Rat Race…..

That’s what I call life is today, it’s a rat race for money. From morning to night, Monday to Saturday, January to December the only goal in life today is to earn money. How we humans have shaped this world is quite extraordinary. A deer gives birth to a fawn and in about a few hours from its birth the fawn learns to stand on his feet and has to start surviving in the jungle.

In our man made world our children have to train for 20 to 25 years to stand on ones feet and to survive…. and they say we are the superior animal on the earth. Gimme a break!!

I still can’t at times get over the fact that my parents and all my elders and well wishers fooled me through out my life. They all largely said only one thing Beta abhi padhle phir to zindagi mein jalse hi to hai… (“ Son, study now once all this is over than you can have your fun”)

Okay I didn’t study all that well, but I never failed. So I guess I did ok. So where is the fun ??? Where are the jalsa??? Thank god I didn’t just listen to them and just studied. Thank god I had my share of fun while growing up.

Is going to office 6 days a week fun?? Or is it fun to scan the silly TV channels in the evening?? Is planning for my future fun?? Is investing money in stocks and losing them fun?? Trying to earn more all the time is it fun???

Fun was in playing cricket in the evenings, fun was playing do teen paanch on summer afternoons, fun was plucking mangoes, fun was driving cycles and racing, fun was in playing Aais Pais, bunking school and watching two movies from 12 to 3 and 3 to 6 and going home …wasn’t it??? Later in college fun was in chasing girls on bikes, getting wet in the rain without worrying bout clothes, sitting in the canteen and singing songs the whole time while sipping chai(tea), lying on the bikes at our adda and smoking and laughing for hours at a go, late nites at nyaymandir or some friends empty house…

This office life is not fun, some times I get irritated and today is one such day… Ever since I started earning there is only one motto in life to earn more and more and more… There were days when our house used to be very happy in only Rs. 6000 that my mother earned and we now earn even more than 10 times that but the hunger is just not satisfying… How life has changed… I used to get Rs 20 everyday and I used to go to baroda from bharuch and still managed to eat, smoke even see movies. Don’t ask how I did that but I did. Today when I see a nice movie about to release the first thing that I think of is here goes another Rs.1000 for this movie. Imagine I and my son manage to eat popcorn worth 200 in one movie… that’s not counting the cokes and the other snacks!!!

It was so good when you had to worry bout nothing and had parents to do all that for… Really why did we have to grow up?? Wasn’t it great with parents taking care of the responsibilities and we just enjoying…

In moments such as these I than again get a thought that my parents too spent a very good part of their lives worrying bout their responsibilities so that I could enjoy my childhood and youth. Guess nothing lasts for ever and now its my turn to look after them and to worry bout my responsibilities to ensure that my son enjoy’s his 24 years of learning how to survive in this world…

The one thing I will never be able to do though is tell my son to study to leave fun and just put this head down to plan for his future… I have to let him free and let him fly till he reaches the stage I have… because I now have realized fun is while I was a child, while I was young…

There are no complaints, I am not regretting anything but on some depressing days like this, I wish I hadn’t grown up…


2 thoughts on “Rat Race…..

  1. Rakesh says:

    Yeah Dhiren, lovely post. How skewed is the idea of fun and happiness taught to us. Everyone told me that the toughest part in CA is the exams. But now I realise that the exams were the easiest part.

  2. Ketan says:

    Wow, hitchwriter! This is a very moving post!

    I’m really glad for you, you had your share of fun! 🙂

    I too, am not very successful in the conventional sense of term, but I do make sure I don’t stall my life for some critical, yet silly exams! For instance, my reading and commenting on your post are costing me some time, but I’m doing that precisely because my ‘heart says so!’. Right now, the driving force in my life is not some incentive, but rather a fear of having difficulties ahead if I don’t study well! Actually, that is not the best impetus one could have for hard work, and I’m not enjoying it. 😦

    This is the first time I’m visiting your blog, and I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post! Had I more time, I’d have liked to go through your other posts, too!

    Take care.

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