3rd October 3, 2008

Isn’t this homegrown terror an outcome of our own misdeeds?? Misdeeds like Gujarat riots post the Godhra incident. After the Godhra incident for three days the Muslims across the state were massacred, the police became mute spectators as the Enraged Hindu wrecked havoc. Gang rapes, murders and the fear that they had to undergo was inhuman. It cannot be denied. There was injustice as the law bearers didn’t help or decided to turn away.

When some one is hurting so much and no one to tend to them and care for them and when you are made to feel as a victim. They become easy targets, and can be easily talked into doing something they shouldn’t be doing. Isn’t this what is happening.

To sit and preach that this is wrong is very easy. But then if you lose some one of your family or if a female of your family is raped and there is no respite, the police don’t listen what do you do?? There is rage, anger, anguish, helplessness above all fear that it will happen again. What would a person do in such a situation ??

We cannot know the answer to that question because fortunately we are not in that situation. But spare a thought for the people who have gone through this hell. The government the law bearers have to be very very cautious that they perform their duty without any prejudice. Law breakers of any religion should be treated equally.

Unless this changes India cannot be at peace. India needs to grow out of the caste, religion differences. Muslims, Christians are as much a part of the country and have a right to this country as much as any Hindu, Sikh or anyone else. Please please this is one nation and lets promote just one religion Indianism. Radical times need radical reforms and while that time has already arrived. Wonder if the reforms are even being looked at????

One thought on “Indianism

  1. Vinod Raghuvanshi says:

    Dear Sultan,

    We don’t know what to say to you or the people who suffered. This country and its citizens can not be harmed in the name of religion or caste. We are Religion Indianism/ Bharat Dharm/ Mazhab Hindustan Sangathan. We are have a dream… One country, One Religion, One Caste. We have only two words in our hearts.. Hindustan and Hindustani. We don’t have any place for the third word. We will destroy Mandirs/ Masjids/ Churches if they come into the way of this country. We are committed to make India the best country of the world. I would like to share three line which is straight from our heart…”Har Karam Apna Karenge Aai Watan Tere Liye, Dil Diya Hai Jaan Bhi Denge Aai Watan Tere Liye. Dil Diya Hai Jaan Bhi Lenge Aai Watan Tere Liye.”

    We are really luck to have such Indian with our country. We Indians are proud of you. We promise we will put these devils into the hell.

    At this point of time, we can just wish you our best regards.

    Vinod Raghuvanshi,
    Religion Indianism/ Bharat Dharm/ Mazhab Hindustan Sangathan

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