Who cares anyway !!!!

Just recently some one told me Mayawati is going to become our Prime Minister in the next term. The guy who told me, an office colleague is a keen observer of politics, especially the election wrangles and the bargaining after the elections that occur to form alliance. I was taken aback as he completely analysed how BSP would have so many seats and will than demand that Mayawati be made the Prime Minister or forget her alliance. Believe me my colleague is not the only one click here & here. But who cares Anyway !

At that very moment I told my colleague the day Mayawati becomes our Prime Minister I shall jump off our office building. Now if you are wondering how high is my office building, my office is on the first floor and it is a 3 storey building. So if I jump of the third storey, I probably will not die, only have a few limbs broken. That would actually be politically correct, dying would be easier, but if Mayawati would become PM I would have to suffer broken limbs and live in pain. But who cares Anyway !

This is UP, where a chief minister’s birthday is celebrated by money that is funded by the public. No no, no one has any problem that a fund like that is actually collected. Problem only comes if some one refuses and he is killed. Otherwise raising funds for a CM’s birthday celebration is perfectly fine and no one seems to be even questioning that. Like I said who cares anyway !

The opposition party instead of demanding a thorough inquiry and helping the aggrieved don’t even want to hear the dead man’s mother who is asking for a CBI inquiry. They have their agenda, BANDH. This man died because he refused to pay for the Chief Minister’s fund so you other normal citizens stop working for one day. We are the opposition party, if you work we will kill you or ransack your shop. Who cares anyway !

Gandhiji taught us to protest with non violence, to do Satyagrah. But the most powerful tool in his Satyagrah or protest was he didn’t force people to join. People joined him with their own free will. He was not a self proclaimed leader, he was made a leader by the followers. However in stark contrast today our leaders protest by declaring BANDH. No this BANDH would never be followed by our people, no leader can influence people any more but it is just to show the power of the party that has declared the BANDH. So come out his goonda’s, if you dare open your office they will come and force you to shut your office, shop etc. If you oppose, how dare you, your office will be ransacked and the goonda’s will enjoy the goodies of your office. We, the non trouble seeking type will politely obey the BANDH order and have a holiday at home with our children playing scrabble and resume next day. Who cares anyway !

Some guy tried to be brave, some guy refused to be caved down, he didn’t want to give his hard earned money for some useless CM’s birthday, how dare he !! He must die….
Who cares any way !!


13 thoughts on “Who cares anyway !!!!

  1. Kamana says:

    Dhiren…. completely floored me with this post.
    The state of affiars ova here so rotten yet so real. A martyr recieves a few sighs and fades into annonymity and Goons are celebrated like Gods.

    Seriously, Who cares?

  2. Ritu says:

    Makes me livid – I think we are taking our national attitude of apathy too far. The b&%$#@ should have been tortured and killed instead of still being Chief Minister.

  3. Chirag says:

    Being an Amm Admi in India is a curse, isn’t it. I have a strange feeling if it were not for Foreigners and Ratan Tata the recent incident would have been a me too in the string of people being sacrificed for bigger gains. BTW, If Mayawati becomes the CM, well I will stop caring less.

  4. hitch writer says:

    Kamana : We selected the goons, we deserve them.

    Ritu : Assume B&%$#@ means "BEHENJI"

    Chirag : Mayawati as PM ?? naheeeee I don't want to jump of my office building

  5. ugich konitari says:

    Many years ago I took a train from Varanasi to Mumbai. The railway line accompanied the car road for a short while, and my abiding images are those of people going on scooters, with the fellow at the back, carrying a big rifle/gun…I was told that was normal. Add this attitude to moneypower and you get what just happened. Its immaterial whether its Mayawati or Amarsingh or anyone else…….

  6. hitch writer says:

    Ugich : Yes it is immaterial whether AMAR OR MAYA and that is where the problem lies. Ek Chor doosra Maha Chor !!!! Where do we go from here ???

    Agree life in different states is different, but than the ministers are to improve the state of life arent they ???

  7. Riya says:

    And now they are giving money to the PDA Engieneer victims family so that they shut up their mouth…5 Lakhs from mayaswati..10 from opposition..

    OH My!! Can money fill up the loss??.. Politicians never realize their mistake.. Mayavati says she is not goin to celebrate her birthday this year.. But wht about the loss she did to A family.. Well rightly said Dhiren.. Who cares?..??

  8. hitch writer says:

    Riya : Some damages are irrepairable. These guys don’t think of it earlier. Also let me tell you had Mumbai not happened and the rage in the people. This would have been swept under the carpet.

    And Maya would have had an even bigger bash !!! Atleast these people are now scared

  9. Usha Pisharody says:

    We call it a hartal here…!

    And it’s the nastiest way to get back at the common man and all those who work for the Nation’s Progress.

    It helps to establish the fact that there is that difference between those who work and those who dont.. [read politician/party :D!!]

    Still, it has helped that the birthday celeb. is not on. Small mercies, but a huge and fatal price to pay for the poor engineer’s family.

  10. hitch writer says:

    Usha : Its shocking to know such funds exist !!! Cant a CM’s poor relief fund exist ??? A cm’s birthday fund exists and no one is even batting an eye lid .

    Lets raise funds for my birthday too !!!!

  11. rishma says:

    politics is a means to facilitate accumulating money and power for an individual; be it by killing others, manipulating, and by committing untold acts of savagery and wt not….so these things r bound to happen anywhere where the lust for power exists….and who do u think would go against such politicians? nobody certainly and not the common man for sure…he has other things to do… i mean who cares; two meals a day, a wife and children to care for,payin taxes, managing funds, etc,etc,etc…nothing would happen in our society until the masses awake with a sense to bring a strong change….until then we live as spectators and keep on speculating….

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