A few good men !!!

“Jab door gaon mein koi Bacha rota hai, to maa kehti hai beta so jaa, so jaa varna Gabbar aa jayenga !!”

I believe there would be no Indian who doesn’t remember that line. I also clearly believe that no bollywood movie character is as famous as “GABBAR SINGH“. This raw tobacco chewing dacoit is Indian Cinemas most famous character without a trace of doubt. When he spits, or when he screams “Soonwar ke Bachon !!!” or when he says, “Yeh haath mujhe de de thakur !!!” he is meaning & trying to be the most evil, the most ugly, the worst man but he became the most loved villain of all time. Didnt he ??

“Mugambo Khush Hua !!!”

Again a character who wants to destroy India, he is selling drugs, planting bombs, mixing pebbles in wheat and rice. He has missiles to destroy India. He never meant to become loving. But he did, didn’t he ?? How many actually dont like Mogambo ????

Indian villains are actually tribe of darlings!!! Most of them in real life are the best of gentlemen infact have a better reputation then most of the heroes in our industry !!!

They have tried to be evil but still they evoke so much affection, which is quite remarkable…

Can you forget, this guy who goes to rape girls and pronounces his name “Mera naam hai prem, Prem Chopda ! heee heeee hoooo” Not quite James bond but everytime we see him saying this dialogue followed by his unique laugh !!!! It just starts a laugh riot at my house!!!!

Than Amitabh’s question to the running mobster, “Aisa to aadmi zindagi mein doich time bhagta hai, olympic ka race ya police ka case.” Jeevan, tricks Anthony bhai and when Jeevan laughs its ….. ha ha ha ha …. (you imagined it rite ?) He was the funniest villain.

Than i hear stories when Pran was going great guns as villain people stopped naming new borns Pran. As Gajendra in Ram Aur Shyam he played the whip-lashing, controlling brother-in-law traumatising the former in lure of money and property. He was one guy who really looked evil and potrayed it fearfully. However he is more so in my memory as SHER KHAN in Zanjeer giving his Mooch ka baal (gives a strang of hair from his beard) as security to the money lender !!!! Truly unbelievable !!!!

“Is thappad ki goonj suni tumne ?”

This is the new villain, who is threatening a police officer in jail !!! He takes on Dilip Kumar, Naseeruddin Shah, Jackie, Anil and Dara Singh and gives them a real good run for their money. He is the head of a terrorist group, he is making slaves of Indians and making them work. He plans to take over our country. Still we recite his “thappad ki goonj !!!!”

and how can you forget the make up specialist villian !!!! KESARIYA VILAYTI !!! BADD MAN !!! Gulshan Grover has probably the most number of weird get ups and unbelievably horrible roles as a Villian.

These bad men tried to play some scary roles, they succeeded, but they also found a place in our hearts !!! Quite amazingly so !!! These villian characters are probably easily more identifiable than any hero characters !!!!

Think it over….. Find any one more popular than GABBAR ????? if you do, let me know !!!

.The one most important villain that I missed covering in my post is being added after public demand!!! My heart felt apologies to AJIT aka LION. He was brilliant and devil the most cool of them all “Mona Darling K saath Sona ” How I managed to forget AJIT I don’t know, he was one of the best we ever had and his jokes are a cult even today !!!! Thanks to his suaveness India got its ANGRY YOUNG MAN !!

Really sorry for missing AJIT ji it proves I am still a novice as a blogger !!!!! At times I get too excited about posting and miss vital information in the process.

Shakti Kapoor was another villain that public demand says I missed. But I don’t think he was a gentleman in his real life and so I had to give him the cold shoulder.


24 thoughts on “A few good men !!!

  1. Ranu says:

    hey you forgot that taklu in Shaan (kulbhushan kharbanda) or shahrukh’s KKKKKKKKiran!!!! but gabbar is a legend nobody can surpass him!!! I cant think of any!!!

  2. Vamsee says:

    Nice compilation. I hated all of them (not real hate, but the way you hate a villain in the movie)I liked Anupam Kher a lot more as a comedian than a villain.

  3. hitch writer says:

    RANU : I thought of Shakaal !!! but gave him the slip !!!! KKKKKK KIRAN… shahrukh ? no i hate that guy so didnt mention him….

    and GABBAR se aage ? koi nahi koi nahi !!

    VAMSEE : you hated Prem Chopra tooo ?? ohhh …. he was such a sweetheart with a dimpled chin !!! lol

    MAGIC EYE : call them goodies yaar !!


    nobody incomparison 2 gabbar..he was rockin..da hype in his commanding voice was lyk unexpected earthquake..newayz old is gold..dats proved by da no of indians who still watch da movie in dis century..n da GDs held in IIMs based upon him…u got a true realisation..very true…hats off!!!!!

  5. Riya says:

    Ya.. and also dharam paajis dialogue of sholey.. ie “chaki pissing and chakki pissing and chakki pissing.. ” is famous..
    But ya.. gabbars dialogue is too much famous.. everyone knows it..

  6. hitch writer says:

    SWAGATIKA : GABBAR Rules !!!! Jo dar gaya samjho mar gaya !!!

    LAKSHMI : they are indeed lovable !!! Kab Hai Holi !!!


  7. Indian Home Maker says:

    I like them too 🙂
    Ajit and Ajit jokes are also so popular.
    We have our very own Gabbar Singh at home, named thus because although he is the most good natured dog, some people are scared of him!

  8. abhishek says:

    arey yo forgot crime master gogo(shakti kapoor)!!
    anyways y don’t you take up the tag …wud love to see what you answer

  9. hitch writer says:

    ABHISHEK & IHM : My heart felt apologies. How did i miss LION & CRIME MASTER GOGO !!!!

    Had thought of Ajit but didnt find any pics and some how missed him… I will edit the piece and repost !!!!!

  10. Indrani says:

    You targeted the villains for good!
    Shkti Kapoor is a villain in real life too. I remember reading his comments on an actress, later he apologized too.

  11. The Comic Project says:

    You missed K.N. Singh..how could you??? 🙂 Black & White era to kya hua..and while he might not have played a memorable character (I think he did, I just can't recall one), he could strike fear with his eyes and voice, did not have to resort to any smart lines.

    Nice and original post.

  12. zinggy_mum says:

    so true! K.N.Singh was a good villain of that era..so was Kanhaiyalal of “Mother India” fame.
    but yes “jab bachha raat ko nahi sota to ma kehti hai so jaa varna gabbar aayega”. “” bahut yaaraana hai”….na bhulne wale dialogues. Sholay ki kahani, Gabbar ki zubani…. nice tribute to the true legends!

  13. hitch writer says:

    MAYZ : Ajit already added… Shahrukh i hate…. Shakaal, thought bout him but well gave him the miss…

    THE COMIC PROJECT : Limited knowledge, rite K.N.SINGH was a big character too but havent seen a lot of his movies…

    ZINGGY : Gotta check who Kanhaiyalal is … havent seen that movie either….

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