Mahatma or Shaheed

Saw the movie the Legend of Bhagat Singh again yesterday, I really like this movie and the music in this film. A.R. Rahman has weaved magic and the sound track is particularly touching. Also Ajay Devgun shows that he is an actor of note, when I first heard of him playing Shaheed Bhagat Singh I was like, how can this dark guy with straight hair and crooked teeth play a young fiesty jat …. But when I saw the movie he laid everything to rest, he actually delivers a punch each time he speaks, the fluency of Bhagat Singh is evident in Ajay who normally speaks very shakily, he actually looks into your eyes and you feel it is actually Shaheed Bhagat Singh looking at you… (atleast I feel)

The one thing I didn’t like in the movie was Rajkumar Santoshi tried to make Shaheed Bhagat Singh a hero at the expense of Mahatma Gandhi… He doesn’t need to at all. Shaheed Bhagat Singh is in himself a big hero for all of us Indians without an iota of doubt.

The way he makes Bhagat Singh & the Mahatma speaking the exactly opposite scene after scene is inexplicable really. Why indulge in mud slinging. Shaheed Bhagat Singh’s deeds are glorified and shall remain that way even without potraying Gandhiji in such a manner. Do you have to show Gandhiji lower to show Bhagat Singh higher ???
If you do not agree with the ways of the Mahatma, fine…

If you want to potray Bhagat Singh as greater then the Mahatma fine…


But the way he projected Mahatma speaking the opposite to what Bhagat Singh speaks scene after scene is not at all the way to project things, I actually remember when I saw this movie in the cinema halls some people actually despised the Mahatma !!! They had completely different ideologies and different theories but to project them in opposition like this where you are biased towards one person makes me have no kind words for the director…

When I was in school and college some how all sorts of opinions had got me into a rut and a strange sort of a belief that Non-Violence is cowardice… But it is not. There was no conviction in this belief, I was confused whether to respect Gandhiji or not, which should never have happened. However as time has gone by and I have come to my senses, I respect Gandhiji and Shaheed Bhagat Singh both almost equally for very different reasons. Recently I discovered a link on trailblazer’s blog about Mahatma’s views on violence and they are quite startling…. for some insights into the mind of the MAHATMA

Bhagat Singh, a revolutionary, was also considered as a terrorist, not just by the British but many Indians tooo at that time. But this fiesty 23 year old jat was not just Josh and Junoon, he was smart, educated, intelligent, determined and resourceful. He was not a killer, he could have killed so many had he wanted on that day in the Parliament, remember he gained his popularity only after he surrendered himself for throwing smoke bombs in the Parliament !!! Even he realised that by violence they were not able to reach out to fellow countrymen let alone other world leaders.

To reach out to the general public they too needed a platform, the smoke bombs gave him the platform they needed. His hunger strike and his smartness to use the Court as his propaganda office is what won the hearts and the respect of all Indians. The fact that he never showed any fear of dying is what made him Immortal. I still cannot believe the things this man said and did. He was only 23 when he was hanged !!!!

At 23 we were never so mature or determined or dedicated to anything were we ???

There should never be a debate about who is better or who is more important. Each Indian who served his country should be respected and remembered. Their ways may be debated but the means should never be disrespectful. No need to malign one to glorify the other !!!!

Both are cherished children of Mother India !!!


12 thoughts on “Mahatma or Shaheed

  1. abhishek says:

    As evident from few posts back, you were supporting going to war against Pakistan if need be to eliminate the terrorist camps in POK. Do you think Mahatma Gandhi would have approved of this action which would have led to an eventual war?

  2. hitch writer says:

    IHM : thanks for the ditto !

    Lakshmi : glad u like it

    ABHISHEK : I never was supporting a war against Pakistan. I support striking the terror camps if Pakistan is not doing that. If that leads to a war so be it.

    Also suggest you read Mahatma Gandhi’s views on violence and cowardice… He would be one to go after the planners of these attacks for sure !!!! Abhishek .

  3. varunavi says:

    Nice post always.But sorry to say i don’t know much about Bhagat Singh.
    Recently i read in a article that Gandhiji is remembered more in the west then in india.

  4. mayz says:

    there wud always b different schools of thoughts over these issues…how to remember bhagat singh?? revolutionary or terrorist?? for me he was a great indian who fought for our cause n thats all that matters…n d same goes for mahatma gandhi

  5. hitch writer says:

    VARUNAVI : You need to know more about them. Gandhiji is remembered as much in India as anywhere else. Have you seen Munnabhai part two ??? its one of the finest tribute paid to Mahatma Gandhi !!!!

    AJIT : I recommend, you watch it !!

    MAYZ : Absolutely !!

    INDRANI : I recommend, you watch it !!

    THOORIKA : Thanks !

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