Navratri – 9 nights of the rebel

Its Navratri and I am here in Indore away from Gujarat, more importantly away from Bharuch. Oh, how I miss my days in Bharuch in garba’s they were fantastic to say the least.

In college days Garba’s would start at around 11 in the night in Bharuch and go on till 6.30 in the morning. Yes, you read that right till 6.30 am in the morning the sun would rise but the garba dancers would refuse to stop.

Those were the days when there were no bombs and security problems and every one just wanted to revel for 9 nights. The youth literally had a ball and the parents had a hard time controlling kids. Well I am not going to start the social debate.

I just want to remember those days when we would go to our place, Patel Society all dressed up in kurta pyjama. Although I was a shy & a pathetic dancer always worrying people were watching me and laughing as years went by even I gave into the beat of the garba’s. I truly love the garba songs and have lots of favourites. Just to listen to them the whole night was in itself a revelation and a joy.

Add to that the girls!!!!!!!! So many, with backless choli’s dressed to play the perfect seductress, painted in make up and jewellery, roaming around in the night without their parents. Wow !! The girls largely preoccupied with dancing would still find time for people like us sitting in the audience.

For us naughty guys it was always great to sit in the front rows and make fun of the guys who would dance probably because we couldn’t dance. Than spotting the girl of the navratri. Than finding out more and more information about her.

In the more younger days even fight with a guy if he spoke to a girl we liked, as we were kings!! Psst some times even we were fought with for speaking to a girl who was liked by an even more powerful king!!!! Part of growing up eh!!

The nights were full of life, lights and colour filled with music. “Taara vina shyam mane ekaldu laage, raas ramva ne vehlo aavje”


One thought on “Navratri – 9 nights of the rebel

  1. Badz says:

    LoL! How sweet! Well I thought as much, you going to navrati to look at girls. And I bet the girls also use to go to look at guys too. LoL! Well I’m pretty sure nothing has changed. I bet you wanted to go and look at all the nice girls not to play. 😉 LoL!

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