Keep the vigil alive….

( Lets Pledge to keep the vigil alive)
It was heart warming to see the people gathering in thousands at Gateway of India. India is awakening, for long we have had this chalta hai attitude, who cares attitude… (myself also included)
We have all decided to blame politicians or the system but actually it is us who have to also take equal blame. We as citizens of India were never that demanding and that is the sole reason why our country is in this position. We always tend to shrug shoulders and move on… But for the first time, India is starting to come to a stand still…

(Get together my country, for ourselves)

6 Americans have died in the Mumbai attacks, immediately, top American Diplomat is here and is more concerned about the 6 Americans that died than these attacks in Mumbai. When the WTC towers were bombed 107 Indians were either killed or have gone missing since. We didn’t even bat an eyelid. Even I tried to find the figure of Indians who died in it today.

( Rush hour at VT station, imagine if the terrorists would have reached earlier)

We as Indians are awakening and if we can keep the vigil started by the people at Gateway of India alive we will go a long way in helping to change this system of ours…

For a change now my country’s citizens are gathering, the best part is there is no one party or no one religion binding us but Indianism. We are gathering not because some one is asking us to, but because we are angry and want to show our unison and our protest. Indian lives are valuable and we must show it to the world and most of all to the terrorists and the people who sent these terrorists.

To show our support for the innocent people who lost lives and to pay our tribute to the Martyr’s and to keep this vigil started in Mumbai alive we have also decided to take out a peace march in my town in Bharuch just to keep this alive and show our support. May be we will have to repeat this again and again… till justice is brought to the people who lost lives.

Unless the government will act and bring these people to justice we shall not rest. We are ready to pay any price for this.

Pakistan Government says they want to help us, they are victims and even they are suffering. Then why don’t they take our investigation team’s word and hand over the people involved in these attacks.

( The confidence of us, Indians is shattered)

After all Pakistan Government claims they are victims. But the fact of the matter is even they can’t control these terror outfits in their country any more and there are more than one sources of power in Pakistan.

If Pakistan Government’s word could be trusted we would not have fought 3 wars with them, we wouldn’t have terrorists in Kashmir who are solely supported by them. We have enough of this double game with the Pakistani’s. Tell me have we ever invaded Pakistan ?? It has always been their provocation, hasn’t it ???

I don’t want a war, but if the people behind these terror attacks are not handed over to us by the government of Pakistan than we should be ready to go to any extent to get those men and take them out. Any one who shields them will bear the brunt of our anger.

Simply saying they are stateless actors doesn’t suffice, the fact remains that they came from Pakistan.

More than avenging the deaths we suffered by attacking the terror camps and terror outfits in Pakistan, we will also ensure that they are on the run and cannot sit in ease and plan further attacks.

Investigating and bringing the people behind these attacks is important, but of utmost, paramount importance is the fact that we have to destroy the infrastructure from where they came… or else they will come again…. And until this is done…. My countrymen lets not relax, lets force the government to act…. Lets show our willingness to pay any price for this.

” Let this night end and a new era begin,

My beloved country this is the moment of reckoning,

The moment to rise, the moment to seize..”


4 thoughts on “Keep the vigil alive….

  1. Indian Home Maker says:

    Just keep this fire burning, and don’t let the vigil end. We must not rest until this political system – the root of all this rot is cleaned. We need new, selfless leaders who have no criminal background and who do not have unaccounted for wealth.
    Can’t be achieved without some struggle, but we’ll do it.
    All the best for Bharuch 🙂

  2. Hezreen Abdul Rashid says:

    Yes, keep the vigil alive. Everyone needs that right now. Even one of our Malaysians died in the attack.

    May justice and peace descend soon.

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