Nothing to do at work….

I never ever thought in my life that I would yearn to work. Thanks to the economic crisis the world over and the falling commodities markets for the last two odd months I have literally been jobless. Whenever the work comes it finishes very soon.

Working as a cotton trader currently I have access to both buyers and sellers and yet there is such a vacuum that I neither have any inquiries nor any offers.

I even started asking my friends what they do when they have no work but have to sit in offices. They said google, wikipedia or some travel sites or games….

In google if you put the phrase “nothing to do at work” unbelievable results. They just comforted me that I am not the only one who is in this situation.

November to March is generally the crop coming time of cotton and hence a peak season for us with almost no time to breathe. However now we are so bored that we colleagues were practicing a (Handmudra) hand signal with the middle finger is pressed by the thumb to remove dullness from our bodies. No I don’t believe in these things but what harm was it going to do.

A new routine has befallen us, every evening we take a walk out of office at around 5.30 to have some tea and snacks. All the time discussing how long are our employers going to give us free salary.

I am the one person I know who really hates working or doing anything for anyone else. If I had a crore of rupees I am sure I would retire today, I hate working but the strange thing that is happening is I want to work all of a sudden. I yearn for some one to come & tell me to make particular trend charts or someone to come and ask me if I can prepare a crop acreage report or some price comparisons but nothing.

Hope this depression thing hastens away and normalcy is resumed !!! I am totally tired and knew nothing to do so just kept on typing….

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