Lets be pro – active

India, my country, is a completely reactive nation. For a change let us become pro-active.

Lets make it a rule that women will be allowed outside their houses only between 10am to 8pm.
Let us make it a rule that women will be forced to wear only a Saree or a Salwar Kameez.
Let us make it a rule that women will not be permitted in bar’s, pubs and disco’s.

Let us make it a rule that women are supposed to obtain written permit from Bajrang Dal, Shri Ram Sena, MNS and various such morally dignified institutions before doing anything that is banned by these morrally supreme institutions.

We will make it a rule to not talk about events such as 26/11 once they occur. Let us make it a rule to forget these events and let the killers go scot free. After all these terrorists are helping us reduce our over growing population.

Let us change name of Ahmedabad to Karnavati as we changed Bombay to Mumbai, Madras to Chennai etc… Its very important to address these things and have proper names first. Security, poverty, illiteracy, rapes, crime etc are minor issues. Lets first get the names right first, the society can wait !

Lets call the Karachi Biscuit, Karnavati Biscuit, let us ban any name that relates to Pakistan.

Let us enforce a law that names of shops should be written in only local state languages.
If a board is to be written in any other language, the shop owner should be prosecuted, if its in Urdu or English he be hanged.

Let us kill all those who converted from Hinduism to any other religion. Let us change our constitution and remove the right to choose one’s own religion secularly.

Why wait for some catastrophe and then react. Lets pro-actively indulge ourselves and change the way we act once and forever.

Lets not call ourself a liberal-secular society. Lets not ignore the short comings, let us rather include them and make them a part of our constitution. Then we can atleast say we function as per our constitution. The Shri Ram Sena has just opened my eyes. Thanks to them.


13 thoughts on “Lets be pro – active

  1. Indyeah says:

    Yes,Dhiren…sarcasm and humour seem to be the only way we can cope with these things..We will beat the idiots….hope they can read this too…

  2. Usha Pisharody says:

    Ugh! I’m using that word too much these days.. but nothing short of stuffy nausea is all I feel for those Senas!

    Well writen Dhiren.. do mail it to them and a national daily so that we are all given the due respect and awareness!!!

  3. Charakan says:

    Yes anger is there everywhere.But I am optimistic.The force of anger is evident on the faces of local and National Sangh Parivar leaders.That is why the ‘we are not involved’,’we apologise’ statements are coming out.Vigilant media helped too.I feel there is hope for a better tomorrow.

  4. Ranu says:

    First of all heard you on the tony grieg show. Congrats on that!!! Secondly i hope you dont mean all the crap you said in your last post…. I hope it was a satire!!! because if it is not then…… welcome to my hit list!!! You are the top blockbuster!!! You get beaten first!!!

  5. hitch writer says:

    INDYEAH & USHA : No there is no humour in this, I think the time has come to blow the whistle on these groups. Unless they are dealt with very strictly these nuisances will keep growing. Its time I think we people get together and when ever a mob like this comes to attack instead of running its time we got together and hit back. I know it sounds dirty but that is the only option we are left with. If these sena's think that they can come in numbers of 30-40 and threaten the peace and democracy of my country. Its time we ordinary citizens now started hitting back !!

    Lets not be victims any more. I am as mad as anyone can get, this is inhuman, undemocratic and the most pathetic act.

    My wife normally never speaks on any of these political issues yesterday was telling me maybe we should get a revolver and shoot a couple of such bastards, maybe that will put some fear into these hooligans and goonda's !!!!

    CHAKARAN : Why I am not optimistic is because not one minister except Renuka has come forward and demanded action. No minister who can actually make some difference will malign his hands in this. Why wouldnt the Home minister crack the whip on this, isnt this a security issue ????

    But who will want to lose the vote bank.

    RANU : I hope you know me enough to understand what I mean !!

  6. Solilo says:

    Saddest part is when I saw some guys looking onto as the girls were beaten up.

    Can our generation only vent and rant? Can we stand against such atrocities?

  7. varunavi says:

    Yesterday i couldnt hear ur talk with Tony Greig, today i did, you r well informed abt the cricket just like my hubby, who doesnt stop discussing abt cricket with his friends.
    Anyway congrats

  8. varunavi says:

    It is really sad that the incident happened, i watched on tv a guy was trying to rescue a girl, even he was beaten by those sir ram’s army.For what we have a police force? Media reached there but not the police, or they were there but didnt want to be beaten up by the senas, i think we wont get answer for that.
    Today i heard promod saying this incident is vere small,media and congress govt at central are making it big,because karnataka has bjp govt.I think he doesnt have females at home so he doesnt know the pain

  9. hitch writer says:

    @ – this idiot Muthalik, should be given a good old third degree. He must be laid on an ice brick and spanked till he starts screaming that my culture is democracy, my culture is secular, my culture is valuing rights of citizens, my culture is not bashing up helpless females !!

    these arrests and bails are not going to stop these sena’s.

    If the police and the authrities are eunuchs, its time for the citizens to get up and take these mobs to task. When they attack dont run, get together and strike back that is the only way we can protect ourselves.

    Each man for himself as it is now evident the government and teh police want do not want to act in this.

  10. Chirag says:

    Dhiren, we should also start following more British rules than we already do. We should believe each word coming on the TV. and f**K the freedom. Sorry dude, it hurts when the country for which people died for is now being raped and mutilated on religion and politics.

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