Maharashtra Government gets a rap on the knuckles

Friday 26th September 26, 2008

This morning some good news first up, some one is not sleeping or atleast I must say some one is trying to do something good in the country. Pleased to read today morning that the High Court Judge Mr. J N Patel has rapped the Maharashtra Government for their non action against Raj Thackrey.

Since i started writing the most feedbacks came to me for writing on Raj Thackrey / Amitabh episode and most of my friends felt that I was using bad language and I was being too violent.

I will just reproduce what the noted High Court judge just said :

Taken from Hindustan Times today …
Quote :

“ Wake up and take steps to restore the confidence of the common man in the state administration. Now a days even terrorists send e-mails and warn about their plans before indulging in terror crimes. Raj Thackrey also sends written notices before he acts, and while you get hold of terrorists, you cannot arrest him (raj).” a visibly upset High Court judge said while hearing the petition by Federation of Retail Traders Welfare Association challenging the letters purportedly written by Thackrey to shopkeepers asking them to put Marathi Signboards in bolder letters.

The judge further added : “ If any other common man was in his place, he would have been arrested and put behind the bars,” observing that the state was a mute spectator to the Thackrey’s ‘misdeeds’, the judge said the government was not following the law in letter and spirit. “Be serious, otherwise every arty will bully you,” the Judge warned and asked the state to file an affidavit by October 16th, detailing what steps it proposed to take against Thackrey.

Unquote :

Thank god, there are people like these to do something about the whole mess. One of my friend thought I should not be writing in such a way because Raj Thackrey was a leader and not just a politician. Some one please explain to me what is this leader now trying to do by making shop keepers turn their boards into Marathi??? One friend told me my writing was very abusive. Does this man deserve anything else???

This man is digging his own grave. I can only watch and laugh… One suggestion to the retail traders association, why don’t you ask Raj if he will pay for the new sign boards in Marathi?? If he is financing, suggest they all go for neon lighthing boards in Marathi and make him pay !!!!!

Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali et all are a part of our country. Don’t discriminate and don’t support people who use this discrimination to their advantage. India is unity in diversification personified and don’t support people who try to change that.


2 thoughts on “Maharashtra Government gets a rap on the knuckles

  1. Namita says:

    what have u got against Raj Thakrey and in general,marathi people?
    u go to any other state,and u will find shop names in the local language. In Bangaluru,u will find all boards in kannada and english. In Gujarat also,wherever I have travelled,I have seen boards in Gujarathi and English. Raj is not insisting to write only in Marathi,but also in Marathi alongwith English.
    And why not?
    Marathi is the language of Maharashtra and we are uncommonly proud of it. We are also proud to be Indians, and have never shirked in our duties.But why we shouldn’t insist on all using our language on boards and such?
    Raj’s objection towards Jaya was not for speaking Hindi, but the way she instigated people to use Hindi because they were from U.P.why she made this discrimination? According to Amitabh,she has studied in Pune,and therefore knows the language very well.but has she ever tried to speak in marathi?
    I may not agree with Raj for his unconventional ways of making himself heard.But I am in absolute accordance with him on this new stance. Use English titles,but alongwith marathi titles. This should not hurt anybody’s sentiments.

  2. hitch writer says:

    Dear Reader,

    Oh dear!! Probably my amateur attempt of writing has given a wrong picture of what I am trying to say. I would just like to justify my stance… Not even for one second do I have anything against either Maharashtrians or Maharasthra. I have very very dear and near friends who are Marathi’s. Maharashtra is no different for me than Gujarat or any other state. It’s a part of my country. For the record I am born in Maharashtra.

    However when we come to Raj Thackrey I am totally against him and his thinking. Let me ask a few questions to simplify what I mean to say.

    1.) You say you have seen boards in Gujarat, UP, South in Gujarati, Hindi, Tami etc. Please tell me did you also see plain English boards ???
    2.) Do you think some one is forcing them to write in either gujarati or hindi or tamil???
    3.) If tomorrow I a Kutchi by origin, born in Maharashtra, brought up in Gujarat decide to open a shop here in MP and put the name board in English. Am I wrong???
    4.) Should some politician force me to write in Hindi???
    5.) Is it not my right to decide what language I should use??
    6.) Aren’t we a democratic country???
    7.) I live in Indore, MP and if I do some welfare for Bharuch in Gujarat is it wrong???
    8.) Recently some marathi rickshaw drivers were bashed up in Allahabad as some idiots in Allahabad in response to the Bhaia’s being bashed up in Mumbai. Do you think it was right??
    9.) Do you think every state should start bashing up people who have come from another state??

    Let me bring one more incident to your notice. A few days back some one threw a beer bottle at Amitabh’s house in the night. Amitabh filed a police complaint. Some media interviewer asked Raj Thackrey if it was some one from his MNS party. Do you know what his response was ?

    The macho man Raj Thackrey said, “ If it would have been my man he wouldn’t throw just one beer bottle. He would throw a whole carat of bottles!!”

    Instead of showing anger on the ridiculous press guy who had doubted him and his party, the man feels the action of throwing just one beer bottle was too mild.

    The very essence of me writing was that people like Raj Thackrey instead of doing some welfare work for people of Maharashtra try to use their emotions by indulging in ridiculous activities. Simply try and explain to me how does Jaya speaking in marathi or people writing their shop boards in marathi going to help Marathi’s or the state. If you can explain this I will accept what ever you tell me. Look at the broader picture.

    That is what the whole game Raj Thackrey is playing by his mud slinging he is trying to divert attention towards himself and is misguiding people into thinking that he cares for Maharashtra. Actually these are ideologies that are dangerous. We have enough troubles at our hand. Terrorism is making life a challenge. Do you want that we also start a new riot where all people of all states start fighting with each other?? True servants actually indulge in action rather than just making statements that are provocative.

    You say that you do not agree with the unconventional methods of Raj Thackrey. UNCONVENTIONAL???? Sorry but it is too mild a word, his actions are barbaric which smell of dictatorship. In a democratic world how can some one act so strongly on some one else’s personal choices and freedom.

    I am so glad that a High Court Judge of all people commented as he did. I hope you agree that that man is higher placed and probably more intellectual and informed and a lot more responsible than us.

    I am fascinated by Mumbai, tell me will Mumbai remain what it is without the pani poori’s and bhel’s all the bhaiya’s make?? Will Mumbai be Mumbai without the dosa’s that the shetty’s make??? Will Mumbai be Mumbai without the parsi’s?? Will Mumbai be Mumbai without all the diversity??? Is Mumbai a property of only Marasthi’s?? Mumbai is part of Maharashtra and Maharashtra is part of India. Similarly all these people are an integral part of Mumbai and Maharashtra. Mumbai wouldn’t be what it is today without them.

    As conscious Indians it is our duty to ensure that we do not start this argument of states or languages. India is one nation, of varied lands and regions, castes and creed and all together make this nation. The states are simply designed to manage things better.

    Do not allow people like Raj Thackrey misguide you…

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