I am a food lover…. and always wanted to write a column on food. However on my blog until now I have had my hands full…. I never intended to write so much about politics however things in my life never go as per plan… However today we start the foodie strip with “Kachori” as the hero of the story. Why Kachori ?? No its not my favourite. But I live in Indore and if I dont start with one of Indore’s favourite dish, I might be packed off this city !!!

(Mouth watering Raj Kachori)

Kachori’s were never my favourite, I am a samosa man but if you live in Indore its always Kachori ahead of Samosa. I shifted to Indore 2 years back and have enjoyed various types of Kachori’s.

( Pyaaz Kachori … loooks divine, tastes even better !!! )

My favourites are the Pyaz Kachori & Raj Kachori. At home when we get these Kachori’s we garnish it with Moong, Sev, Kurmure, Curd, Coriander Leaves, Tamarind Chutney, Green Chutney, Onion (thats my filling). You can use your own filling or simply eat it plain.

I hated these Kachori’s and never used to eat them however it all started at Bayana Junction, we were in Ferozpur Junta Express and the train was lying at Bayana station for the past 30 minutes. I and my friend Devesh, who loves anything that is fried, were going to Delhi to attend a friends sisters wedding. Devesh prompted me twice if I wanted to eat but I refused, he didnt buy for himself fearing that I would blast him for eating unhygenic stuff.

( Kachori with Aloo ki subzee is served on a lot of Railway Stations, yummy !! )

Eventually the train delay and my hungry stomach and nothing of note available on station led to me telling Devesh that lets buy Kachori, if I wouldnt like it would he finish it ??? He didnt answer he simply ordered. For 10 rs the guy gave us three Kachori’s with Rassawala Aloo ki Subzi… that was dark red !!

It was decided I would eat one and he would eat two Kachori’s. However the first bite of the very delicious Kachori and subzee changed the equation completely. The Kachori was simply superb and the Rassawala Aloo ki Subzee was out of the world. Not only did I eat two, eventually we ended up eating 9 Kachori’s with me gobbling the lion share of 5 Kachori. That is how my love with the Kachori’s started and it ain’t ending sooon for sure !!!! Gotta go the Kachori snacks have just arrived in office, its our Christmas Treat !!!!


11 thoughts on “"Kachori"

  1. mesoliloquy says:

    Stumbled on this page from another. Must say Kachoris stopped me and made me comment here :). I love Kachoris and miss those Railway station food.

  2. hitch writer says:

    Mesoliloguy : Kachori pictures gave me another reader.

    Connie : Like i said they taste even more yummier.

    Ranu : I am losing weight, I eat a lot I run even more !!!! yippe

    Riya : Lots of Chatpatta Items are on the way, you wait just !!

  3. Smita says:

    Mere mooh main paani a gaya !!!!


    I love Pyaaz ki Kachori and in Rajasthan unka flavor & taste is tooooo good…

    And I also love that aloo ki subzi. I remember, at Ahmedabad Station there is this stall which serves this yummy subzi & poori. So when we used to drop someone at station we used to fill our tummies as well 😉

  4. hitch writer says:

    Smita : The pics are a real delight, thanks to google. Thank god some one said something good about the rassawala aloo ki subzee on the railway stations… dont know how hygenic they are but they sure are yummy !!

  5. pavan says:

    Bayana ki baat hi kuch aisi hi hia…………….aaloo ki sabji k saath kachori aapko kahin nahi milegi ………………bas Bayana aur Bharatpur mein hi milegi

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