Rassi Jal Gai Par Bal Nahi Gaya !!

Our ministers have been irresponsible, this is nothing new, is it ?? They have been unapologetic a lot of times after their sins, this is not the first time, is it ?? They have offered to resign, but resumed once the spotlight fades away, this is not the first time, is it ???

So why should Antulay come to us as any surprise ???
Probably as a nation we are still licking our wounds, and even before they have been healed this genius man has come up with lots of salt.
Mr Minister of Cabinet comes out and simply gives an unbelievable comment in the Parliament. Everywhere murmurs were voiced that maybe Karkare was killed because of the Malegaon blasts investigation. But no one had any proof or conviction and they were just theories but no proof.
Ordinary citizens also when they speak say, that some people say this is possible, but I have not met one person who had any conviction or proof. Again I am an ordinary citizen so how would I have any access to proof or all the ordinary citizen’s I know would have access to such proof.
However when a Cabinet Minister speaks, you assume he would have some proof or conviction. For the first few hours I was shell shocked on hearing this, I felt if my country’s men would go down so low and shoot an honest officer like this, it would seriously dent me & my pride for my country.
But as hours and days rolled by, this Cabinet Minister of minorities never ever was able to voice out a single trace of evidence or proof that there was some kind of conspiracy. All he can say is why did he go to CAMA and not to the TAJ. Should I ask him why did he become a minister and not a bar dancer ???
This is a classical case of saying something without conviction, without realising his own position and now not realising his own mistake and sticking with it.
Everytime he smiles and says he does not regret what he said just tells me how much soul searching this man is doing.
Watched Rajdeep Sardesai’s interview with this man and Rajdeep asked some very direct, almost insulting questions to this man but he is adamant, he even feels what he did was supreme and something brave. On one question when Rajdeep asks won’t his remarks divide the country he says, “on the contrary, it will unite the country.”
This man seriously needs to be in a mental asylum, neither does he understand what he said nor does he have any proof to back what he said. Instead of going behind scenes and getting some concrete evidence the minister only showed how intelligent, sensible & responsible he is.

2 thoughts on “Rassi Jal Gai Par Bal Nahi Gaya !!

  1. Smita says:

    🙂 Please not even a bar dancer..No!!!!

    On a serious note, while the attack was going on I had said that in some time some or the other politician will for sure put blame on some other political party and alas!!! I was not wrong.

    Our politicians are good for nothing. Who needs enemies from outside when we have enough within.

    Apparently he has not been removed because of his vote bank…

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