Fingers Crossed !

Coming back from office, my wife called suddenly to order us to get some bread on the way back. My brother dropped me at the corner near our house and rushed to get some bread, while I decided to walk a bit back home.

Very near our house is a pan walla, pretty messy shop, I don’t visit him, he doesn’t even keep my brand, but at times when it is emergency and my cigarettes are over and its late night I do go to him and buy. Also during our Indore curfew I used to buy from him, so I kinda know him.

He suddenly called me and asked me, if you don’t mind, will you help me, I need Rs.100, my daughter is sick. I will return the money in a few days. He seemed pretty sorry about the fact and looked in pain, he was shaky and his eyes were honest, as I gave him the Rs. 100 I told him to show her to a doctor, preferably a MBBS and not any one lower than that degree…

I asked what happened to her and he said she was vomitting a lot and not eating anything she is 4 years old.

He thanked me 3-4 times and almost had tears in his eyes. I told him, no need to return the money, but he insisted he would return it on Thursday. I told him its ok, that I am in no hurry whatsoever.

It is at these times I realise that I should never be cribbing about lack of money in my life. So many people have so much trouble, so much grief and so much pain.

Poor guy has his shop in a very bad location where actually not many people come. Once I had told him to shift his shop to a more busy place but he is kinda slow, a little silly. Whole evening this guy keeps writing “shri ram” in his book, repeatedly, which infact a lot of people here in Madhya Pradesh do. He is always smiling and nodding his head making paan’s when you cross his shop.

Tries to listen to commentary when matches are on, his son also shares the duties of his shop at times.

Today morning he didn’t open his shop, I wanted to ask him if his daughter is fine. I even called my wife in the afternoon to ask if that shop was open and she said no it has not opened. Suddenly I feel worried for that man, hope that all is well. I kinda feel a bit guilty, maybe I should have accompanied him to a doctor. Being a medical representative in the past, maybe I would have been able to help him. I just hope he opens his shop and all is well.

God needs to bless him and his daughter and hopefully she will be well !!!!


11 thoughts on “Fingers Crossed !

  1. Indyeah says:

    God bless his daughter…keeping my fingers crossed too….yes,it does make one realize how fortunate we are ……I really hope she gets healthy soon….

  2. Charmed One! says:

    I hope everything is fine..
    Hope God is with them at this difficult time and she gets well soon..
    Dont know why i have serious flutters while reading the last part of the post…

  3. says:

    its always when we see the stark contrast do we realise how privileged we are.

    im sure his daughter will be fine soon.

  4. Riya says:

    Yes.. Hope the girl gets well soon.. And yes.. Indeed we are fortunate enough.. We get almost every thing we want in time.. Well.. Wanted to ask you one question dhiren.. Didnt you at any point felt he is just asking for money. . Just needing money badly and giving u a fake reason..just asking..

  5. Indian Home Maker says:

    I know from your next post that she is well 🙂

    I think these days everybody knows about oral rehydration. Money is a big help at such times, I am so glad you could help him … this is what they means when they say charity begins at home. Helping as and when you see someone in need.

    I have seen a woman fill pages with Om Ganeshaye Namah once.

  6. Pinku says:

    U are a good soul….but u need to stop smoking…am sure like that man you too have your own responsibilities…and smoking is no way to show that u care…

  7. Serendipity says:

    I agree with Pinku, but im sure ur wife must be giving you enough grief to quit! 🙂

    And, im glad u gave the money…its up to us if we want to help the lesser privileged and poor. U mustve read about Indiahelps from my blog.. if u ever feel like contributing.. 🙂

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