Ohh Stop Please …

Mumbai is being torn apart and so is the rest of the country, now the Bihari’s want to speak the same language Raj is speaking…

Frankly i never have received more feedback and more comments than when i wrote about Raj. This ongoing saga of Raj versus North India is not ending. Eventually i ended up reading everything about this whole crisis and this is what i found..

Do you know what was the root to start this fight ??

Understand from reliable sources that Railway employment is done by reservation where in about 80% employees are to be of the Local state. So in Maharashtra it has to be Marathi’s who get 80% of the jobs in the Railways. Now the management of the Government is such that the advertisements of these exams are realeased in not popular Maharashtra news papers but in papers that are popular in Bihar & UP.

The same happens in Gujarat & a lot of other states also is what i found, hope no Raj emerges from these other states as well. Now they say that the Laloo’s and Nitish’ than leak the papers of the exams to their fellow statemates and they go in truckloads for these exams and clear them. The poor locals at times dont even know of the employment schemes that exist. So the jobs go to Bihari’s or UP walas. Now i am not suggesting this is entirely true but this is what all this is about.

So some one has to protest, but frankly people tell me how many know this is why Raj Thackrey started fighting ?? The man just didnt know how and what to do and has now made a mockery of himself.

He is now dividing the nation. The Congress let him develop from a bud to a flower as he was actually taking away Shiv Sena’s votes so they let him flower for their own advantage and didnt pluck him at the very early stage. Now it seems things are out of hand.

The man had a great opportunity of exposing the Railway minister and their ploys but the manner in which he has taken a stance has made him the most hated Indian. Instead of taking the system head on and exposing the politicians, the man decided to target the common man or should i say the common North Indian. Lots of Maharashtrians are also fed up with him. Tell me how this railway employment can justify him waning Marathi Sign Boards, or him wanting Jaya to speak in Marathi or his men smashing the panipuri wala bhaiya’s and taxiwala Bihari’s. All these acts ensured he wouldnt be taken seriously ever.

At the end of this all now Laloo plays the biggest resignation card and makes even more political mileage out of this. This again points to the fact that Raj not only made a mockery of himself but now justice will be denied to Maharashtrians.

I am not saying i am with reservations based on castes or regions, but that is how the thing was meant to be so the opposition was justified. But in this land of Mahatma, appeals or opposition peacefully is not heeded. Only if a man will burn 5 buses will he be noticed. Is this what is happening???


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