My first picnic….

Just yesterday i went to my son’s school who had his first picnic of his life from his school… They were supposed to go to Nehru Park, dont know where it is but understand its a big garden and has some small train ride along with other merry go rounds etc… with lots of greens to run and roll over in. Will check it out this sunday as I have promised sonny to go there again.

At 9.15 had to go to drop him to his school and i was excited. I dont like the fact that my son goes to his school at 11 and comes back at 4 because that doesnt give me a chance to either drop him or pick him up as I go to office at 10 and come back at 8. This is one reason why i feel my wife is so much more lucky she gets to see him whole day and spend more time with him. Whereas i feel I am missing out on so many moments of my son’s life. Coming back to the picnic… Hriday(my sons name) had to go in school uniform. I revolted that they should be allowed to wear civil dress but my revolt was quickly quelled down by my wife “Intelligent” when she pointed out that uniforms make it easier to spot and also ensures no one wanders away. She was a school teacher to kids 4 year old and she thinks the teachers hate such picnic as they have to keep controlling the flock of kids all the time.

But teachers who are mothers dont realise that the time that they get with the kids is to be treasured so much. With Hriday in uniform we set off on our Honda DIO (dont get excited !! its a two wheeler), my son makes it a point to show me all the turns to his school which is about a 5 minute ride.

The moment we reached his school gate, the way my kid left my hand and rushed to the line of his class just reassured me that my kid is loving his school. I feel its too much for a 4 year old to be going to school with books and practising alphabets so soooon. I still think its too sooon….

Once with his bunch of boys and lots of girls he didnt even bother to see where his parents were.. His teacher Geeta Madam (sweet and bright lady) promptly asked us to collect him at 2 pm and got busy aligning the line of kids…. We decided to just stand a little distance away from there and watch…. All class teachers were having a tough time making lines of their class, all the time screaming no talking… stand in a line… dont make groups…. ohhh please …. Discipline is needed in school which i cannot quite fathom…

Watching Hriday jumping and pulling some one’s bag and than going back in his line and the smile on his face was something for me a father to treasure and also relax that its ok to be in school as he was enjoying so much. My wife wished we had brought the camera and I just had to tell her, forget the camera capture it with the eyes. Soon the buses came and all the kids in a line one by one dancing jumping fresh… climbed in. I just noticed that most of them fresh from a bath with oiled hair in their sweaters with their waterbottles and their bags looked really really neat.

Again the nostalgia strikes and i wish i were one among them and i try to remember my first picnic and no nothing comes to mind.. the first i can remember was in 5th class…

The kids about to leave, the noise in the bus unbearable, being by the side of the bus and reaching out for my sons hand through the window in his bus was also something that warmed my heart. Its so simple and nothing dramatic after all we live together every day but the feelings cannot be described. The teachers in order to get the kids in order asked them to join hands and start singing Vande Mataram… and zoom went their bus………

11 thoughts on “My first picnic….

  1. Lin says:

    thanks for visiting my blog. fun to hear your description of family life so far away from where i live in america. nice writing, you described the event well.

  2. Pradip Biswas says:

    Compare it to the picnic that most of us used to have. The same thing minus parents watching their children do the unusual thing than they do at home. Very nice blog keep on doing it.

  3. Badz says:

    Cool post. It’s nice reading about Hriday and your family. And the emotional roller coaster you go through. Its sweet! 😉

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