No daughters still.. but No complaints !!!

Continuing from my last post ….

Thanks to my Mom’s penchant for a daughter, I hoped I would be blessed with a daughter. After 3 years of marriage when my wife was pregnant we both hoped we would be blessed with a daughter. The name was decided and it was to be ‘Reva’. Me and my wife both lived in Bharuch for the last two decades and living on the banks of river Narmada (also called Maa Reva) we had a distinct liking for this name.

In those days I had just quit my job as a Medical Representative (MR as in short) with USV and started my own collection centre for Thyrocare. My wife’s gyneacologist (female, I would never take her to a male gyneacologist) was well known to me since I was promoting gyneacological product range and she was also referring me patients for my laboratory. Her kid was also in My wife’s class as my wife was a teacher in a school then. But most importantly the the doc was very pretty !!!! ( no worries, my wife doesn’t read my blog)

There is an unwritten rule in a relationship between a MR and a Doctor, the doctor will not charge fees and the MR will arrange for free samples for medicines being consumed by the Doctor. Most of the good doctors follow this rule, although the number is dwindling fast. Our Doctor firmly believed in the rule and we were always overwhelmed and at times embarassed at the special treatment we received. We could go at any time without any appointment and she would always do a sonography for us on her portable machine so that I could see my kid moving…. She did ask us once if we would like to know the sex of the child and we both were quick to say ‘NO’, imagine if you know the villain of the suspense movie 15 minutes into the movie…. How can you than sit out the whole film after knowing the end result….

Once during a sonography I popped a question, “Are those his eyes ???” The doctor looked me with disbelief and replied it is the “mutrashay!!!”(urinary tract in gujarati) That was the last time I did any guessing !! We MR’s are often ridiculed as Mentally Retarded, and I am sure she agreed to that nick name that day.

Everyday after 7 months I would ask my wife is it time… ?? Do we have to rush to the hospital… whenever she would call me I would ask her first, “Is Reva ready to enter the world ??” and everytime the answer would be no, not yet….

Feeling the tremors on the belly of the unborn was an amazing experience that cannot be described…. The wait would keep getting longer, the summer days were difficult to pass…. then all of a sudden on 4th June at about 4.30 am my wife woke me up and told me, we must go to the hospital…. We reached there our doc was already there ready, fresh and well dressed in a punjabi waiting for us, she even reserved a special room the last one available and another patient who was actually earlier than us had to be put up in a semi special room. Aaah the priveleges of being an MR !!!!

As hour after hour passed…. I was getting restless…. My doc wouldnt let me in the labour room, even my wife didnt want me in as my mother and her mother was all she needed at that point !!!! I called up all my friends and since I was the first in our group there were atleast 20 guys and gals all of us enthusiastically waiting for ‘REVA’

We did our prediction trick of a ring in a gold chain on the palms, this game is supposed to tell you how many boys and girls will you have as children. This was a very popular prediction prank ever since I was in college I have tested it atleast 20 times on myself and my wife we would always get 1 son as the answer. We never believed it but it was harmless fun. Even on that day it said 1 son. Deep down somewhere I was searching for a boy’s name….

For once I was let into the labour room at 11 am and I went to my wife and asked how is the name Hriday for a boy ?? She said wincing in pain, ” its great, but we won’t need it !!! I know its a girl.”

Soon enough I was pushed out of the labour room. Sitting outside the maternity house with nothing to do, we soon noticed a few kids playing cricket. A couple of my friends joined in, slowly and surely, even I did. As I joined in my friend Amit drew my attention to my father in law watching us from the hospital first floor looking at us. My friend chuckled in my ear, “He is thinking, here my daughter is in labour room and this guy is playing cricket !!! He is going to tell your wife all about it ….. “

In about 15 minutes we had lost two balls and burst one… so the game ended and again the wait resumed….

