Sunday Cook !!

On sunday I decided to make dinner, my wife and younger bro’s wife were told to stay out of the kitchen. This ultimatum was accepted without any refute whatsoever by the ladies. No surprises here !!!

I said this but was not sure what to make…. Chinese I dont like, Bread’s or pizza’s my bro doesnt like, nor does he like macroni. Pav Bhaji idea was vetoed by my son. Eventually I decided to make biryani, actually no veg biryani can be very delicious (my personal opinion) but what the heck lets try it…

So I started inquiring what all vegetables were in the house and I realised most things were in the house except tomatoes. So I went out to get tomatoes, I selected some very good red ones and got them weighed. Now I havent bought vegetables since atleast 3-4 years and have no idea of the price. When I got the 1/2 kg tomatoes I promptly gave him Rs. 100 ka note and he said its only Rs. 2.50 for 1/2 kg !!!!

Whoa !!! I was like cant be true, 6-7 tomatoes for just Rs. 2.50, I don’t know but it sounds really cheap. How come people say vegetables are very expensive these days, anyways that is not the point, eventually I gave him chutta and bought a couple of 2 min Maggi on the way back, just incase my biryani goes wrong there is some back up !!!!

I went home religiously chopped onion & garlic… normally when I cook I make sure my wife chops the onion and the garlic as I am tooo fussy about my hands smelling. But today I did it, I myself chopped all the onions, garlic, green chillies, ginger, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, capsicum and even pealed off the peas !!!!

My idea of cooking is dont follow any method. Just keep adding ingredients the more the better !!!!

Then I fried more than half of the onions till they turned golden brown and mixed them with the pre-cooked rice & peas. There after I again sauted a few onions with cloves, pepper and all the other vegetables above. Added Chole Masala, PavBhaji Masala, Sambhar Masala, Garam Masala plus red chillies and a bit of turmeric and salt !!!!! I was gonna add some Pani Puri Masala as well but my wife caught me taking that out of the refrigerator and immediately put her foot down and said, enough !!

I never dare revolt against my wife so I let go of the paani puri masala !!!

After this sauce was ready I turned of the gas and then put the rice on top of it, then sealed the utensil with a lid applying ISI Tape. It is to be sealed with Atta (dough) actually but I didnt want to make that….

Than took out one earthen tawa and put the vessel on it on slow tempreature and let it cook till every one started screaming for dinner….

When I opened the utensil the biryani’s smell was wonderful….. My wife insisted that I mix the rice with the sauce so the whole biryani turned yellow. Looked wonderful and tasted yummy tooooo !!!!! A lil spicy but that was ok. Served with Curd and Papad.

Every one ate well, I kept looking at how much each one is taking, I asked every one atleast 5 times if its okay !!!! Son mixed lots of curd with it so that it wasnt spicy for him. Every one said the biryani was fine, smiling at my question and that would make me wonder if they all really liked it. I did like it, but generally whatever I make, I can’t find any faults with it.

A lil later I asked if any one wanted ice cream, they all said no…

A lil later while watching the dvd I took out some chikki’s and asked every one if they wanted and they all said no !!!!

I finally thought it seems I made really nice Biryani….. they all ate well and aren’t eating anything else.

Just as the movie, ‘Meet The Fockers’ ( really hillarious ) on the DVD got over at around 11.30 pm, my idiot bro got up saying I am hungry, where is the maggi !!!! and I was left wondering !!!!

18 thoughts on “Sunday Cook !!

  1. Free-Fallin' says:

    hey hitchwriter,
    just went through your comment on my blog. extremely sorry for the late note…:-).Thanks so much for visiting and reading. Your comments are appreciated, hope to see you here again!
    your blog’s interesting…I shall go through all posts very very soon…see you around!

  2. Sagarone says:

    Reminds me of how I struggle in the kitchen to make some eatable stuff and want everyone who eats it to really really appreciate it 🙂

  3. Smita says:

    Oh!! God!!!

    You mixed all that in ur so called biryani and everyone said it was good??? ha ha ha…am R’ingOFL 😀 no wonder ur kid found it spicy 😀

  4. Shilpa says:


    You know that 98% of world’s commercial cooks are men. But the best ones are always at home.

    Reminds me I have to start that recipes blog I have been planning for almost an year now.

  5. Ajit says:

    and what did you called it…The Stew biriyani…. 😛
    i know man, seriously… I have started cooking here a week back and there is nothing more difficult than it…
    Brilliant article once again…..

  6. Ranu says:

    what is it with men and spices??? My hubby does it too whenever he gets access to the kitchen!!! Cardinal rule “It is not the spices that make a dish worth eating but the combination of all the stuff….. a little of everything!!!” The emphasis here is on the word LITTLE!!!

    But I am so glad that u cooked and gave Hetal a break….. do it every weekend….. who knows you could have an alternate career!!!

  7. Smitha says:

    That sounded like fun. My husband does the exact same thing – puts in all the masalas he can find 🙂 And is always telling me that I don’t put enough when I cook 🙂

  8. Usha Pisharody says:

    Good guy 🙂 You cook just like my elder son does, lol. Even I have to put my foot down and say no, not the rasam powder pleeeease!!!

    So they finally let their guard down is it? When he asked for maggi.. lol!

  9. Solilo.. says:

    “Added Chole Masala, PavBhaji Masala, Sambhar Masala, Garam Masala plus red chillies and a bit of turmeric and salt !!!!! I was gonna add some Pani Puri Masala as well but my wife caught me taking that out of the refrigerator and immediately put her foot down and said, enough !!”

    I can’t stop laughing. I would like to know how all of them felt the next day. Sambhar Masala in Biriyani..this I need to try 🙂

  10. hitch writer says:

    SAGARONE : I made tasty stuff not just eatable okay !!!! lol wanna take classes ???

    SMITA : It was a lil spicy not very much. Whats so funny in this ???? I am very serious about my cooking okay !

    SHILPA : Yea the best ones are us men at home !!!

    waiting for your recipe blog !

    AJIT : Cooking and difficult ?? not for me man !! piece of cake !!

    RANU : I wouldnt mind being a cook and earn money out of it !!! seriously !!! and btw men love spices we are made for each other !!

    SMITHA : I actually scold my wife at times for making the food too tasty and putting too many masalas. If the food is too tasty i end up overeating and that makes me gain weight !!! But when i make food no rules !!! men rules !!!

    USHA : I am sure my bro asked for maggi coz he has a huge appetite and not coz he ate less biryani !!

    SOLILO : Nexxt day… well it was kinda lil bit of a revelation. Next time go a lil lighter with the masala’s

    CHIRAG : My next recipe is on the way… you can try it !!

    MAYZ : Ditto I agree biryani can never be nice without chicken !!! but at home all are veggies !!! no way out !!

  11. Rendevouz says:

    I love reading your home posts… They are really interesting.. Oh wow.. Prakash got married……. congratulations to him….. Pl post a big family pic on orkut………… I am dying to see it….

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