Karnavati Express

28th October 2008

Its 7.15 am, Diwali here it is. I am still about 45 minutes away from home, I got down at Vadodara in Shanti Express from Indore and ran like hell to catch my train from Vadodara to Bharuch. Oh god I cant wait any more. Just had one of the best and the most sumptuous cutlet a man can have on train. This is Karnavati Express, Ahmedabad to Mumbai, if there is any train trail in India that has the best and more importantly serves the biggest variety of foods than it is this corridor. The Western Railway trains serve anything and everything. Now now don’t you think that they serve alcohol you culprit !!!!

Ohh here comes the idli wala “IDLI CHUTNEY ! LELO !! GARMA GARAM” , along with him is the guy with colddrinks “ THANDA COLDRINKS, PEPSI, SPRITE, LIMCA, SEVEN UP, MAAZA, DOODH (MILK)” All along making a shrill noise with the bottle opener being grazed on the bottles….

Ever since I was a kid and used to travel from Jamnagar to Mumbai for all summer holidays, we three brothers loved traveling in the train and enjoying the food that we brought from home, whatever was available on route and buying toys being sold. I truly am a train man should I say. I even did updown from Bharuch to Vadodara in college for 3 years, it was on this 3 years of train transit that I found my wife. Now now this is not supposed to be a romantic story. So bout my wife later.

There comes the guy with Dhokla “Idla, garma garam”(the white ones we in gujarati call it Idla), Mineral water fellow trailing him “ THANDA PAAAANI” he is using only his nose to say that. We have competition for Himesh Reshamiya… no no its diwali and I shoud stay away from crude jokes.

The frequency with which these pantry guys are moving around is unbelievable, causing trouble to the unreserved passengers who have to stand in the passage.

Here comes the guy with Peanuts (Sing… Kharii Sing… )

I must mention this that on the three years when I was finding my wife and doing up down from Bharuch to Vadodara for college I have atleast eaten 2 truck loads of peanuts. In Bharuch Truly SING (peanut) is KING.

The family across me is now particularly interested in the toy selling guy and their son is making a racket if they don’t buy him anything my 30 mins of traveling will be difficult. This guy is gonna scream and loud… Where’s my IPOD.

When kids we three brothers used to sit at the windows and keep firing on one and all. Men and animal and women too… birds as well. We probably have more imaginary murders than any man, movie or novel even talks about. As silly as it sounds there always was a competition among us that who shot the guy, beast or bird first. Than when we would get bored of it there would be cards, or chess or ludo.

Here comes the Samosa Wala.. aaahh.. “Samosa Samosa”

Just wondering where the cutlet coffee and tea fellows got lost and where in the world did the soup serving fellow go… The tomato soups in the trains are best, my favourite being the one served in Paschim Express. They are as good as any restaurant.

Thank god that kid has been given his share of toys and he is now busy playing with them, some peace and I can put the IPOD away.

Now comes the next lure for the kid I can see the candy man coming (selling chocolates, chewing gums and a whole lot of kids stuff… Boy being parents is tough especially on trains where there are so many distractions. Even I myself at this age can hardly resist the foods that are served, so how can you even expect that the kid would resist the temptations of toys and chocolates.

Successfully the candyman has passed the kid was too engrossed in his toy.

Here… “Coffee, Coffee… Nescoffee… Garma Garam..” finally my coffee wala has come.

I will have to stop at the moment I cant drink this hot coffee and also write… While I am on diwali I hope not to find any time to write, I hope I stay so busy with friends and family that I have no time to collect my thoughts or pen down anything. Hope the diwali goes in a blast when I meet all my friends and their folks and have a wonderful time at home together.

Happy Diwali & Happy New Year to you and your family!!!! Cheers!!!


4 thoughts on “Karnavati Express

  1. tinushah says:

    this one is superb and my fav one…
    though i ws in bharuch for only 3 years i miss guj a lot
    and after reading this blog i feel like fying to baroda and then travel in karnavati cos im extremely fond of the stuffs sold in train…
    u really reminded me of al those tasty stuffs especially my fav khari sing which i stil miss…..
    thanks dhiren aapne humari yaade taaza kar di….

  2. hitch writer says:

    Tinu – Thanks..

    Cat – Thanks…

    I hope my boss reads this and allows me more travel in my job… sitting in a office like a duck i really dont have too manythings happening here to narrate…

  3. Badz says:

    WoW! I love this blog. God I miss the indian trains. I Travell often enough here minimum once a week due to university and commuting for and back for weekends back home. And ofcouse work. But it’s different from india. You don’t get the tea and coffee man often. It’s only when the train doesn’t have a little shop inside to buy you’re hot drinks, snacks, etc. so I love seeing in India the typical man selling tea, etc. LoL!

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