This country never seizes to infuriate you

Whatever has got into Pakistan, our neighbours is beyond me.

Don’t they want to live a life of peace?

Don’t they worry for their children’s future ?

Don’t they want the country to grow and develop and become a successful nation ?

Why would you want to shield Terrorists ?

Are there no sane minds in Pakistan?

Now they have come up with a completely weird and totally surprising move, they want China to deal for them(click Here).

But why ?

Coz China is a more powerful nation ? Coz China can make more noises ?

This is breeding on absurdity, totally, how can a nation ask another nation to talk on its behalf !!!
Phew … Isnt this running away … or another conspiracy to be on the offensive diplomatically ??

Doesn’t any soul searching ever happen in Pakistan ?

11 thoughts on “This country never seizes to infuriate you

  1. Smita says:

    I seriously dunno what is happening. I guess they are trying to tell US that we don’t need you and such reactions from them proves only one thing. They are cornered and are scared

    Sometimes I wonder that whether these polticians realise that they are leading a country which has people….

  2. Usha Pisharody says:

    The answer to the last question, in my opinion, as would be several others, is of course NO!

    They re simply going over old ground again..America ups its ante, so they go running to the neighbourhood bully.. :D!

  3. Chirag says:

    Hitchwriter, I kinda a agree and disagree here. Thing is to be really free you need to have system in place who cares about your well being.

    Paks' insensitivity is mainly because being screwed from each side. Extremists want J&K, World Superpowers want to control the army bases, Afghanistan is sending the refugee.

    Common Man is 'common' everywhere, with no right and hopes. So politics and religion are dirty but people, are just with out a choice.

    my $.02

  4. Indian Home Maker says:

    Hitchwriters Both the countries were born at the same time, one chose Democracy and tolerance, the other chose fundamentalism and religious intolerance … see where their choices took them.

    I feel terrible for the Pakistani people.
    They are as helpless as we are …the only difference is we had much wiser founding fathers.

    And you cheated on my blog, you were supposed to leave a rhyme 😦

  5. moi says:

    Since we are taking support of US, they want to show us that they have the support of China!!! Hope our government can take actions soon before its too late!

  6. Charmed One! says:

    Pakis are really some sort of twisted people…
    Even though their own country gets bombed now n then .. still they wont harm the terrorists in their country..
    Now they are playing some different game in the name of China …
    Wonder when they’ll realize that they need to spring clean their entire country!

  7. hitch writer says:

    SMITHA : All awards accepted, apologies too but the 7 week holiday leaves me sulking with my job !!!!

    SMITA : Exactly !! Do they know they lead people ?

    VARUNAVI : I am weary of nations who worry bout cheap weapons and not bout their women and children.

    USHA : Neighbourhood bully alrite. Hope the bully is fair !

    CHIRAG : thank god I am not a Pakistani citizen !!

    IHM : How the two have fallen apart !! sadly.. and gone in opposite directions …

    MOI : Hope we get support of the US first. hope China is fair with this !

    CHARMED ONE : Thats what… i can’t understand why they wouldnt want peace !!

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