From the Times of India…

LAX SECURITY ENDANGERS LAKHS : Vashi resident Balasaheb Borkar, 50, exposed the lax security at CST on Monday. He traveled by train to the station with his .32 licensed revolver, “I went in and came out through the metal detectors placed at different exit and entry points. Not once did the police personnel question me. Then, I went up to the cops and asked why they were unable to detect my weapon. I was shocked when they said they did not hear the beeps of the metal detector,” Borkar Told TOI.


3 thoughts on “From the Times of India…

  1. Indrani says:

    I always wondered how it worked, each time I pass under it,it beeps and nobody bothers to check. No I don’t carry a weapon. 😉

  2. hitch writer says:

    most of them are for show…. but hopefully they will now start functioning….

    swallow a pellet or what when a kid??? lol

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