A fish in the sky !!!

[ The sky full of kites ]


14th January is Uttrayana !!! This is one day when you should really be in Gujarat !!!! toooo bad I am not !!!! I am stuck here in Indore…..

Gujarat becomes truly vibrant on this day …. all terraces are full of people…. Every one young and old, male and female, hindu and muslim, sikh or christian, if in Gujarat, it is time to be on the terrace it is time to have war with your neighbours. Its time to give them a real hard time, cut the neighbours kites before they fly properly, it is time to ensure their kites do not soar. !!!! Its a friendly WAR, but WAR alright !!!!

The terrace is full of music and dancing apart from flying kites and screaming… Hooting at the person who just lost his ‘PECH’ (got his kite cut) Food as is so synonymous with Gujarat keeps on flowing through out the day. Chikki, Tal Sakdi, Undhiyu, Jalebi, Poori plus lots of tea, lemonade and snacks !!!!

[ the manja is made by the thread passing through a mixture of glass powder, the thread has to be sharp]

This is one festival when even the parents, the moms and dads join in… Actually cutting Mom’s & Dad’s kite is the funniest… with Mom threatening, “Jo mari patang kapai to, Kale Khavanu Nahi Male…!!!” ( If you cut my kite, you wont get any food tomorrow). Later we would retort, ” I now have a wife Mom, she will surely feed me !!!! KAIPO CHE …”

This is the time to shout, “LAPPET !”(when some one’s kite is cut he is told to lappet meaning roll back his thread) It is actually an insult but one that doesn’t offend any one !!!!

[the kite shops are as attractive for the kids as any candy shop]

Then suddenly some one on the terrace gets nasty and your far off kite is suddenly chopped off from your hands with a scissor…. your heart sinks for a moment and then a wild chase to catch the scissor weilder begins ….

Ohhh…. as the day nears… now I miss not being at home that much more…. This is the last Uttrayana that I am spending in Indore… I have promised myself and my family that from next Uttrayana onwards come what may we shall be in Gujarat and actually celebrate this festival. No matter how much work and how important it is, I shall go and fly kites !!!!!

[ The official kite festival happens in Ahmendabad, the chief minister and lots of NRI’s etc get together for this. Also in Ahmedabad people go to a stadium to fly kites and on All India Radio they give running commentary of the proceedings of kite flying at the stadium !!! Believe it or not…. it happens !!!!!! ]


15 thoughts on “A fish in the sky !!!

  1. Shilpa says:

    thats cool. it looks so inviting.
    if it wasn’t for Sankranti, i would have probably joined you in Ahd next year 🙂

    For now, enjoy the pictures.

  2. Riya says:

    Hey.. I liked that lappet and interpretation you gave for it.. That its an insult but one which does not offend any one.. Very sweet.. Anyways my brothers also fly kite and i catch the chakri here in maharashtra. . But i know in gujarat its very grand and colorful festival.. It must be really great fun..Happy sankranti….

  3. Thoorika says:

    “I now have a wife Mom, she will surely feed me !!!!”

    Ha ha.. that was funny.. The look on your moms face would have been even more funny.. !!

    Even I like flying kites! Have been in Gujarat for a short period!!! Learnt it at that time 🙂

  4. Smita says:

    This is my 2nd year In last 7 years that I am away from Ahmedabad during Uttarayan and I am missing it.

    I still remember the manja making at road side, as u said there is different color that Gujarat takes during this time…Sigh!!!!

  5. churningthewordmill.wordpress.com says:

    i like kites. they look so pretty flying high in the sky…but i dont know the first thing about kite flying. havent ever tried my hand at it.

  6. Indian Home Maker says:

    As a kid in Jaipur I have done a lot of running to catch any random kites that happen to fall anywhere near or in our garden … including some excited spats over who the fallen kite rightfully belonged to 🙂 Yes it’s a lot of fun!!

    Happy Sankranti 🙂

  7. Solilo says:

    Arre yaar..are you writing every day? Ha ha..I missed couple of posts here. Will come back are read in detail.

    Never really was a Kite fan though I loved seeing those Kites flying.

  8. The Nomad says:

    Dhiren, I studied in Ahmedabad for two years and SO miss uttarayan! Even more coz its the only place outside Jaipur where the festival and kite flying is such a rage.

  9. hitch writer says:

    SHILPA : Mera Gaon is BHARUCH… Next uttrayana you can join me at Bharuch surely… its something worth experiencing !!!

    RIYA : Happy Uttrayana !! Happy charkhi holding !!!!

    THOORIKA : Moms expressions are really great all the times !! Happy kite flying !!

    SMITA : Sigh !!! this is my last uttrayana out of Gujarat I promise myself !!

    VARUNAVI : Happy Uttrayana !

    MANDIRA : Be my guest next uttrayana !!! try your hand its fun !!!

    IHM : Oh Patang Lutere !!! even I used to indulge in it !!! Even if I were flying a kite and suddenly some kite comes on our terrace, my own kite wouldnt matter its important to grab the one that just came !!!!

    SOLILO : What are you doing ???? Start following …. I want readers !!! dont miss any … grrr

    MAGIC EYE : Thanks ! Happy uttrayana !

    NOMAD : Me missing too !! Happy uttrayana!! Open invitation for next years uttrayana for you and all readers !!!

    and loved your post !!

  10. Usha Pisharody says:

    I remember the season 🙂 My parents were in Gandhinagar briefly for about a year or so, and when we visited them, it was a wonder of a time, January, on Uttarayanam Day.

    Nice pics too!

    Belated greetings!

  11. hitch writer says:

    CONNIE : glad u like it… the pics are not mine but taken from the net ! I am away from home this year so not actually experiencing the festival this year. The story thing soundds interesting !

    USHA : It is a great festival !

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