Off to home today …

Now now… The little girl is fine and I am feeling good. It was important to know that as today at 2 pm I leave office and go home…. to Bharuch…. Bhangyu Bhagyu toy Bharuch !!!!!

For it is my Saale ki Sagai (bro in law’s engagement), one day affair. The rest will be spent with friends at their offices and the sunday at our Adda… the ‘Anna’ the nights on highway hotels sipping chai’s and puffing cigarettes. Late nights, hot discussions and lots of fun await…

Mummy ka Undhiya, nirav ka sev usal, topi ke masala bateka, shalimar ki thali, apna ka chicken, thakkar ki khamani & ghooghra, annapurna ki chola fali, ganesh ka nylon khaman, praveen ki bhurji, lala ka gotala… whew the appetite is whetted.

For a few days I might not be posting anything…. I will just revel in the company of friends with no work !!!!! India has a few matches lined up.

I am gonna have lots lots and lots of fun….. cheers….. yooooooo hoooooooooooooooo

I’ll be back on Tuesday !! bye !!!!

By the way I do have a photo blog that I promise to update everyday !! Http://


18 thoughts on “Off to home today …

  1. Solilo says:

    Have a great vacation! Enjoy!

    And the list of food items you posted, at least post a picture of those. Mouthwatering…….

    😦 How I miss India!

  2. Indyeah says:

    Great to know the little girl’s fine!:)
    Enjoy yourself and yeah as Solilo says do post pics of all the food items:D…so many mouthwatering names!:)will keep track of your photo blog!:)

  3. varunavi says:

    I am “J”.So u r going to put on weight during ur vacation, just kidding.Have a wonderful holidays and post abt it when u r back

  4. Charakan says:

    Happy Holidays.Wish I can take such a holiday.May be I should.
    Health Warning-: Just watching the pictures of mouth watering food items without being able to eat may cause Peptic Ulcer:-

  5. hitch writer says:

    Yes Ranu thats the song … Zindagi Aa raha hooooooo mainn……….

    No ulcers for me Chakaran.

    Thanks everyone !!! Pics coming sooonnn !!!!

  6. Pinku says:

    did the stomachache reach you?? I have been salivating so much over those delicacies you mentioned…its sure to give u a stomachache…

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