Shopping Conversations !!!

I always take great pride in telling my wife as to how clear minded I am when it comes to shopping clothes. I never buy clothes just like that, when I go to buy I clearly know I have to buy a black trouser or camel coloured cargo or blue t-shirt etc… I only buy when I reach a stage wherein I open my cupboard & I dont have anything suitable to wear. Quite in contrast to how my wife goes about things.

When we go out to buy I make it a point we don’t go to a shop where some salesman is showing us clothes. We, rather I, prefer malls as some how for me it is compulsory if a salesman shows you 15 – 20 clothes have to buy something. On many occassion’s I used to end up buying things I didn’t like just because I feel bad to walk out of a shop after having seen so many clothes. Maybe being a sales guy at heart came in the way. I used to end up buying something just to keep the smile on the salesman’s face intact. Thank god for the malls, they help people like me to see innumerable clothes and still if I dont buy anything its perfectly fine.

Coming to wife’s way of shopping, let me relate one such instance on a Sunday…. after about 30 minutes of walking in the mall and having suggested 20 – 30 pairs to her of both Indian clothes and western. I am already tiring, for god sake she doesn’t even have anything in mind what she wants to buy, I finally can’t take it,

Me : Tell me what do you want to buy?

She : Clothes, ofcourse !

Me : Ok. Western or Indian. (with a stern look)

She : ummm, I think ….hmmm…. welll Western…. lets buy some pants and top…. (Whew!!!!)

Me : Ok. fine… we buy a pant first… Do you agree ??

She : Hmmmm well… okkk

Me : which colour… ?????

She : hmm see I have brown, black, blue…

Me (impatiently ) : Which colour sweetheart…

She : Lets see …. may be cream… camel colour… but lets see…

Me : here there are atleast 10 different shades…. select one…

She : Whats the hurry… no …no … no… none are nice….

Me : Means…

She : I dont like any… lets see some other colours… Hey ! look at that top.. that looks neat na !!

Me : we are first buying a pant, we decided…

She : Am I on a gun point ??

Me : No no sweetheart. (careful, the volcano might erupt) but we decided, you decided we are buying a pant first… didnt we ??

She ( she noticed I am scared of her, its a moral victory for her ): of course dear we buy a pant first, but couldn’t help noticing the lovely top!! (my tail is firmly between my legs, careful i tell myself or else no tiffin to office for a week)

(while i am looking for the cream pant, she has again reached the section that has Indian dresses)

She : Forget the pants, lets buy some dress…

Me (really irritated but dont show… dare not show..) : What ?? You only said you wanted to buy western….

She ( cool as a cucumber, probably smiling inside at over powering me !!! ): yea, now I am only saying we buy Indian dress… I like this punjabi…. (I haven’t got the guts to challenge her !!)

Me : Ok, great… lets buy it and give it for fitting ( Thank god its over )

She : Ohh its Rs. 1500/- tooo expensive… instead if I buy this from Richa’s (her tailor who sells dress materials) it will be all done within 800. This is a loot in broad day light!! No I can’t buy this one… (SHUCKS !!!! Who is the guy that tagged this, if i get him….)

She : (to the sales man around) Isme Cream colour hai (do you have cream colour in this) ??

Sales guy : Ek min(one minute), lemme see…

Me : You said thats expensive…. than why bother bout the colour… (SHEESH !!!)

She : Do you have to find out the cream colour pant ??? See if this is how you intend to accompany me while shopping you shouldn’t have come in the first place…. lemme see… besides it would be difficult to find this exact dress material some where else…..

Me ( surrendering totally ) : look, I ll go to Macdonalds and have a burger… you finish your shopping and come there…

She : Is that it ? You promised to accompany me in everything… besides even I want to eat, rats in the stomach…

Me : Then lets leave… ( With all the love in my eyes, and crocs in my stomach )

She : Good idea.. may be some other day…. ( Love always does the trick !! )

Me : What !!!!!! and what bout the guy who is finding a cream dress…. ( Pretending, i hope it doesnt back fire )

She : Let him find, we will check it next sunday !!!… ( No it doesnt back fire, Can any one see my wings, I am flying )

We hurry out to Macdonald’s… my Mcaloo Tikki with Cheese is waiting… naa don’t ask about her… by the time she decides to eat McPuff or McVeggie… I will have gobbled up two Aloo Tikki’s….

I m loving it !!


14 thoughts on “Shopping Conversations !!!

  1. zinggy_mum says:

    don’t worry next time she gonna make up her mind and empty ur pockets before u ask her to select something… baar bachh gaya…hahaha

  2. hitch writer says:

    Zinggy : I wish she could make up her mind quickly… i dont mind the pocket… lol

    IHM : I love shopping with my wife, No other woman can replace me… No way… I love these irritating moments too much to share !!!!!

    Indrani : I did tell her i wrote about our shopping, when she reads it she will feel i have added a little spice to the whole thing !!!

  3. Riya says:

    Hey.. Enjoyed reading this post…BY THE WAY.. MANY Women love to shop…They can shop for hours n hours..But your effort is commendable..Atleast you showed patience.. n didnt get angry to hurt her…

  4. Pallavi says:

    ROFL, Hitchy! That was hilarious!! Must say, you managed to convince Bhabhiji quite quickly!! Loved the part where she says ‘Whats the hurry…’… totally agree with her on that 🙂

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