The flame is dying …

For Christ Sake can my country actually leave the conspiracy theories aside and just worry about what happened to the DEMARCHE LIST ????? Can we focus on getting the perpetrators behind these crimes….

I don’t want to argue about Antulay’s claims and debate that…….. Conspiracy theories are always going to be doing the rounds…….. Its shameful to even think people doubt Karkare and his fellow policemen were shot by our own people under some conspiracy ??? Dare Devil cops on a trail of terrorists were tricked (somehow) into chasing them…. ???? Think what you like… Its DEMOCRACY … rite !!!!

However can’t this wait while we go after the actual masterminds behind these attacks ???? We must get them, shouldn’t we ????

Conspiracy Theories are nothing new, after 9 / 11 attack on WTC in the US there are thousands of theories doing rounds how BUSH is the man behind it….. That americans themselves did it !!!!! Don’t believe me just click here … By November 2008 there were around 150000000 web pages dedicated to 9/11 conspiracy theories. It seems some people see everything in the reverse order and also have theories to support them….

Everything aside…. Pakistan is now feeling easy as time is passing by, instead of them being grilled diplomatically by our Ministers. Every other day Mr Pranab Mukherjee in a rather animated and angry tone repeats the same ” Pakistan must act !!! “

Hello !!! Is that line meant to quell our tempers or do you actually mean to put things on the Pakistan’s plate…. How much time are we still going to take to investigate…. Why don’t we share the proof’s with the whole world and simply put a deadline for Pakistan to deliver…. or take steps our selves.

As pressures are starting to ease on Pakistan, they have resorted to the same going back on their words tactics…. For a while every one was saying Mashood Azhar was under house arrest, now as per a statement from the Foreign Minister of Pakistan, Mashood Azhar’s name is in the wanted list of Pakistan itself, but he is not under any arrest, even they are looking for him !!!!

What Diplomatic offensive our country is taking only they know…. For a while these angry ministers surely tricked people into believing they are actually not going to allow the perpetrators of these attacks go scot free !!!!! Alas, do they think people are fools….

The news channels instead of focussing on what is happening to the De-Marche List are busy debating Antulay, or showing Aamir’s 8 pack……. Where has the anger of the public gone ????

The media pride’s itself in being public’s voice, is this it ???? Where are the people behind the killers ???? When will justice be done ????

Pessimising is setting in as Optimism is slowly but surely being killed…. The flame is dying….


15 thoughts on “The flame is dying …

  1. Indian Home Maker says:

    I was relieved when Pakistan’s hand was confirmed. I saw the videos of Pakistan TV channels saying it was our people who had done this, and it was such a horrible thought!!! But now it has been conclusively proven that indeed each one of he terrorists is a Pakistani citizen.
    They have located the parents and families of this one survivor. I think now we should move ahead, and strengthen our security.

  2. hitch writer says:

    Yes we must strengthen our security for sure.

    But we cannot let the planners of this go scot free… If they are let off, this will happen again!!!!

    In chess if one player only defends, defends and defends… they other guy only attacks, attacks & attacks… Surely the attacker will breach the defence some time or the other…

    We must ensure the planners of these attacks are on the run… for their dear life… forget about planning another round of attacks…

    We cannot remain soft like this…

  3. abhishek says:

    what do you have in mind??
    I mean USA has given a reminder to pakistan that if it doesn’t act on its promise of acting against terrorism its going to declate it as a terrorist state. But then again no fixed time line has been set or specific guidelines. No instructions on its behalf to destroy the terrorist camps in POK.

  4. hitch writer says:

    Abhishek :

    i want nothing other than the people behind these acts in Mumbai to be brought to justice…

    Assume the De-marche list consists of these men… get them….

    Hearing the new statement that Mashood Azhar is not under house arrest and that Pak gov is looking for him clearly shows how serious Pakistan is… (it is not) a couple of days back he was under house arrest.

    The US will ensure we dont attack POK on the west front as they need the Pak troops on the eastern front… They will pressurise Pak till India’s rage lessens

    I get a sneaking feeling Pak will be let off and the planners will go scot free… and that is what i dont want to happen, None of us Indians want that to happen

    I want my government to put some deadlines and try and get the killers behind bars or send them to hell.

  5. Serendipity says:

    Oh no. its not.
    Its in our minds and hearts, slowly but surely manifesting through actions. It will take some time to show… Keep the faith. Im tryng to do that.

  6. Mampi says:

    Yeah, You are not the only fool Dhiren, We all are. For the last 60 years we have fooled ourselves and so many carnages have happened that we have lost count of them.
    Its time to push these old talkers out of the office and tell them where their place is.

  7. Smita says:

    It is not, it keeps flickering because there are thousands of agents to do that…

    As on of the policeman has said we don’t need Pakistan to bring hurdles in our investigations, we have enuff politicians for that…

    I just winder when these buggers mature and start thinking beyond me n myself…

  8. nituscorner says:

    This has always happened even in the past…..when disaster strikes , the media , the people, the different groups (what ever they are) , in fact the whole nation talks of nothing but the happenings and then all dies down and life goes on till terror strikes again.

  9. hitch writer says:

    Mampi : Couldnt agree more !!

    Smita : Yes, the optimism is still there… just some times it becomes so very frustrating…

    hopefully the home minister, prime minister & foreign minister… will take account of these killings…

    Nitu : No don't say that…we have to shed this tag…

    Zinggy : I sincerely hope it doesn't.

  10. Usha Pisharody says:

    And what was Antulay going on and on about!!! With politicos like those, who needs cross border terrorism…!!!

    Days have passed, and Pak. no longer feels hot under the collar. The moment has passed, and India seems to have lost out a teeny weeny bit at this point. I am of course, making an understatement!

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