The boss is being taken over !!!!

Its evening and I and my bro are sitting in the drawing room. I switch off the TV where Rajdeep Sardesai was ogling through with his Thyroid patient like eyes.

My bro immediately revolts :bhai, I am watching !
Me: I have the remote in my hand. Remember our rule ? (in our house simple rules, the one who has the remote has the control)
Bro : But you can change channel, you are switching off !!!
Me : I am putting on some music !
Bro : put it into the IPOD and listen.
Me : I want you all to hear !!
Bro : I dont want to hear …
Me : Who’s the boss of the house ?
Bro : Bus (enough)! Stop it.
Me : I am the boss remember !!!!
( I can be a real pain in the arse at times, especially at home, coz I know, no one can harm me here )

I put the music on, its R-Kelly, I believe I can fly !!!! I am singing with it irritatingly looking at my brother who has just stopped smiling and is now onto his mobile game.

My Wife (from the kitchen) : Please lower the volume, the whole building doesn’t want to hear.
Me : I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky…. think about it night and day, spread my wings and fly away …..
My wife : Fly away…. you won’t get any food today….
Me : Will you all let me listen and recite the song. I think my voice is like him.
My wife : till yesterday your voice resembled that of Mukesh. Now R-Kelly ????????
Me : My voice is like Mukesh !!! No jokes on this !!! I meant I can get as involved in the song as R-kelly

Suddenly son romps in through the door, he is back from his park, a lil messy, hair not tidy and a bit of sweat on his forehead…

Son : Momma… Paani !! (his ma confirms from the kitchen the water is on the way ..)
Son (now turning to me) : Addha Music Bandh Karo ! (In Kutchi our mother tongue DAD means ADDHA)
Me : Arre I just put this song on !! Its lovely ….
Son : Put on Cartoon Network !! (coming closer, hands on hips)
Me : Shall I change the song and put your favourite, Pappu can’t dance saala

I can see my bro suddenly smiling. He joins in…

Bro : No no, Addha, Cartooon !!!

Son : Addha (eyebrows a lil crooked and looks at me)

In Gujarati we have a saying, jene koi na pahoche, ene enu pet pahoche ! meaning he who is not defeated by any one is defeated by his own stomach.

Me : Okay okay, let this song finish !!
Son : Addha !! (his lower lip is slightly outside and just stares at me with hands on his hips.)
Me : ok ok, I give up (I switch off the system, and put on NICK, its time for Mighty Cat Masked Niyander !!!)

He comes to me tells me to put the remote on the table and move aside so that he can sit on my place. He likes sitting on that particular place and will not budge. (another rule, and most rules in my house were framed by me as I was the eldest of the three brothers, is no one will ever have any place reserved to himself in the house, any one can sit anywhere)

At times I wonder if I am his father or he is mine. My brother, wife are all thrilled as they could never beat me but this lil 2 and half feet always does. But then such is life….

Earlier when I was a kid we didn’t have video games, now when ever I take my laptop to play games, this devil will come and sit and tell me, I am the kid let me play !!

I have the remote but no control. I have the laptop but I never get to play on it. My wife will never serve me a glass of water, (another rule, Every one will do their work themselves, unless sick, no ordering) but he gets a glass served where ever he wants it to be served even I serve him at times.

When a live cricket match involving India is on, my wife, mom or even the PM cannot make us watch anything else or even change the channel for a second, but he even wins here… We simply toe the line and watch BEN-10 when 10dulkar is batting !!! My wife now looks at me and wonders what happened to my first love cricket now ????

When I was a kid, my parents would make sure we wake up by 6.30. Even today if my Mom is in the house except sunday’s she will never let me sleep beyond 7. Or else there will be a world war in the house. This guy gets up lazily at 8.30,when my wife tells me to wake him up, I go to him and slowly say his name and try to get him up, but he won’t budge or move and when I watch him sleeping peacefully, I don’t have the heart to disturb him….

The boss will get up at 8.30 and two concerned adults will be helping him do his pee pee or brush his teeth or make him milk….

The boss is not retiring, he isn’t giving it away, he is simply being bull dozed, he is simply being taken over !!!!


21 thoughts on “The boss is being taken over !!!!

  1. Shilpa says:

    Ohhhh! Cho chweet.
    But don’t you love being bulldozed and taken over by the little fella?

    btw, no one can harm you? Why is that? Does that mean you can harm others?

  2. hitch writer says:

    SHILPA : i absolutely love being bull dozed by him. No I dont harm any one, but if i behave outside they way i behave in the house a lot of harm can come to me !!!

    SMITA : No I am not jealous, I also had my time as a kid. I just worry at times that he is growing tooo fast !!! I want this time for him to last as long as it can .

    ABHISHEK : thanks for your compasssion !

    THOORIKA : Hope so…

    MAYZ : Thanks mate !

  3. varunavi says:

    So sweet of him.Even in my house tv is taken over by my dtr when i am watching but if dad is watching its only cricket, then no barney,no ben10 only cricket cricket and cricket.

  4. Solilo says:

    Ha!Ha!Ha! serves you right. I was sympathizing with your brother but now sympathies to you.

    Now wait one day when he tells you that you can’t sing like Mukesh either. Now that ought to hurt you bad. LOL

  5. hitch writer says:

    VARUNAVI : How old is ur daughter ? Still daughters don’t bully their dad’s. Sons are real bullies !!! lol…

    VAMSEE : 🙂

    SOLILO : dont go in that region !! I sing like mukesh and if son will be honest he will acknowledge the fact !!!!!!

  6. Riya says:

    Wow.. this ones really a cute post..I liked two lines mostly.. One in which u have commented on Rajdeep Sardesais eyes.. thyrotoxicosis eyes.. ROLLING

    And the other one..” Addha !! (his lower lip is slightly outside and just stares at me with hands on his hips.)”… Too.. Gud… I cud actually visualise whatever u have written… grt post… n ya.. I dont find rajdeeps eyes as rolling out.. but ya.. something tht sort of.. lol… GRT POST…


    hehe..dats relly funny n very different…wel i wonder sumtyms how writers lyk u r very perticular n focussed abt the little things in lyf..though generally peopl forget da small n usual happenings of their lyf…
    n dats wot da speciallty of dis article..
    relly a rare peice…
    gud work..
    u rock sir…

  8. hitch writer says:

    RIYA : Rajdeep’s eyes are surely like that only !! Thanks for your kind words btw.

    VARUNAVI : U remember that story when god was giving all the wishes to humans suddenly chitragupt stopped him saying if you give him everything he will never remember you. the one thing that God forgot to give us was Satisfaction !!!

    I want daughters I dont get, you want sons you dont get !!! such is life !!!

    SWAGATIKA : These are not little things !! these are massive memories, and incase i forget this blog will help me then to rekindle again !!

    USHA : glad u like it !

  9. Smita says:

    Ah!! I can understand that. My niece Suhani is growing up and blabbers nine to dozen and I always wish her to remain the same…the innocence, the naughtiness are all adorable….I just wish it remains that ways always….

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