At 1.30 we heard the cries of a baby from the labour room. The paedriatician checked the baby and than after the baby was bathed and robed in blue clothes (blue for boys and pink for girls) the nurse came to my mother and demanded 500 Rs for showing the face… Promptly the money handed and we had my son in my Ma’s hand… only the face slightly visible, very fair, closed eyes, powdered… and I couldnt fathom what to react… my mom removed the cap to see how much hair he had and I just said his head is tooo long…. My Saas and Mom immedeatly said its a normal baby, normal delivery and a few days of malish (massage) will polish him. They said it is perfectly healthy….. My mom passed on Hriday to her Nani and than she prodded me to hold it…. I never like small kids or babies and was very very unsure how to hold him, but when Hriday came in my arms I somehow held him exactly the way I should have.

The wait was worth it… He was so tiny, so gentle and sleeping like a small puppy. My own son in my own hands. My brother just mentioned his birthday is 4-6-04, a cricketer in the making boundaries and sixers !!!!!! My dad stood beside me and said he was a carbon copy of me, My dad had held me first and noticed I was blue when I was born… May be we dad’s see the problems first and the joy later…. (some day I shall write about Fatherhood, it is very underrated)

No so far no daughters in the family, we still await a Reva to come in our lives, may be my brothers will fulfill my Mom’s dream but at the moment the whole family is just enjoying Hriday’s growing up…. He is 4 today and is in the question asking phase at this moment in his life… We are not complaining at all about him being a boy but now every one is starting to complain about the number of questions he asks !!!!!

next post on this 4 year old’s weird and really funny questions !!!!!!


22 thoughts on “No daughters still.. but No complaints !!!

  1. Solilo... says:

    That was beautiful! Read a lot about mothers and their baby story. This is a sweet and welcome change.

    Did I get it wrong? You mentioned 4-6-4 and then today is his birthday?

  2. hitch writer says:

    INDRANI : May be you are right about fatherhood not being spoken too much. Guess we males feel some what hard done in this regard !!!! lol

  3. Indian Home Maker says:

    Father hood is underrated?
    Ask daughters who blog about their dads…

    Here’s a beautiful post Indyeah wrote here about her dad. (it’s from a daughter’s point of view, but you will love it).

  4. varunavi says:

    Lovely post, felt as if i was there with you all.My dad always wanted a son even after having 3 girls.My hubby still misses of not having a son after 2 girls.
    I also belongs to community of MR

  5. hitch writer says:

    ABHISHEK : Glad you like it

    RIYA : Thanks !

    IHM : That is indeed a beautiful post about us fathers !!

    SHEKHU : Grt !! 4th June !!

    VARUNAVI : How bout some exchange offers !!! lol !!! U Mentallly retarded tooo >>????

  6. Smitha says:

    That was so touching! As for fatherhood being underrated – oh no – I think we value our dads as much as we value our moms! Lovely Lovely Post. And do write about fatherhood!

  7. Crafty Shines says:

    the doc was very pretty??? my wife doesn’t read my blog?????
    ๐Ÿ˜› ๐Ÿ˜›

    are those his eyes?!!!!!!!! rofl!!!!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜›
    omg hitchy…this post is dated back in jan!!! so many months of not knowing u!!! wail!!!!!!!

    what is this ring in a gold chain test??? me wants to try too!!!

    lol @ father-in-law looking at his son in law playing cricket just before he’s going to be a dad!!!

    alle! sleeping like a puppy!!! cho cute hitchy!!! he looked like u did when u were young??? awwwwwwwww!

    i agree fatherhood is underrrated!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    the post about a million zillion questions! me has read! that was the first post i read of urs hitchy! and am glad i did! ๐Ÿ™‚ glad to have found u! ๐Ÿ™‚ hugs!

    hope u get a Reva in ur family soon!

    meanwhile…for the zillionth time..i’m in love with hriday….his questions, barakhadi, dinosaurs, et all! hugs to him! when u wish him tomm, give him a big hug from me too!!!

  8. Swaram says:

    Nice to read a father’s take on these things ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hriday is a cutie-pie ๐Ÿ™‚

    When I spoke to Hriday the other day, he said he hs been asking his parents for Reva too ๐Ÿ˜› ……………………… okie okie; in my dreams ๐Ÿ˜› but still ๐Ÿ˜‰


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