Going home soooon !!

One day, exactly two days after I bought my new laptop, I on my 3 month old Enticer with my laptop on my shoulders was going to Nigam’s office (my friend and former partner) after meeting a client. Near our Bharuch Civil Hospital, the road was relatively empty, I was relatively fast, the mobile rang…. I picked it up… it was Nigam… He said : kya che ?? (where are you??) I said : civil hospital paase, aavu chu…(near the civil hosp., coming) suddenly a small piglet sprang on the road… rite in my way … !!!! I was at about 50-60 kmph… I tried to save the piglet and went left, it went left too, I went right, it went right tooo, I braked and the bike slipped…. and Oh no !!! I was rolling on the floor and bike just went about 5-6 feet away from me sliding.

Thankfully the pig got away without a scratch, where he disappeared I still don’t know, infact as it turned out I didn’t hit him, and slipped all on my own !!!! Some day when I find him I am going to teach him a lesson or two about how to cross the road.

I had put a bit too much pressure on my hand when I fell. But the first thing I did was get my motorcycle up on the side and immediately took out my laptop and put it on the bike’s seat to check if its broken or is it in one piece. I put it on and and was mighty relieved to know it was in one piece. Than found my mobile, lying on the road…. it was late evening around 8 pm.

Bloody no one stopped or came to even ask if I was okay !! My head was still ringing and I didnt know where all I was bleeding, I had badly bruised my palms, elbows and knees.

The moment the knowledge dawned that the laptop was secure and nothing happened to it I was almost relieved. I sat on the bike to start it & realised the bike was also almost unharmed. As I tried to press the clutch, I realised ohhh, my left hand was paining a lot… I was quietly thinking happily, maybe I got my first fracture… finally at 28 years of age !!!! the wait was over… now my plaster would be painted by friends, I would be driven everywhere !!! wow… ouch ….

I called nigam to come rite away as I couldnt drive. He came we went to an orthopaedic, he was a good client of nigam and also supported me a lot when I was a MR. He asked to see my hand, when I gave him my hand he wringed it like a wild man but apart from a few grimaces nothing happened my hand was perfectly mobile. He said there is nothing get dressing done and go home.

I said no, Dr. sahib please get an xray done, I am sure I have a fracture !!!! Eventually he agreed and voila my xray did reveal a crack, hair line one… Finally I would have a bandage, plaster on my hand.

Nigam told me to wait and he would get a sample of glass bandage from his shop of 3M (he is a whole seller who sells all sorts of surgical products among them is this bandage) This is the same glass bandage that Aishwarya used when she had a wrist fracture. I was told this and I always make it a point to tell all that I used the same toooo !!!!!!

For those who don’t know what a glass bandage is, this bandage is a plaster in a solution and it has to be tied very fast as it will dry and become rock solid. Its very comfortable and washable.

The next month was great, having people help me and assist me and best of all I always had some one to either pick me up or drop me… No driving as I had lots of drivers !!!!!

Fracture bhi hua, dressing bhi hua, xray bhi hua, plaster bhi hua…. ek bhi paisa kharcha nahi.
Plus muft ka driver bhi mila….. Waah Bharuch ki bhi kya zindagani thi……… !!!!!!

Good news I am going to Bharuch on 29th ….. cant wait !!!!!!!! counting days !!!!!!! home, ma, drivers … I am coming !!!!


10 thoughts on “Going home soooon !!

  1. Thoorika says:

    How is ur hand?! I know its nice in one way when you get hurt or something!! All of a sudden everyone’s attention is on you!!! Though I neva got such a chance to enjoy 😛

  2. hitch writer says:

    ABHISHEK, MAYZ, VARUNAVI : I learnt my lesson, now when I get a call, i stop the bike and then talk !!!

    THOORIKA : Exactly, I loved it when I got the fracture… being the centre of attraction.

    AJIT : Seriously buddy I was waiting for a fracture… lol…

    BTW all this happened one day two years ago !!

  3. tinushah says:

    U made me remind of a same incident we(i mean myself and my husband) met….. V happended to slip from the bike wen entering pritam society (u might vey wel know abt it)… these pigs in bharuch always move abt as if its their baap ka road and u definetely hv to b a good rider or u r sure to slip in case u try to help them cross the road or try to teach them lessons of crossing…. ha ha so forget abt teaching lessons to them or u ll surely hv ur second fracture….. hmmmm… hey enjoy ur trip and give my regards to ur aunty… c ya take care….

  4. zinggy_mum says:

    hey u made us all think it happened to u recently!waise bhi yahan tumhe attention or sab ki concern mil gayi..khush?…hahahaha

  5. Smitha says:

    Hitchwriter – Hopped over from Indyeah’s blog! Loved this post. Lucky you – getting the same bandage as Aishwarya 🙂 Good that you are ok though. Can relatewith your excitement to go home – I am waiting to go hime as well – so know just the feeling 🙂

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