Another week goes by….

This week has been quite strange, there is absolutely no new sales happening at work, and I have passed a week reading blogs and surfing. For a change I have taken a salary for doing nothing and killing time…

At the start of the week I hoped for some stern reactions from our Government to try and nab the planners behind the Mumbai attack, nothing like that has happened. As more and more days pass by, it seems in a few days we will be back to status normal.

How thick skinned we Indians have become ?? Nothing actually affects us, even myself, we friends organised one protest march. Got some 250 odd people together and that was it. For a few days we all sat together for a few evenings smoking and lambasted the politicians. Now what do I do ?? My wife says move on, lets go see a movie… “you will feel better”, “Enough of the news”, ” I hate Rajdeep Sardesai & Barkha Dutt !!”

I take her cue… thinking she must be bored… Lets see ‘Dasvidaniya’…

I cry a lot in movies, very easily…. I get too emotional…. Even today when I see ” Haathi Mere Saathi ” and whenever I see the scene where the Elephant dies, I sob. At times my wife wants to disown me in a Theatre… I don’t make noises but my tears just don’t stop….

‘Dasvidaniya’… this movie made me sob, sob and sob…. I loved the movie very very much. At the end, I felt it ended too soon… May be the movie was cut….

It was very easy to relate to the character of Vinay in the movie and thats why it made me so much more emotional…

The best part of the movie was that the guy was gonna die in 3 months and he knew it…. How simple that can make things seem all of a sudden…. In this long life, we keep planning, saving, investing (in shares that are bombing at the moment, sob sob !! ) but never quite go out and embrace life….

Infact to know that you are going to die after that many days, just makes things so so simple !!! doesnt it??

3 thoughts on “Another week goes by….

  1. nituscorner says:

    well don’t know if its good to know when you will die….the thought is very depressing but in a way may be good too…you can finish of what ever you plan to do ….

  2. shail says:

    You reminded me of Haathi Mere Saathi after a long time. I remember too feeling extremely sad whehn the elephant died in the movie.

  3. Usha Pisharody says:

    Don’t worry, you have company.. 🙂

    It is a rather funny thing about movies, esp when you watch in a theatre.. 🙂

    And yes, you make me wonder too, are we getting back to normal? I do hope we don’t!

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