A new chapter unfolds….

As the first rays of 2009 shine on my country, India is awakening…. like never before….

Blame me for being an eternal optimist, but History is full of stories where after disasters nations rebound. India had a tumultous 2008 with the 26th November incident waking up the citizens rather rudely. However it seems to have woken up the nation, slowly but surely systems are getting into place, nothing can change overnight.

For a change I find people who want to vote, for a change people want to simply become a law abiding citizen themselves first and not complain about if he is not obeying the law why should I ?? For a change after mistakes the ministers are scared, they apologise, they resign, for a change they feel accountable

Never had an Indian done so much introspection, after 26/11 every one wanted to blame the government for the debacle but as time rolled on each one of us realised that the government was from no where else but people we ourselves elected. This is when the citizens decided to actually use their vote power. If the number of people turning out for an election keep on increasing from now on, don’t be surprised !!! Imagine, 60% voter turn out in Kashmir, this has just set a precedent !!!

Once, more and more people start to actually vote, people become more demanding, people become more conscious, the elected leaders will have to actually deliver in their respective jobs to stay in power and to be re-elected. This way the Indian society will become more secure when office bearers will perform their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Remember we are a growing nation, even though 2008 has been a financial debacle for many countries, atleast we have not seen bankruptcies…. Infact true value has emerged. 2009 can not be as bad as 2008 for sure…. There will be slow periods in this year too, frustrations will continue, for a while jobs will be difficult to find, however the ultimate direction will be upwards…. Another 6 months will see the complete scenario changing !!!!

Infrastructure will have to develop more and more and this is the challenge India will face. India has to keep on building roads, dams, bridges constantly. Power (Electricity) will be another problem and a hurdle in the path. Tourism was hit by 26/11, we have to put in more efforts now to pull foreign tourists, but then whats a path without challenges.

2008 was a challenging year, problems were never so many before rather should I say never were they so evident before. Now that they have been identified, we shall solve them. Calamities, Recession, Terrorism we have had more than our share of challenges for us. But then tell me one success story that is not full of challenges !!!! Overcoming challenges is scripting success stories isnt it ??

As the giant awakens, as a nation unites, as a saga unfolds, we citizens of our proud country will welcome this new year as a year of opportunities, as a year to catapult India on a path of prosperity where we shall create a better and more secure life for all our fellow country men.

राह कुर्बानियो की न वीरान हो,
तुम सजाते ही रहना नए काफिले …..


7 thoughts on “A new chapter unfolds….

  1. Indian Home Maker says:


    Beautiful Words!!! Loved the last line quoted so movingly …

    Yes I totally agree, we ARE a young nation and we have awakened, and we are definitely seeing more and more people ready to vote.
    Kashmir and Delhi and Rajasthan elections results have shown how people are more vigilant now, I hope this wave continues … and where there is hope, can action be far behind?

    Brilliant, warm and very New Year Day post… have a smashing 2009 🙂

  2. Riya says:

    a very positive and motivating thought.. let us hope that this year brings great success ahead for india.. happy new year..

  3. Ranu says:

    well said dhir!!! Personally to my ken this is one of the best pieces written by you till date!!! I meant in the literary sense. Have a fab 2009 and may I get to read lots of more gooooood and fabulous stuff from you this year.

  4. Usha Pisharody says:

    The introspection that the Indian has been engaging in of late, post 26/11, has caused a resurgence of hope. Hope of improvement, hope of not taking injustice anymore, hope of renewal of faith in the oneness of our land!

    May it come to be.

    A very thought provoking post. Liked it much!

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