White tiger cubs coming soon at Indore zoo…

I try not to read the hindi newspapers as they invariably have a lot of rumours, gossip and unhealthy news but today in office I just noted something that thrilled me.

Amidst a lot of fanfare our Indore zoo got a couple of white tigers (male & female) about 6 months back. They were imported from Aurangabad zoo. This again is a speices that is fast becoming extinct.

The good news the local Hindi paper was carrying was that the female is pregnant and will deliver its litter in about 2 months time and the zoo authorities are thrilled. I am too, Oh boy, that would be great news for me and more so my son who makes me go to the zoo every fortnight. My wife hates it but I simply love going to the zoo under the pretense that my son wants to go, but in reality even I love visiting the zoo and watching the animals. The Indore zoo isn’t the best I have seen but still it has animals and I love animals.

The good news doesn’t end with the news of the possible arrival of the white tiger cubs. The hippo & another leopard are also going to conceive…

I wait with baited breath for successful deliveries and hope to watch the new arrivals sooon…. Dear Reader keep tracking as soon I’ll picture them and share their pics here for sure….


6 thoughts on “White tiger cubs coming soon at Indore zoo…

  1. The Rat... says:

    wait with bated breath?

    hitch hiker, are u sure u are not the kid… it seems childhood is here to stay.. first the picnic now d zoo.. n how do u keep stats of d preggie animals in indore zoo?

  2. Quiz_Master says:


    Me lovez animals too…
    But it’s been like 5-6 years since I visited Indore Zoo 😥

    Now one more reason to go there 😀

  3. hitch writer says:

    These tiger pics are taken from Google so they mite be the ones from Las Vegas !! never know… these arent clicked by me…

    Quiz master you should visit the zoo… although some cages are too small, seeing the animals is still exciting…

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