Resignations aside, Justice is sought..

As heads roll one after the other, the media is given fodder from the politicians to divert the focus from the job at hand to linen washing.

No matter who takes up what posts, the need of the hour is very clear, justice must be brought to the ones who lost lives. Nothing less than going after the planners of this attack shall be accepted. The executors have been killed and one captured alive to tell the tale…. Now gather evidence, find out the planners behind it, and show it to the world. Now whether the world agrees or not once the planners are identified, we must go after the people behind this and take them out.

Pakistan is the only free nation, that allows breeding of terror on its land.

We constantly keep trying to defend our country but if some one keeps trying to enter, sneak in constantly with malicious intent some time or the other they will succeed. They succeeded by killing a couple of coast guards.

While we should increase the vigilance at borders and sea way entrances, it is pertinent that the terrorists were made to run for their lives rather than sit peacefully in Pakistan and prepare again for some loopholes.

When America entered Afghanistan, to take out the Al-Qaeda, the whole world was against it including me. But what that ensured was the Al-Qaeda was running for its own survival rather than think of attacking America.

The time has come for India to go in and attack the terror infrastructures, outfits in Pakitan & Pakistan Occupied Kashmir….

How long will we keep bearing the brunt ??? How long will innocent people lose lives ??? Wake up ministers and be counted, don’t allow India & Indian lives to be taken for granted…

2 thoughts on “Resignations aside, Justice is sought..

  1. Indian Home Maker says:

    Yeah I guess you are right but then we also must equip our security forces very well. We should move from babu-glorification to Security forces ready to fight a twenty firstcentury war.

  2. hitch writer says:

    Yes homemaker, without doubt we should equip our security forces well… and we will. But at the same time the perpetrators of these attacks cannot be allowed to go scot free…

    If we let them go scot free we are becoming a soft target for terror…. Are’nt the people who lost their lives valuable to our country???

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