depressed …!

This is not a good post to read…. I am bored and depressed and dont have anything to do, cant go home and have to sit here in office in front of my screen till 7.

Since after noon I have no work(actually since many days), my mind is totally flushed out and I just aint able to write anything.

twice today I tried to trade RNRL and twice i got saved by a whisker. I was selling 1000 Rnrl and trying to cover them lower. But as luck always has with me each time I sold it the price would go up. Both the times I some how managed to save my ass. Earning 25 paise after all the sweat I wasted. FYI these 1000 rnrl + another 500 I have were bought at an average cost of Rs. 145. They now are greatly valued at Rs. 54.

I don’t really trade a lot, especially these days since the great recession bug hit us. But just nothing to do and I try to be smart by trading a bit and pulling out a few bucks. I have put all my income in the stock markets. By january last year I had invested 6 lakhs with had swollen to 9 lakhs and I was feeling like the smartest guy in the world.

Today the portfolio value has sunk to 2.8 lakhs !!!!!!!! I am stuck and stuck big time….

thankfully I didnt take a housing loan and buy a house here in Indore.

Suddenly the job seems shaky, passing a day in the office is difficult.

Thanks to this blogging I largely am able to keep my mind off. I can easily make 2 posts a day in office and also post comments on all blogs i follow….if it werent for blogging I would go mad ..

I am a trader, we used to export. Now we have no export orders as China is also slipping into a recession. My company is scared to sell locally and hence we do not buy anything. We dont have to take money from any one nor give to any one. But we have bills to pay, salaries to give… scary it not only sounds, it is.

My generation, I am 30, has never seen recession. Since I finished college jobs were easy to get. maybe at times you would have to put up with a job you didnt like but in 3-4 months you would always find a job that you liked. Specially in Sales and Banks jobs were galore. We have only seen the stock market go up .: yes there were corrections before but they would last a few days maybe a month or two at most but the trend would be up !!! India shining !!

Now the last whole year has gone and no green in the market, now the effect is coming in our business …. from unbelievable turn overs we are turning to shocking turn overs. what looms ahead is darkness… where is the ray of light comin from … I dont know…. It is time to clench your fist and hold on… hang on…

Some times i fantasise that some advertise fellows will select my blog and pay me handsomely.

When I go home and every one says lets go to Rab Ne Banadi Jodi, I am like why movie watch it on the DVD. Money saving is now taking its toll on my mind.

Than sonny comes and tells me Addha lets go to the multiplex… and I cant say no….

Suddenly I have started noticing Popcorn is 60 rs and we 5 people gobble popcorn of about 400 rs + pepsi !!!!! in one movie…. what happened to those days when my mom would take us to the best restaurant of the town and feed us a three course meal along with a movie ticket in a balcony deluxe with popcorn and chips and thums up all in about 500 Rs.

This recession is slowly getting to me, I never bothered about prices, the other day i read a blog about on a broom costing Rs. 60 and I was like reaching home to ask if we bought so expensive brooms too ??? Relieved to know we use brooms which cost only Rs. 40.

I am starting to count… now when i smoke I feel Rs 5 has gone in smoke !!!! than out of worry i smoke again !!!! again Rs. 5 gone…. whew….

when is the world turning around ?????

shucks !!!

every one says we are in for the long haul …. how long …..


15 thoughts on “depressed …!

  1. Smita says:

    Same story here buddy. Same story.

    Unfortunately I can not blog from office as internet hours are limited and blogs blocked. Somehow my enthu of blogging is also pahasing out 😦

    I hope the phase passes out soon…

  2. Ranu says:

    Dhir market is going to keep doing the ups and downs….. so stop watching the sensex and do things that will keep you away from such things. Why dont you upgrade your skills??? Any skill!!!

    Do brooms cost that much!!! I never noticed!!! One movie for two people is total of 500 to 600 Rs down the drain.

    Everybody today is talking of recession but I am hoping that for your sake and mine (I would hate to lose a friend to cancer and of course global warming) and ofcourse your whole family….. the recession will get you “off smoking”!!!

  3. Shilpa says:

    Yeah, these are bad times. We are all in the same boat, no matter what industry we belong to.

    Have to forego the hikes this year. We are being told ‘Thank your stars, you still have the job and the hikes are not spiking south’. Here’s hoping 2010 starts on a brigher note.

  4. Riya says:

    Hey.. Chill dhiren.. Everythings gonna be fine.. Atleast someone as happy go lucky as you should not get depressed.. Smiles.:-)

  5. Usha Pisharody says:

    Hang in there Dhiren… 🙂

    It’s good to watch where the money goes, for sure. The whole world is counting pennies, and it serves one well to be a bit shaken up.

    I do hope and pray that things will take on a more brighter hue, as each day dawns.

    One thing though; would it be possible to not smoke at all? Now that would do you and yours, a whole world of GOOD. Perhaps you’d like to just share in this

    God Bless!

  6. Connie says:

    Everything is getting expensive here too. It is depressing. I don’t go to the movies here either. I wait till it comes out on DVD.

  7. varunavi says:

    It is so scary to read.I read some where that this will continue for another year, just hang on to what you have rather then changing job.
    My hubby works for a perfume company here, till now they were not effected, but since last 1-2 days there customers cheques are bouncing, slowly even his company is getting effected.
    Our situation is like dhobi ka kuta na ghar ka na ghat ka.We cant leave dubai and come back there as there is no hope in india as of now.Just hang on to what ever we have here.On top of it we have a house loan.
    Even here prices are going up like anything, no regulations on the prices of the commodities.

  8. hitch writer says:

    Sorry folks wasnt feeling too good and couldnt come up with nething better !!!

    I am gonna hang in no second thoughts !!

    However sorry but no quitting of smoking !!

    By the way MAYZ i have 310 Unitech @ 285 !!! so I am not too far behind !!!

    lol…. but today is a better day.. !!!! Tomorrow will be even better !!!


    hey dhiren ..keep cool..wot i guess its gonna be fine…coz ov da emerging fmcg sectors…
    soo why not 2 wait for the new market…lets hope 4 da better world instead of being harassed..
    gud day ..

  10. zinggy_mum says:

    true everyone in almost all corners of the world is affected one way or the other…and i agree with ranu when she tells u to quit smoking….( 5 rs up in smoke?…u could always chew a gum instead)….well till there is life there is hope….and we all hope for the best. cheer up ma boy!

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