Now What …. India ???

No sensible Indian wants war.

No, we did not mount the offensive but our neighbour dared us, they even promised us to fight till the last drop of their blood.

We have now given all the proof to Pakistan.

In what anticipation ???

Do you think they will act ????

As is evident so far they are going to deny this all.

They don’t even accept that Kasab is a Pakistani.

They are never going to actually act against terrorist elements at all.

Over a month has passed but Pakistan has not arrested one person, they banned Jamat Ud Dawah (JUD) because of rising international pressure. However it has been proven that the funds were already withdrawn out of JUD accounts before they were frozen. They have also changed the name of the institution and started a new one.

Can’t we see ?? For Christ sake – they couldn’t even find the killer of their own former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, don’t expect them to care about Indians.

Please do not expect that they will act. They cannot, things are simply not in their control.

Now what India ???

Yes we have to tighten our lapses. We have to build a border that is impregnable. But these are long term measures. These will not be achieved in a few days or weeks. We shall do this for sure.

However the most troublesome question that arises is –

What about the people who lost their lives at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Taj Hotel, Trident Oberoi and Nariman House ???

Some simple questions to my fellow country men

Are lives of our countrymen valuable ??
If some one takes Indian lives, will we allow them to get away ??
Are we ready to pay whatever price it takes to avenge the lives of Indians ??

We don’t want war because we value life, we understand that Pakistan also has women and children.

But then the people who died in Mumbai were also mothers, daughters, sons, husbands and fathers weren’t they ????

A friend once told me we achieved our freedom without sacrificing blood, we got freedom via Satyagrah(strike & non-cooperation) and not through Kranti(revolution)… that is why we do not value our freedom. He categorically said if Krantikari’s (revolutionary) like Shaheed Bhagat Singh had won us freedom it would be valued a lot more. What he basically meant that unless blood is spent, true value of life is never realized. I never agreed to him, it is only hypothetical and it is only an opinion of his which he is entitled to.

But after all the facts are now out and Pakistan does not act, what price are we ready to pay ??

We know there are terror camps in POK and a few other places like Muridke ??

When will we actually go ahead and wipe them out ??

Are we worried that in this economic slump we cannot afford these strikes because they might lead to a full scale war ??

We surely cannot forget the Indians who lost their lives in Mumbai, the time has come to set a deadline for Pakistan to act on the proof given to it. If they do not hand over the people behind this ghastly attack do not threaten them, simply tell them in no uncertain terms that unless they deliver there is no other alternative left for India. India’s patience is running out ….

It is time to strike the terrorist camps, it is time to finish the breeding ground for these killers….

Once again let me reiterate we are doing this not to take lives in Pakistan but we are destroying the terror camps so that they do not sit, plan and prepare to take Indian lives again. We are doing this to save Indian lives and nothing else, unless we stop them they will keep coming again.

Nothing should matter to us more than saving Indian lives, anything and everything that comes in the way must be fought even finished if the need be ….


20 thoughts on “Now What …. India ???

  1. magiceye says:

    it is a tough call. we cant be barbaric like the american leaders nor the israeli leaders. any offensive will have collateral damage and war will absolutely be the final straw. pakistani leaders are surel pushing us to the wall and trying their best to provoke us into that final assault after which they can get up and scream bloody murder!

  2. hitch writer says:

    We have given them enough time to act !!
    I feel we have exercised enough restraint !!

    Let me reiterate, we shall do this to save Indian lives not to take Pakistani lives, we have to stop these terror outfits or else they will strike again !

    We must send a message loud and clear, if Indian lives are taken by any one they will have to repay… they cannot be allowed to go scot free… no not this time, never again !

  3. magiceye says:

    if we can execute surgical strikes without collateral damage yes we should go right ahead and its quite possible that the plans are plotted and hopefully shall be executed soon..
    there is a well documented article in dna about talibanization of pakistan and how the terror camps are closer than ever imagined …

  4. hitch writer says:

    That is an interesting article…

    More reason to actually start acting.

    We have to face reality and take the difficult decision… we cannot avoid the situation we are in. It will get worser and bigger if we decide to sit back and hope the pakistani government will act …!!!!

  5. hitch writer says:

    IHM : Can any one finish terrorism ??? You think these mindless terrorists will stop killing some day???

    What do you suggest we do ??

    Seal the border ?? Allow the planners of these attacks to sit in “Mehfooz” Pakistan and plan another fling !!! Something more ghastly …

    Why are we shirking the stark reality, that they came from Pakistan, that Pakistan is not acting to stop these people… So what will we do now ???

    We must now ensure that these people fear before taking any other Indian life… they must be made to run for their lives not sit and plan new offensives against innocent Indian lives..

