Are we actually free ?

Just have watched the news of the Managalore pub incident.

I just cannot control my rage at what was happening, all sorts of swear words were coming to my mouth, I simply am seething in anger and am really hurt when I was watching the events on TV. A young male belonging to Mangalore, was being interviewed in a Bangalore pub by the NDTV Correspondent about what he thought of the incident and he said I would like to ask only one thing, “ Are we free ?”

Incidentally, today is our Republic day, in the morning I received an email from IHM asking me to write about Republic day and what it means to us Indians, that I was tagged. I replied to IHM that I had guests and would need some time, but when I saw this event on news 10 mins back, I don’t know what to say.

Should I write about Republic Day or should I answer that young guy who is asking, “Are we free ?”

Are we actually free, I ask myself.

A few self proclaimed “Society servants” decide to take the law in their own hands, they will decide what to wear, whether to drink or not, whether to dance or not. They are the self proclaimed judges powered by their number and decide to beat up women and even men who try to protect the women. Freaking Democracy anyone ?Moral Police anyone ?

How the hell do you actually now write about Republic of India when something like just has happened that has left a foul stench in the mouth.

This event has already been tagged as the Talibanisation of India.

Now there is already a conspiracy angle being provided that there was drug trafficking happening in the pub. After all this is again a BJP run state.

I mean how the heck does any one decide to stop drug trafficking without informing the police ?? Where the f#$k do these self proclaimed morality saviours vanish when 26/11’s happen ???? Bashing up females without any consideration is moral policing ???? How the F#$k does the media even label this as moral policing ??

This is behaviour that puts me in utter shame and these are times when I feel not at all proud to claim that these bastards are also part of India.

Sorry but the whole mood, the spirit has been dampened and I cannot do anything better but sulk. I know this is not an oppurtune post, but it really hurts.


16 thoughts on “Are we actually free ?

  1. Indian Home Maker says:

    I could barely finish that tag myself Dhiren I understand…

    I am so mad, it’s the same numbness I felt after the 26/11.
    But now I feel so hopeless also. Unless all these outfits are banned we will never feel safe in our country.
    I am sickened …

  2. nimis540 says:


    Exctly my thoughts..Even i am in no mood to feel good about India..We have citizens who are trying to regulate each others lives..This isn’t democracy i guess..

    good day

  3. Sagarone says:

    No we are not free. That is the only reply that can be given. We are not free of such extremism taking hold in our midst. The only redeeming aspect about this whole episode is that more and more thinking Indians will start abhorring extremist ideologies.

  4. shail says:

    Dhiren, you have spoken for me as well. Exactly what I feel, seething frustrating anger. Yeah, I’d ask the same, ‘Are we free??’

  5. varunavi says:

    I am feeling very sorry for the girls who are traumatized by the incident.
    When I saw the thing on the tv, only one question is arising from my mind, going to the pub is one more crime? A women doesn’t not have a right to live and right to do what she wants to do.
    Pramod the chief of ram sena says these girls are doing bad things in the pub, what does he mean.They call it is moral policing.He was not caught and he is free giving interviews to the tv channels.
    The cameraman who is running behind them to capture the scene didnt bother to leave his camera and rescue the girls.He wanted news
    This is disgusting.Today we are celebrating 60th republic day and we are forced to succumb to these sena’s???

  6. Sahaja says:

    Awful !!! Awful and awful!
    what did those idiots thi nk they were doing????
    Talibalisation ya i think thats the word….In the name of GOD ….abuse and taking advantage of people’s beliefs!

  7. Chirag says:

    Echo, we are a psedu democracy under which we just are living in an illusion and as long as the ‘vote banks’ are not effected we are free once a major ‘vote banks’ is upset we are slaves of Gunda and Morons who think they know.

  8. Solilo says:

    I would post the samew thing which I did in Indyeah’s.

    Who are these saviors of culture?

    The ones whose children study abroad.
    The ones who get sloshed on every other occasion.
    The ones who have secret affairs.

    None of these people respect our constitution. They have inferred everything the way it suits them.

    Only few women politicians speak. Some condemn.

    Now we are talking about BJP and RSS. Where are other so-called secular parties? No one cares unless it is directly connected to them. All are in this muck together.

  9. Gypsy Girl says:

    No we are not free. We are victims of the politics of manipulation. But even victims find a voice. The very people responsible for maintaining law and order turn a blind eye. Who do you turn to? Its each for himself. And its time you call for the ban or disbanding these groups. it has to start legally. i’m sure they’ll find some loophole. But it has to start.

  10. hitch writer says:

    USHA : right, not many can answer that youth.

    IHM : I really agree, I can’t believe this is actually happening in our country. I used to think we are a liberal society. But then we have a habit of living in a fool’s paradise.

    NIMMI : You guessed it rite !

    SHAIL : this feeling of anger and disgust is shared by a lot. We aren’t free… the fact is dawning upon us !

    INDRANI : Yea BJP will bear the brunt of this. But the Congress is also not coming forward and being tough on this. MNS in Maharashtra is pretty much the same tryin to govern us.

    These sena’s must all be banned. there should be only one sena, Indian Army. We dont need any other sena.

    SAGARONE : I concur.

    VARUNAVI : Yes, i guess its time for us citizens to stop running and take the beating, instead we need to now stand up and react to the mob exactly the way they do. Only then will these sena’s stop !

    INDYEAH : that sums it up doesn’t it.

    SAHAJA : I feel ashamed that a term talibanisation is used for an Indian group. Sad but true.

    AJIT : Amen !

    SHILPA : 😦

    CHIRAG : Goonda’s act. Not ministers, not the police. This is a sorry state of affairs !

    SOLILO : these women who were beaten up are no vote bank are they ?? If they were vote bank maybe just maybe the secular party would have come to their aid. But no one wants to have anyting with this. Its the truth that is emerging. Why wouldn’t the home minster crack the whip here ?? isnt this a security issue ??

    GYPSY GIRL : the saddes part is max they will be arrested and they will be given bail… and tehy will continue…

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