Do you really want war ??

I read a lot of blogs these days. Prompted by a fellow blogger I read many blogs that were dealing with what should India’s approach be after 26/11 there is a shocking number of people who are actually calling upon for a war.

One friend told me in a heated discussion, you try to view everything neutrally, that can cloud your mind. This is the opportunity India must utilize to dismantle the terror camps in Pakistan, especially POK. We must attack Pakistan too if they stop us, I tell him there are 17 crore people in Pakistan women and children included, he tells me when you burn dry leaves some green leaves also get burnt.

The rage, anger, anguish and pain is visible but do we want to find solutions or do want these things to be repeated again and again ??

Every one wants India to react like the US after the 9/11 attacks. Somehow we Indians see what the US did after 9/11 completely differently now after 26/11. But let us first see where Pakistan is different from Afghanistan & Iraq.

First and foremost the most important thing, Afghanistan & Iraq do not share borders with the US. They are far away and hence they by no means can ever be compared to the situation we find ourselves in. Like it or not Pakistan is our neighbours and hence the extra caution.

Also Afghanistan never had nuclear powers, infact it was a country torn apart and lots of power centre’s were playing their part. So attacking it would have meant slow progress for the US but no threat to its own country. However they killed too many innocent over there trying to kill the Taliban. In fact if the numbers were to be honestly put out which are put out by various unofficial sources is that more innocent people died than the actual Taliban’s who were to be taken out. Thousands of innocent children and women are also included. To see some of the innocents killed in Afghanistan just click here. Do tell me after seeing these pictures if you still want war ??

Coming to Iraq, this was again a different story, millions of gallons of oil being a big attraction, accused to possess weapons of mass destruction. Again Iraq was far away from the US to use those weapons. Plus no evidence was found by the UN inspectors that Iraq had any mass destruction weapons. Even Bush recently admitted it was his biggest mistake to attack Iraq and not find any weapons of mass destruction. Why doesn’t he pull out of there than, Oil I guess is too precious and more so to the US. However oil and US is not what I want to discuss.

India share a border with Pakistan, we have already seen how easily the security can be breached, imagine not all Pakistani’s are trying to do that !!! Yet !!

Pakistan has nuclear weapons and it is well known. For people who have no experience of war or nuclear war effects its easy to say bring on a war. People like us who sit in the comfort of our dressing rooms decide its right to go on to war, some tell me let the nuclear bombs explode, let millions die, a new world will emerge after that which will be more beautiful. I guess this guy has some future watch and he has seen it all. This is utter nonsense.

For the effects of nuclear warfare click here & for what health effects a nuclear war can cause click here.

A nuclear bomb doesn’t just kill millions of peoples but will also cause unbelievable destruction to animals, plants, insects. All forms of life will be affected… not just that but for another dozen years children will be born with defects. Those who say lets have a war surely don’t know the results in reality or else they would never want a war.

War is never a solution, war should not be to kill people, war if ever should be to save lives. We are not in a situation where we can save lives by war.

The way forward is to squeeze Pakistan as much as we can diplomatically. Make them take on the terror & extremist outfits in their country. Let the Pakistani government remove the unnecessary elements from their army.

In the meanwhile make your borders the walls that can never be breached. Recruit more and more border security guards. Patrol the sea in a manner that not even a fisherman ever enters our waters by mistake. Seal our country by sea and land in such a manner that no one from across the border can walk through.

Whatever happened on that dreadful day could also have been avoided had we always protected our borders. Civilians were not supposed to clash with people armed with AK-47’s it should have been the navy but that didn’t happen.

India must use this lapse to be wiser, stronger, well equipped and better planned after this. Let this be a wake up call, when we actually wake up. Let war be our last resort, being at war doesn’t prove that we Indians are being brave. As Indians we value life and let us prove it to our own self that we will not let this happen again. We shall not let Indian lives to be taken like this again.


13 thoughts on “Do you really want war ??

  1. abhishek says:

    War should never be an option as more innocent lives are lost than those who are actually guilty.
    But, then I don’t think there’s going to be a concrete solution to this mess. The international pressure sure is increasing on Pakistan to censure elements inside Pakistan sponsoring terrorism but we all know it’s a hogwash. The funds in Jamat-ul-dawa must be now half way across the world. All India can do is prep up its intelligence and tighten up its porous borders. With ISI getting a hold of internal separatist forces like the maoists naxalites, ULFA and SIMI the worse I fear is far from over. If a free polling is right now done in Kashmir, I think it’ll be tilted in favor of Pakistan. I believe that darker times lie ahead unless India takes a staunch stand against terrorism.

  2. nituscorner says:

    Personally i am not in favour of a war…I don’t think that would be a solution to the problems we are facing today….Basically we need to educate ourselves first and have our thoughts set right….in other words Practice what you preach.A home who fights among themselves will not be able to build a society.

  3. nituscorner says:

    And i forgot to add this….that i dread to think what would happen to the children in times of war…..God forbid …..we should ever get to see the day.

  4. Indian Home Maker says:

    Brilliant analysis. Diplomatic Squeeze, not war seems to be the the answer.

    I read am article by Arundhati Roy, can’t say I agree completely with it, but it definitely was an eye opener in many, many ways.

  5. tinushah says:

    I really appreciate ur views….. I ws really touched by the lines tht if v burn dry leaves even a few green leaves wil b burnt…..
    I am against war………
    It can bring only destruction and more and more destruction and nothing less than tht……
    Awareness and Involvement is the only way to get good results….
    Let al come forward wit positive ideas and involve in the awareness of fighting strongly against such terror attacks and its post effects….

  6. hitch writer says:

    Abhishek : Do you think the Kashmir election was not held freely ?? The fact that polling was above 55% tells me that people want Indian Government… why would you think it would tilt in Pakistan’s favour… lemme share one info… a couple of years back when we went to ladakh, we met lots of locals in srinigar, drass, kargil etc… there is an unbelievable rage also amongst a lot of muslims that these paki’s are forcing them into a war of freedom… A lot of them think they are free in India but POK is actually a place where their relatives are stuck… who want to come back to India !!!! need i say more….

  7. hitch writer says:

    Indrani : Right war is not the solution.

    Nitu : Right war is not the solution.

    Tinu : Right war is not the solution…

    Thank god, let sanity prevail..

    Wars should not be done to take lives, wars are to be fought to save lives. Till we can save lives without war we must keep it at bay. Lets go out on an all out Diplomatic war, only when all efforts are made and they dont yield results. If Pakistan continues hogwash should we think of other options….

  8. tearsndreams says:

    Hi there,
    Came here through the comment you left on mine.
    You can call me foolish, immature and optimistic but I totally agree with this post of yours. No retaliation 🙂

  9. Usha Pisharody says:

    This is a really good post on how sanity must prevail… though the strength is there, to show, it must be used with intelligence… and make them realize and go on the backfoot! Hopefully, the international community will pitch in to ensure it happens…

    Then again, not making a show of it, our strength, military-wise, is always taken as our weakness too…

    Well, while war has to be ruled out, there has to be accountability brought to bear upon Them!

  10. mrb says:

    i also believe war is NOT at all the solution, if it were we would be having no troubles today. peace is what we need. desprately.

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