Finding a girl !!! (never knew i would hate this)

Another girl’s biodata comes.

Me : Hey mom she is 4 years younger !! isnt that too big a gap ??

Mom : Hmmm guess so but she is so pretty… and hey look she makes nice paintings, she will make paintings for all our rooms !!!

Me : Mom !! serious !!!

Mom : Well ask your dear brother what does he think ?

These conversations have tired me. Ek to my brother is an idiot he cannot find a girl for himself like I did. I saved so much trouble to my parents by finding my partner myself. Even the elder of the twins found his own partner by himself. This youngest is too shy and won’t speak to any girl. So many times I prompt him to find some female and just tell me and I will do the rest for him. He can’t even do that !!

Now we are stuck, we have to analyse girls and find some one suitable !!! This is one helluva job, Everytime you come up with an almost ideal girl, the idiot answers the bell doesnt ring !!! What bell ??? Where ???

Of late I try to convince the guy it is not necessary to marry is it ?? I even try to talk him into the benefits of a life without any responsibilities apart from your own self. He brightens than shrugs off and tells me you and Mom have a job to do. Find a girl for me !!! Shucks !!! I never knew I a lover of women would find searching for a girl really boring !!!!


8 thoughts on “Finding a girl !!! (never knew i would hate this)

  1. Ranu says:

    come on dhir u r such a nut….. u r as it is not having much work at office so why not surf the matrimonial websites and find a girl!!! come to think of it u can use your EXPERTISE (if any) on girls. Hey I remember you had once told me you loved the whole arranged marriage charade….. heres your chance dude!!! go for it !!!

  2. hitch writer says:

    Ranu : I really used to think the arrange marriage stuff of going to a girls house and having goodies served by the girl was really swell. But finding a life partner this way ??

    This is so so methodical and clinical how can one decide whom to marry !!! He has to decide logically and decide to marry not decide due to love rite ??

    I still ask him if there is any one in your bank that you like or some one else from your school or college. Just get her mobile number and we will crack her !!! Silly boy he doesn’t have any …..

  3. Indian Home Maker says:

    Be a good brother, help him !!!

    🙂 I agree about the bell not ringing, I guess he must spend some time with someone you think is his kind. Email, chat, meet … someway to get to know a little better.

  4. hitch writer says:

    trying to help him without tiring and no i dont want any thanks !!! just get married for god sake hoping to find the right partner !!!

    Match Making !! Alas !!

  5. Badz says:

    LoL! Reading this makes me laugh. Well Dhiren, you can relax now. He’s found the girl he wishes to marry now. I believe he’ll be engaged to her by now too. So you can relax now.

    But I’d have thought you would enjoyed looking at pics of all the girls, etc and dicussing it with your little brother. hmm…

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