What is FREE ?

I am really upset with these mobile fellows. They have come out with this stupid logic of not allowing free sms on public holidays. Meaning if its Uttrayana and you want to wish your friends Happy Sankranti they will charge you Rs. 1 per SMS.

Now I actually pay 30 rs each month for 300 sms.

However they say I cannot use the 300 free sms on public holidays ???

The customer service tells me free sms are not allowed on public holidays

I tell her, ma’m what free, I am paying Rs. 30 for 300 sms, meaning 10 paise for each sms.

She tells me sir, you get 300 free sms for Rs. 30 !!

Madam, what is free ?? You take Rs 30 than how is it free ???

Sir you are getting 300 free sms by paying Rs. 30 !!

I am at wits end and about to lose my cool, WTF I am paying Rs. 30 and getting 300 sms, then where is this freaking FREE word coming from ??

She tells me if your query is not solved kindly contact a Airtel shop.

What a pain is this ?? She just won’t understand. You call again and another nerd repeats the same.

Either I am totally wrong and absolutely not able to see the point or all these customer service executives of Airtel are totally insane !!!

300 FREE SMS for Rs. 30 !!!!!!! The concept of FREE is beyond me !

Writing emails to these fellows since 5 days but they don’t even respond !!



10 thoughts on “What is FREE ?

  1. Usha Pisharody says:

    Lol! That is called Marketing and Sales Pitch to draw in gullible customers and make them pay for Free.. 🙂

    Most networks, I do believe operate like this 🙂

  2. zinggy_mum says:

    what she meant was rs.30/- mein 300 smses is as gud as free…..sir! wat more do u want? these r all tactics to lure u into these schemes…..

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sorry dear. I couldn’t help but rub it but here in the uk, we get to use our free msgs on public holidays. And i couldn’t help but laugh at your fustration on your mobile company. And i thought to also tell you, for us free does actually mean free. I mean the condition is you credit your mobile by £10 and you automatically get 300 msgs free. I mean they will not deduct any credit from you. So you have your 300 free msgs plus the £10 credit you put on your phone to use for call time. Haha! 😛


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