Nothing to do at work again !!!

Misty mornings in Manali.
click pic to enlarge

(This pic was taken in May, imagine what it would be like in December. I really miss the hills. )

The day started with new hopes, more anticipation and lots of energy. It was sunday and normally on sunday’s i tend to get up early. Why?? dont know… guess the fact that its a holiday i dont want it to pass away too fast.

The more of a sunday i am awake the more i enjoy the fact that i dont have to work. Off to the park for some jogging. Lets sweat it out. Our park has a jogging track of about 200 meters and while i had trouble finishing two rounds when i first started now i can successfully run 8 rounds at a stretch and over all i run 15 rounds and walk about 10 rounds.

Its rigorous but i want to stay fit so that when my son (Hriday) grows up i can bowl to him. As i keep jogging i over take the lovely ladies who come to walk and make my run more pleasurable. Gee i have turned 31 and i realise that when neither the females show too much interest nor am i ever able to even exchange a smile.

In my country its strange, i can wish every strange guy good morning or smile at him or even talk about any rubbish with him even if he is not at all pleasing to the eye. But when it comes to female its simply not done. Neitherwill she smile nor will I, no matter how pleasing & soothing to the eye she is.

I want to smile but its just not something natural to do for both.

Wouldnt it be great to just go across and smile every day to them, suddenly stop and ask her out for coffee today evening or for dinner for saturday evening and just get to know each other.

Getting ideas eh!!

I get plenty of them. At times i call myself a ” Sheikh Chilli” (A guy who dreams silly impossible things)

Just thinking i should start saving money to buy some land in Himachal Pradesh “Devbhumi” as it is called, meaning Land of Gods. We have even got an eye on a piece of land in Manali a steep climb overlooking the river Beas. Its a wonderful place slightly away from the hustle bustle of the mall road of Manali in Bahang, just very peaceful and lovely and serene with a stunning view of the Rohtank.

I have decided that i along with another “Sheikh Chilli” my friend Jay will buy some piece of land there build 5 or 6 cottages and rent them and spend our life there either catering to the tourists or guiding them and in free times just walking and exploring the surroundings.

Even my wife joins me as a Sheikh Chilli in this and wants me and her to spend the retired life in a tent in sleeping bags, (i disagree i prefer a bed) lol….

Men will be men after all.

(such are office days that i sit and blog, no work at all)


4 thoughts on “Nothing to do at work again !!!

  1. Ranu says:

    sheikhchilli or no stick ur aspirations to the cottages in himachal else himachal ka naksha will be on ur face if u start waking up sleepy women on their walk with smiles…. and if their hubby’s are fans of mohammad ali…… man u will have to retire at 31!!!!

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