I and my wife have been travel enthusiasts all our life and hope to be the same throughout. We prefer sleeping in tents or under the stars in sleeping bags compared to hotel rooms. We love campfires more than watching TV. We love trekking and being in the wilderness lost in nature either walking and taking photographs or going for animal watching or bird watching.

Since I moved to Indore 2 years back and more so since I had my first child who was very young our travelling has been limited to only hotels and a more convinient type than being adventurous.

But now with my kid turning 4 & a half, time is set to go back to the good old days of travel without disdain.

I was associated with ANALA. It all began in school when I went on one of their tours for trekking to Manali in 10th class. That was when I fell in love with Manali. A love affair that still continues. On my first trip I didnt have a camera with me and instead of me capturing the place in my camera, the place captured my imagination !!!!

Very soon I joined as a volunteer in ANALA, as a volunteer you were to take care of the kids on trekking camps and you would get a free trip. You could spend time in Manali trekking and breathing fresh air, free of cost. Eventually I also promoted ANALA’s tours in schools, colleges and various groups in Bharuch. This is the only kind of work I liked in my life, unfortunately it didn’t pay enough to concerntrate just on it. Normally I hate all jobs, I just dont like to work !!! I plead to my wife all the time to start earning so that I could resort to being the house husband !!!! But she is even more lazy then me….

Now finally I have talked her into promoting ANALA ‘s camps in schools and colleges here …. I am all for her to become an entrepreneur…. We named our new venture xplorers, I designed her a site on blogger. I got her visiting cards printed and today she is finally going for her first school visit. I sincerely hope she gets rousing response and lots of success in this venture of hers …. Rousing enough I can resort to being the house husband and stop going to office !!!

Apart from the fun in the trips these trips also help in instilling the importance of nature in the young school kids. They have to realise that life is not about video games & playstaions, it is not about just karate class and cricket coaching camps…. Life also lies in exploring the wild forests, the flowing rivers, the gushing waterfalls, the camp fires…. It is very important that young kids realise the importance of the whole eco-system at this young age. These camps also help kids develop self-belief, confidence and team spirit and also make them a lot more independent.

Since I have a reader base on my blog (Which I am really proud of), I thought I would just draw their attention to our venture….. Who knows I might just find a few interested fellas who want to travel to the mountains, wilderness valleys n more ….!!!!!

For more details on what kind of camps, treks, adventure tours & safari’s we organise please visit : http://www.indianexplorers.blogspot.com/


4 thoughts on “xplorers

  1. hitch writer says:

    SHILPA : We do not have much of a prescence in South India at the moment. We however do conduct a camp at CANARA FALLS. If you want more details about it I can help you. Will catch you on GTALK.

    INDRANI : Waiting for your queries !!!!

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