4 Months old now…

I am new to blogging and to the blogosphere… I am only 4 months old…. However the 4 months have been quite interesting.

I have always been a guy with an opinion, however in real life I am never able to convey myself exactly the way I want to… Perhaps I write better than I speak.

I took up blogging because of Ranu, we met and became very good friends at betapet.com a scrabble game site. I must say she is very very good at scrabble and beating her for me was almost impossible. After betapet.com stopped working in english we were left without our dear scrabble, a game that helped me pass the useless hours at office. It was then she prompted me to take up blogging, I was unsure what to do and whether any one would actually read or bother about what I had to say… She assured me she would read it all !!!! So with her assurance I started….

4 months on and I am unable to digest this, I have 20 followers !!!! My have 3 sons post got 20+ comments from readers and really I still keep pinching myself to check if it is not a dream…. I even got in touch with Shobha De due to blogging, although I don’t like her, receiving her mail must count for an achievment !

I have noticed so far that female bloggers are a huge number, perhaps a lot more then male… I don’t know why this is the case…. May be my blogs have charmed women more and hence I have encountered women a lot more… lol.. but I am not complaining!!!

Lots of female bloggers, means a lot of female jagruti …. Some how females are always pointing it out that males get some special privileges and that females get a raw deal, perhaps they are right…. I am not arguing…. I am a JKG (joru ka ghulam) also a MKG (Maa ka ghulam) so I don’t know ….. I am always for females, with females !!!! ( in all ways, puns intended galore)

However just recently I and my office colleague were just discussing the disadvantages of being a Male… so I thought it would be nice to share the points on my blog and get males to add to the list and the females to opine about the ones already listed..!!!

  • I am from a co-ed school. The teachers always treat the girls as hardworking, intelligent and a superior set of students. Boys are useless, mischevious and a pain !!!
  • No matter what mischief the girls do in a school they are rarely punished, but if you dare do something – – stand up on the bench, get out of the class, hold your ears and do 50 sit ups, slaps galore….
  • Girls will always be the monitors in the class. We boys will always have their names scribbled on the black board for talking and mischief…
  • On a road if a guy has an accident or falls down every one will come and scold you for rash driving, but if a female crashes even into a bystander every one will gather around to help the female. Poor soul…
  • You have to have a career. You don’t have an option to be a house husband !!! Atleast in India. You can be a ghar jamai but still have to work !!!! Girls atleast have an option to choose, whether to work or not !!!!

Kabhi Male liberation bhi soch ke dekho …. (tongue in cheek)


18 thoughts on “4 Months old now…

  1. Smita says:

    You are just 4 months old to blogging??? You write like a Pro man!!!!

    BTW those conclusions are so male centric, you make u ladies look like a vamp 😀

    The matter of fact is grass is always greener the other side 😉

  2. Ranu says:

    First of all congrats abt the 20 followers and Thanks abt the betapet thing. I still miss betapet and the only option lexulous is DISGUSTING in caps and bold.

    Abt the boys thing:
    It takes very little to get the girls realise that they have made a mistake “I did not expect this out of you!!!” will get you a boooohoooo and you have to punish and sometimes even beat up guys to get them to understand the same thing.

    We work as much as the men at work sometimes even harder and what do we get to hear “why do you need to work…. your husband/father is already working…. why dont you do a fashion designing/interior decoration course or teach children???” Women reach the glass ceiling in the middle management not so with men!!!

    Lot of disparities….. women still need to be liberated even if it is from the saas bahu serials.

  3. Ajit says:

    Male liberation….. LOL…
    good one….. yeah, we guys also have it tough…..
    Life is harsher for us…. 🙂
    Great post……

  4. hitch writer says:

    SMITA : Awww…. you made my day !!!! you are rite the grass is greener on the other side always !!!!

    ABHISHEK : Men will be men !!

    RANU : Sweetheart, chill !!! Its all tongue in cheek !!! The disparitites are thankfully reducing…

    AJIT : Just a neutral point of view !!!! lol, rfol….

  5. hitch writer says:

    SMITA : I never would make females look like vamps !!!! I love females and have no doubt in saying Females are the best, better than us !!!!

    Most of us males will agree to that !!!!

  6. Shilpa says:

    i attended a PDP once and the instructor there said that in most species the male is the more attractive. take for instance the lion’s mane or the peacock’s hood

    in humans though, it is a little different 😛

  7. hitch writer says:

    SHILPA : PDP ? Whatever is that… However In human’s it isnt little different !!! Its hugely different !!!!

    I hate males !!!! I love females !!!!

  8. Indian Home Maker says:

    Actually biases and prejudices have no gender.
    Boys can’t cry, boys can’t show they are afraid, boys must have careers, and yes because some boys are naughty, all boys must be naughty!

    But Dhiren in my school (co-ed) we had one boy and one girl monitor, also a head boy and a head girl … and so on.

    About road accidents, the girl will be lucky if she gets support, there is a bigger chance of someone pervert tying to use the opportunity to act smart or familiar … half the time such fears make parents keep them at home.
    Girls miss out on a lot of outdoors and late evening outings for the same reason.

    But I do agree that stereotypes and generalizations are not good for either gender. I have often blogged about it too 🙂

  9. hitch writer says:

    MAYZ : all guys will agree !!

    IHM : Yes these stereo types and generalisations aren’t good. I just wrote this tongue in cheek to get the gals gunning for me !!!

    Its all in fun !!!

  10. varunavi says:

    Its nice to read that someone is there who agrees that he is both JKG and MKG and i appreciate u for telling it and i dont think any male will agree.And maybe in future you will become DKG.
    About the 4th point, i dont agree as i have a personal experience where no fault of mine a guy hits me when i stopped my vehicle and two guys from the crowd started telling me to pay the guy who is injured and is bleeding, i was so scared, i was not able to tell what has happened, luckly a known person came to my resuce.

    Believe me u will be happy doing a office job then to be at home.I think only females can take both the jobs not men.

    All males love females if they dont then some problem.

  11. hitch writer says:

    IHM : is not angry Whew !!!

    VARUNAVI : DKG ?? didnt get it …

    Daddy ka Ghulam ?? nahee.. i revolt … i love him but can never show it to him !!! we only argue on who is superior !!!

    Bout the 4th point !! or all the 5 !! our male perceptions seem to be not too true or too agreeable !!!!

    Regarding being at home, I really want to try being at home !!!! seriously… but my wife is not listening …. bah !!

  12. Smitha says:

    Hitchwriter – I would have never thought that you are a newcomer to blogging – your posts are so interesting! I actually thought that you would have been blogging for ages..

    As for scrabble – I am totally addicted too – try this site – http://www.isc.ro – its great – I used to be totally addicted before I started blogging:)

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