining a balance in this world. But with time the human’s evolved. They used the thumb much better than other animals and it was not just a gripping tool but something that could mould things. The communication system amongst us humans is also superior to that between other animals. We also became a lot more social, than them. Than the discovery of fire, wheel, farming and medication eventually we evolved more than any other animal of the planet and than started forcing them into extinction. Survival of the fittest was the rule of the jungle. We became the fittest and hence we survive and have now made survival for all other species very very difficult. We don’t die before atleast 60 to 80 years normally!!!!

I am an animal lover, also a lover of nature and forests. I love the green’s, hence at times disappointed that we are, myself included, creating a world of our own full of concrete and wires, smoke and drainages. It is impossible to stop this or even find a solution. As humans we are the fittest and we will grow and capture the whole planet until it reaches a point when the God’s once again decide to flood the whole world again and destroy everything and restart. Again some Noah will build his arc and take a pair of all spieces on this boat …… Its 9 am and time to get ready for office. Gotta go and have my coffee now…!! Milk!!


3 thoughts on “Well !!

  1. a says:

    hey dhiren,
    let me congratulate u on ur blogs.
    they seem a bit amatureish but with time i am sure u gonna improve alot. u have too much fire and passion in u and that itself will ignite ur writing. all the best in whatever u do.

  2. Badz says:

    Well Dhiren! I take it this was written at the starting stages of you blogging. I’m impressed. I wish I could write as well as you. God I miss reading your work. So I’ve started reading all your older post. I liked this post. You sound so passionate about your believes. And with a lot of things you have written, I agree with, then there are others that I total disagree with. But I guess it’s all a matter of opinion and different up bringings. Good start to the blogging though.

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