2nd October 2008

Yet another series of blasts in Agartala now, what is happening?? This is unbelievable, we are being terrorized with Bomb’s left rigt and centre. Jaipur, Bangalore, Gujarat, Surat, Delhi, Agartala. The list keeps getting longer.

The strangest part of these blasts is no one is saying they did it, and what they are opposing and why they are doing it. The police have no clue how to combat this.

Frankly if this is homegrown terror and if it is our people who are doing it, I don’t really see how will the police be able to track this down. Just imagine these are not criminals but our own people who have been misguided or hurt in some manner and have taken up the wrong path and now hurting people without any reason meaning. What are they going to achieve???

In the urban times no one has the time to bother, no one has the time to protest, no one has the time to unite and fight. Two days the news play the blasts and a round of debates and this will be forgotten, unless another blast happens. Even I will forget and be on my job from 10 to 7.

I cannot quite fathom why these terrorists or these home grown misguided youths are doing this ?? What is being achieved by this ?? What are their demands ?? There is nothing that is being asked for nor being achieved. Are they just trigger happy ?? The biggest problem is these are now home grown. They are one of us. So its very very difficult to actually trace them. Still the police are cracking the operations. But the operatives seem to be too many and too far spread out.

I for one always used to think we are a peace loving country. We have differences and protests but still we are a developing country and at times in a country of 1 billion a few stray incidents can always happen. Not everything can be governed. Its inevitable, but this is now stretching the limits. What is happening is the police is now been rendered to guarding malls and watching streets for tiffin boxes. I am thoroughly checked when I enter a mall, restaurant or a movie theatre. This for one points that the police is unsure from where these people can come and when they will strike.

The police & the intelligence have to crack this some way or the other. One of the things that needs to be done is police can recruit a lot more people. Atleast they will have plenty of watchers. The number of police is really so less. They also need to have a proper organized review system in place where there will be lots of analysis of the cops & their performance. The useless people can act as constables and become watchers. The more deserving people in higher more active and more responsible positions.

Wake up India, lots of reforms are required. The time has come to shed the tag of soft targets. The police need to be given a break by the media and allow them to catch the suspects, amidst this some innocent people might have to bear the brunt. But when its our own people who are doing these acts, its inevitable and we need results. This is not a movie where everything gets solved in the end. But if we do not want to become a nation torn apart we have to act. At times like these we need stronger leaders and strong decisions. Do we have any??

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