Freaky !!! Really Freaked out !!!

As much as you want to avoid retaliating, as much as you want to act sensibly, as much as you value lives given to people by God this neighbouring nation is provoking us to retaliate, to act insensibly, to not value lives of Pakistani’s.
WTF goes on in the mind of Kayani when he issues a statement that Pak will retaliate within minutes of any attack ????
Still sensible India issues statements that Pak is creating War Hysteria, Our PM says “no one wants war !! “
Still his counter part this foolish Zardari says, “our armed forces are fully capable of thwarting any aggression from the east and New Delhi should not underestimate our military might. “
What in the freaking mind should I say, is this rascal threatening us ?????
Even after so many innocent people of my country lost their lives we are not attacking the place from where the killers came. We value dear life, we understand there are innocent people in Pakistan this is really testing the patience of the most sensible people….
If this fu#$%g president of Pakistan doesnt want to keep his mouth shut and wants to taunt us, I really feel this freaking ass#$e must be given a real scare….
It is at these times I feel we always act too sensibly too maturely…. this freaking Pakistan President must be given a real shake up …. For once we must just forget everything and just freak this Pakistani President & his General Kayani. Enter his F@#$ng country and smoke it !!!! It will then may be awaken the people of Pakistan to understand that the leadership they have is more dangerous to them selves than to any one else !!!!
Sorry for losing my mind and really filthy language, but really these Zardari’s and Kayani’s freak my mind and its impossible to have peace with these ass#$%$e’s
Really Impossible.

11 thoughts on “Freaky !!! Really Freaked out !!!

  1. Suresh Kumar says:

    I am for peace bt at the same time i dont like the way manmohan singh or his bunch of monkeys are responding. We need to take concrete steps.

  2. hitch writer says:

    Magic Eye : I agree they are on a suicide mission, problem for us is we are a peace loving country. Its really unfortunate to have these guys as neighbours.

    Mou : Agreeing with me doesnt matter unfortunately !! tsk tsk

    Suresh : I, we our entire country is for peace as it is quite evident. But these guys are now mocking us…. arent they ??

    Kamana : War is never an easy decision, its best forced upon us… These paki’s are trying their best to force us to war !

  3. Ranu says:

    Pakistan has/is and will be governed by their army. The rest of the faces are mere puppets. Nobody wants war…. I am sure that Pak is not so stupid as to not understand the repercussions of war in a time like this. But I really hope we don’t have war…. it will be disaster with a capital “D”.

  4. hitch writer says:

    IHM : Absolutely !!!

    Abhishek : They fully deserve the swear words, I couldnt agree more, only my readers need to be spared the obscenities.

    Ranu : We do not want war, but when some one keeps mocking at you, keeps attacking you all the time. At some point you have to react or else the mocking and attacking will keep getting bigger. Like it got out of hand in Mumbai !! if the terrorists are not made to run… they will keep striking… Almost a month has passed to Mumbai. Diplomatic squeeze is not working… now what ???

    Forget it ??? I am not one for forgiving this…

  5. hitch writer says:

    Lakshmi : The west surely acted melodramatically after the attacks, but now has mellowed down significantly. Pak is playing its usual game, we will co-operate, give us proof, we will delete all evidence, we will play the war card… instigate India. When India will be ready to strike they will have the WEST intervene and have cease fire… and than resume normalcy… This has happened a lot of times… Question is what will India do differently this time ???????

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