  6. Usha Pisharody says:

    It has become a sort of tetchy problem of words, words and words… that is what the 26/11 tragedy has been reduced to. A lot of verbose foreign ministers, on both sides, and other sides, PMs, Secretary of States, Secret Service Agents mouthing more verbiage.

    So what does India do? Can surgical strikes ensure zero collateral damage? If so, great. But that can never be the case. And centuries of Sanathana Dharma, and the psyche of an Indian shunning of violence can almost assure Pak. that India will not take the initiate to start santizing the trouble spots. That, finally is their leverage.

    Still, it seems like a Catch 22 situation sometimes. The air of uncertainty grows.

  7. hitch writer says:

    Usha : I don't know why we should worry about collateral damage any more. We worried for innocnet lives in Pakistan and that is why we investigated everything thoroughly, collected all the proof and gave it to Pakistan & the whole world as well.

    When we know the truth and we have given the proof to Pakistan government. If they just keep denying and act as a cover for these terrorists they have to pay a price for it.

    If we go soft again and let these men off again I don't know what message we are sending to our own countrymen.

  8. Indian Home Maker says:

    🙂 No easy solutions. Now this is more than just India’s problem, I think diplomatic pressure plus international pressure should show some results… they are going the right way as of now.

  9. Chirag says:

    Are lives of our countrymen valuable ??
    Nope, unless you have lot of money.

    If some one takes Indian lives, will we allow them to get away ??
    Well we are peace loving nation, if some one will kill one person we’ll offer two more. (Sarcasm Intended)

    Are we ready to pay whatever price it takes to avenge the lives of Indians ??
    No, we’ll make sure that we just make Amm Admii’s life as hard as possible, but will not take a stand.

  10. hitch writer says:

    IHM : It is not just India’s problem. But lots of people lost lives in Mumbai and a majority of them were Indian nationals.

    We should take our stand now….and go after these breeding grounds, sorry but we cannot sit and exercise restrain and keep saying “Pakistan must act.” They arent acting so we now have to fight our own battle.

    We must make these terrorists run for their lives. If the world thinks this is their problem too they will join in….

    CHIRAG : Sarcasm needs to end and we need to start valuing Indian lives now… its now or never.

    Dont let killers of innocent Indians get away any more…

  11. abhishek says:

    :)…hmm…it’s not as easy as it sounds…even after a single strike on POK, Pakistan will declare war on India. Once Pakistan does that, China will do join in shortly and strain Indian resources from the Arunachal Pradesh side (this according to a former ambassador to Pakistan). Remember China refused to accord terrorist status to LeT. Then after USA too will join in, not to say Russia, Iraq, Britain and other nations. So, you see India-Pak war will simply not be restricted to just bilateral but it will be the Third world war.

    All of us just don’t want that. The current approach seems to be the best way. A lot of things would depend on how US acts. Will it continue to pamper Pakistan with war planes and money. I think Mr.Obama will have a very crucial role to play which way the world will shape in the future.

    PS:The strongest player always decides the course of any game, even if it doesn’t involve him. Nice play-list by the way.

  12. varunavi says:

    Do what Israel is doing, go into Pakistan and destroy there training camps.
    Paki govt doesn’t have any control on themselves what control they will have on the nuclear weapons and nuclear weapons will be in the hands of those lunatic terrorist if we go for war.

  13. mayz says:

    i still feel its all a political game…no one wants to sort out anythin for they’ll lose out on a n issue to base their campaign on…
    in this manner i love Israel and d way they react to d Palestinians…big fan of their actions!!!

  14. Shilpa says:

    HitchWriter, thanks for visiting my blog.

    I am not sure if surgical strikes will help. It might, in the short term but it is like giving an open invitation to the terrorists.

    What we need to do first of all, besides getting our internal and coastal security straight is to root out the sleeper cells in India. Like what is happening in Poonch now – they have been working from the caves for years and we had no clue. There are so many such hideouts deep inside the forests in every nook and corner of the country. Hit them first. Wipe them out. Then look at the surroundings.

  15. hitch writer says:

    VARUNAVI & MAYZ : Unlike Israel which seems to always go over board and over react we tend to under react. Time to change that !!

    SMITA : DITTO ! If Indians are being slaughtered than who ever is behind it has to pay a price. If any one tries to shield them they have to bear the brunt toooo. When Dry leaves are burnt, some green leaves get burnt tooo !!

    SHILPA : I disagree, The killers in Mumbai came from Pakistan, the planners of these attacks are being shielded by Pakistan. It is high time we sent a clear signal to Pakistan that if they will allow use of their soil for Anti-India elements they will have to pay for it.

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