It this a new beginning or a Mirage to my optimistic eyes ???

There is a strange (wrong word) peculiar (wrong word) unpreecedented (dont know what to use… Neways…
There is a strange optimism coming out, but some how the news channel didn’t want to focus on that but wanted to play live the election results so I am not sure what is exactly happening….
The news over the weekend was that John Mccain had conveyed to the Pakistani Government in no uncertain terms that India has enough evidence that Pakistani involvement was there and that there were also ISI elements involved in the attacks. He also made it clear that unless they take action, they would not be able to stop India. He also mentioned that our Prime Minister, was visibly angry about the things.
(Thank god, for our PM. He has always borne the brunt of people who think he is not proactive. But a wise man that he is, he will allow his actions to speak louder. He doesn’t demand limelight but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t act, he is not passionate for his country…)
Can it be true, that Pakistani government has been given a 48 hour deadline to act, can India be that tough ?? Can India ask America to pressurise Pakistan who is assisting them in Afghanistan ?? Can Pakistan actually act ??
I don’t know the answers, and the media is not pursuing these questions, they are busy with elections, interviewing shahrukhs etc…
But for once I feel there is optimism coming in from our top leadership (normally I never call them leaders, they are only politicians. ) But infact when I think of people like Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, Mr. P. Chidambaram… atleast I am not ashamed of saying these are some of the leaders of our country. Not being ashamed is one thing, whether I can be proud of them quite another….May be, just may be….
So how do you deal with this situation called Pakistan ?? The country has many sources of power… You don’t know who is in control of whom ?? They have nuclear capabilities, extremists… they also have innocent people… Surely you can’t mount a war on them… but you can squeeze them…
As things stand they have to now act. In the news strips on the bottom of the TV screens of the news, we read that former ISI chief Hamid Gul is to be arrested. This squeezing of political pressure by India and the world will now force the Pakistani Government to arrest a few people, who might resist or arresting them could result in protests which could be very violent against the government of Pakistan…..
So what I am actually seeing is the squeezing of Pakistan Government to act against the terror don’s who will react, this will either be quelled by Pakistan Government… or they will over power the Pakistan Government. In both the scenario’s we atleast have some solutions…
Either the Pakistan government can control these menaces and we have some peace…. Remember they are our neighbours, so if they are at peace we shall be at peace. But if the government fails and cannot control these menaces, it sends out a clear signal that these is no government in Pakistan that controls it…
This can lead to it being declared a ‘ Terror State ‘. But for this the squeezing of pressure on Pakistan Government must continue. India’s first diplomatic battle has been won, but winning the war will be a long and gruelling journey…
That is the only reason why I hope the current three Dr. Manmohan Singh, Mr. Pranab Mukherjee & Mr. P. Chidambaram should be able to have another term at their posts…
I can’t believe I want some ministers to stay… all my life it never mattered who was up there but this time it is different….

(click pic to enlarge)

It this a new beginning or a Mirage to my optimistic eyes ???


5 thoughts on “It this a new beginning or a Mirage to my optimistic eyes ???

  1. Indian Home Maker says:

    Very well analysed. I agree with you, I too hope these three do stay. Right now we don’t need foolish wars in the name of ending terrorism, but basically to get some extra votes.

  2. Usha Pisharody says:

    A war, it can never be a solution, but some sort of strike sometimes can be effective.

    However India has always taken the stance of one who will not be the one to launch the offensive. This time however, I feel, personally speaking that perhaps it would not be out of place to make that move.

    Yesterday’s papers carried the news of IAF readiness, and also those of the Maritme forces, Navy and CG… what will be, finally though?

    On continues to hope that things will find a way to being resolved , and soon.

  3. hitch writer says:

    India would never wage a war, unless forced upon.

    Having said that, once the strikes begin it can only escalate into a war and nothing less.

    Guess at the moment the US is trying its hardest to make Pakistan act so that we don’t strike the terror camps. Because if that happens, Pak will have to move their army from the western front to the Indian border. Which could be disaster for US.

    This is the only reason why Pakistan is acting thus far… Afraid India’s patience is running out…

  4. Usha Pisharody says:

    You are right, Dhiren…

    Let us pray that sanity will prevail, and at least this time, sense too will prevail, as far as action against these elements that create terrorists and terrorism, is concerned, in Pak…

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