Is the tide changing ??

Watching the various news channels yesterday, with most channel’s showing what happened in the Loksabha today, was something quite new and unique….

Normally ghastly speeches, throwing of mike’s, finger pointing, washing dirty linen or heated debates are what come to my mind when I think of the Lok Sabha… But this was quite unique and although I must confess I only heard the things the news fella’s showed, it was heartening that almost all the people were speaking the same language. (In principle)

The politicians one and all were in unison and agreed to most things be it Pakistani Hand, Fighting against terror, Security issues, Commando’s for all states or their anger at what their citizens had to face… Some even daring enough to admit that it was time to concerntrate on the ‘Aam Aadmi’ (common man) security rather than ‘VIP security’.

Could I see politicians who were angry about the terror attacks and not on some opposition party worker???? Are they actually now keeping the vigil alive, the fight against terror going, valuing the lives of Indians ????

Again hoping it is not an eyewash, something that will die with time… Are our politicians becoming leaders????? Can they actually unite and stop pointing fingers amongst each others when actually all fingers are pointing in one direction?????

Time will tell…. (hoping for a new beginning…)