Weekend Movies (Must watch)

Thanks to the Big FLIX membership that my wife smartly got for us in Rs. 99. We are being treated to original DVD’s and VCD’s galore. Can you belive in just 99 the whole month unlimited DVD’s and VCD’s on rent and as many as you want, plus free home delivery and home pick up !!!! That’s Reliance Big Flix for you. Too bad for my body though, late nights will mean my morning jogs will go missing, but I am not complaining !!!!

The weekend started with Saturday night when we decided to rent one of the most gripping and one of my most favourite movie of all time –


This movie is a must watch for all adults. Its gripping gripping gripping !!! I first saw this movie when in first year of my college in the last show in RAJSHRI in Vadodara. Our favourite movie hall in those days.

This a true story !! Remember even the most unbelivable portions of this movie actually happened !!!! This movie is based on the happenings during 1898 at a place called Tsavo in Uganda (Tsavo in swahili means a “place of slaughter”) where a railway bridge is to be built by the British. Val Kilmer plays an unbelievably superb role of Patterson the engineer who was sent from India for building this bridge. The bridge was to be completed in 5 months and he is very confident that in 5 monts he will complete the bridge.

However, Africa is not India, Patterson realises only after reaching there. Tsavo is the worst place on the earth, the site of the bridge is being stalked by two Man Eater Lions.

I won’t play the spoil sport and tell you the whole story. The movie also has my favourite Actor Micheal Doublas playing the role of the famous hunter Remington as only he can. The sense of humour in the entire movie is terrific. We also have our very own OM Puri in the movie.

Ideally to be seen in a Cinema Hall for the real experience, however at home we put my kid to sleep. The whole dark room and home theatre were pretty good enough to scare my wife and sis in law who were watching the movie for the first time. No there is no Ghost in the movie but I can tell you it will scare you !!!!

For me a lover of wild life Africa is a place which is to be visited some day !!! Such adventures are what I dream of !!!!

For the second movie that we saw on Sunday – (this one I hadn’t seen and wife’s recommendation proved to be real good this time) I was worried this would be a romantic Mills and Boon type but it was much much much more than MB.


The main character in this movie is Joan Wilder played very very aptly by Kathleen Turner. Joan Wilder is a romantic novelist and dreams that some day she will find her Mr. Perfect. She is mailed a treasure map by her sister from Colombia and the adventure starts. The sister is kidnapped and Joan Wilder receives a phone call to reach Colombia and deliver the treasure map. She is totally unprepared and undershock. Then ensues a tremendously funny treasure trail where the whole world is after the Map.

This movie again has my favourite Micheal Douglas playing the hero Jack T Colton (T=Trustworthy) who turns out to be the guy of Joan’s dreams. Again a must watch movie that has a truly great sense of humour with loads of adventure in South America. The green views of the movie will improve your eyesight. Watch the slide in the rain forest which is particularly typical yet so so unique !!

Again a wonderful continent and Colombia is simply a superb place.

Now for the Monday night I am going to see the sequel to Romancing the stone :

The picture looks like it is going to be another hell of a roller coaster !!